Foundation Repair

Getting Ready for Your Foundation Repair Evaluation

When you need help with your foundation, you must have an evaluation of the damage. If you need a repair company, ask friends for recommendations or look online. The repair person needs access to the damaged areas of your home. If you have kids and pets, plan to have them out of the home or in a safe place. You may also need to move furniture so the repair person can gain access to damaged areas. You should get an estimate for the job before you commit to repairs, as well. With proper preparation, you can have a fast and productive foundation evaluation.

Scheduling the Appointment

If you do not have a foundation repair company in mind, look online for businesses in your area. You can also ask friends or family for recommendations. Schedule the appointment when you can stay home, as inspections can take quite a bit of time. Call the company and ask some questions about the process. This can help you better prepare your schedule and home for the visit.   

Kids and Pets

Make a plan to keep your kids and pets out of the way on the day of your evaluation. You can schedule the appointment during your kid’s school hours or have them go to a friend’s house for the day. Pets should also stay away from the service person. Your yard may be included in the inspection, so place the animal in crates inside the home. You can also have a family member take dogs for a walk during the inspection.

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The Estimate

You may have concerns about the cost of your foundation repairs. You may also have a tight budget. After the evaluation, you should get an estimate for the repair cost. You can choose to accept the charges or compare them with another company. If you know someone that has had foundation work done, you can ask about the cost, so you know what to expect, as well.

Preparing your Home

If you have damage throughout your home, the inspection specialist needs to see it. You may need to move furniture if it blocks cracks in the wall, for example. If your flooring is unlevel, you may need to remove rugs to expose the hard floor, as well. Ask the company what they need access to before they arrive so you can prepare properly.

When you begin to have foundation problems, you must get help fast. Make an appointment as soon as you notice problems in your home. The damage can progress if you procrastinate on repairs. Get ready for the evaluation by taking a day off to stay home. You can also make sure your kids have a place to spend the day. Secure your pets to keep them safe and for the comfort of the service person. Move furniture or rugs so you can easily see damaged areas. Your professional may need access to many areas of your home and yard to properly assess the foundation problems. After a good evaluation, you can get started repairing your home!

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