Get Them Greens: Ideas for Apartment Revamping with Plants

Whether it’s a modern unit in the big city or a cozy little apartment in the countryside, dedicating a space for indoor greeneries will definitely brighten up your place! Buying more furniture won’t always fill the void—what it needs is some nature-given decor.

Read on because we’ve rounded up 8 revamping ideas to transform your apartment into a space that exudes life, color, and freshness!

Go big or go home

If your space looks dull and devoid of color, having large foliage plants is your solution! These plants placed in wide, tall pots can give a sophisticated look to the room and encourage an airy atmosphere because of the greens. Place the plants against a dark wall to make the flora stand out. It’s also best if they’re situated near a window because the leaves are its focal parts and good lighting is essential to keeping your plants lush.

An outdoor hangout

For those who have a balcony, this style will definitely be a catch! Make your terrace feel more homey by adding decorative plants along the railing and up on the walls. This gives a touch of nature especially that it’s an open area. Add some pastel beanbags, throw pillows, and yellow LED lights in the area to make it a sweet and cozy green hangout space.

The fresh atmosphere this space gives suits candlelit dinners with friends! Grab your favorite sweater and some calming acoustic music, and prepare to lay back under the stars.

The great wall of greens

Not everyone is a potted-plant person—that’s why this option was made! Pick an empty wall in your room to be the accent wall where you’ll mount your greens. This decorative space will be an eye-catcher while bringing some color in the room. And you don’t have to worry if your apartment has no windows because you can always opt for fake plastic plants! This will still give your apartment a modern chic vibe minus the constant maintenance. Sounds like a plan, right?

Serving Sahara realness

Wide window-side spaces can be tough to decorate, but the best option is to take advantage of the natural light and set some tall plants there! Cacti in white pots are good choices for your apartment especially when the tall greens are coupled by smaller types of succulents. This gives your apartment an urban and edgy look that’s different from the usual big-leaf aesthetic. Now, who’s ready for some sandy Sahara feels?

One-plant man

The all-white aesthetic has become a trend in interior design, but with time, you may grow bored of this one-color theme. If you’re looking to switch things up, add a tall plant—it can be some palm plant in a grey or nude pot—against your white wall and see how much color it brings to the room. Greens also complement blue and grey furniture, so try your best to make the setup work well with the other items in the area. Remember to have good lighting to make your plant look alive!

It’s great to be grey

In contrast with the all-white motif, this grey-black interior ensemble offers a dark, serious look to one’s apartment. Hopefully not dark because of mold! If you need help with mold, here’s a company that does mold removal in Tampa. Anyway, for this style, go for indoor plants with deep green foliage to enhance the overall look of the area. You can use a combination of potted plants, hanging plants, and vines as long as you won’t be crowding the space with a lot of greens. Keep it balanced and make sure that enough sunlight reaches your indoor flora.

Up high!

What’s up? Hanging plants are in the house! This idea is good for maximizing high-ceiling space and works well if you already have a lot of decor items on the floor. Unlike the other decor ideas, this gives your room a cozy and rustic feel that’s sure to give visitors a warm welcome.

Some good choices are the Boston fern, string of nickels, bird’s nest fern, and trailing jade. Note that this style is only recommended if you have windows that let lots of natural light to pour inside the room.

Go-go for boho!

Even though your bedroom isn’t the first thing a visitor sees in your apartment, it deserves some lovin’, too! Go with a boho chic vibe for your bedroom by organizing leafy greens by the window, preferably mounted on a wooden shelf or hanging from the ceiling. Get a motif or theme going for your bedroom furniture as well! Browns, yellows, and nudes work well with the boho getup, so make sure that you opt for wooden furniture and rattan pieces. To top it all off, hang some yellow LED lights on the wall at the headboard of the bed to bring some warm acoustic vibes at night. Looks so good, looks so chic!

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