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Everyone will love to come to a clean home smelling of lavenders and roses. But, instead of it, most of the working people get a pile of dishes in the sink, dirty clothes on the sofa, and crinkled bed with stained sheets. It is not because of lack of the hygiene sense but the time. None of us have time or energy left after the hectic schedule to clean the mess every day. So, here in this article, you will get some handy ideas for keeping your home clean and hygienic.

Cleaning Tips

Floors and Corners

You can use a floor cleaner or phenyl solution to dilute with water and clean the surface. Using only water doesn’t do much help. It leaves all the stains and bacterias behind. Otherwise, you can mix disinfectants with the cleaning water. Mix a few drops of perfume to make your home smell fresh. Never use any toilet cleaner directly on the floor if you have tiles and mosaic on the floor. The highly concentrated toilet will fade out the tiles and make them fragile.

Glass objects

Clean the glass objects with a soft, damp cloth regularly. You will find several glass cleaners in the grocery stores. Using a glass cleaner helps to keep it scratch-free, stain-free and improves usability. But, never use any alcohol-based products to clean the glass objects like hand sanitizer or floor cleaners.


The kitchen is the most widely used part of the home, and this gets dirty very quickly. The smells trap in here for a longer time. So, clean the stove every day after cooking and remove any stain immediately. Using any harsh disinfectant can be risky to health. For s regular wash, you can use only soap and an eater. The tiles and walls also need regular cleaning. Otherwise, they will get oil stains and discoloration due to heat. The oven, dishwasher, and racks need complete cleaning at least once a week. You can cover the walls with waterproof aluminum foil paper to prevent excess oil and dirt.

Professional cleaning

A professional knows the job best. If you don’t have time or can’t manage cleaning the home time by time, it’s better to consult a Putzfrau Köln. Professional cleaning services come with a contract. It can be on the work extension or time duration. Usually, the office spaces in large factories take cleaning services on a yearly or monthly contract. Most of the home facilities and apartments take on a one-time cleaning basis, depending on the room number and specifications.

You will find both local and international cleaning facilities like the Putzfrau Berlin. Before confirming the contact, you can read the reviews and past client experiences to know their efficacy because the cleaning process is not the same in every setting. In warm areas, houses get more humidity and unbreathable quickly. The cleaning team needs to have flush washing types of equipment, training to handle sensitive machines, and fragile Cookies. On the other hand, cold countries need humidifier very frequently after cleaning. So, make sure you are paying the right service to clean your home. Besides, there are safety issues too. If you can’t be present during the cleaning process, please book a service with an excellent and trustworthy reputation.


Cleaning the home is a hectic job. But, you can’t deny the importance of thorough cleaning regularly. Most of the infectious, foodborne, and water diseases nowadays transmit through unhygienic food and home environment. There’s no better way to depend on the professionals to keep yourself and your family safe from diseases and have a fresh mind after returning home.

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