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The dewy fresh look is all the rage now, it makes our face appear soft, young, and with just the subtle moon-like glow that’s empowering without being flashy and in your face.

Make-up is one way to achieve this coveted and desired look for your face, but why stop at something fake when you can get the real deal just as easily?

Put on your reading glasses and check out these budget-friendly and convenient tips to get a dewy natural look day in day out.

Refrain from Over Washing Your Hair and Face:

We all know there are times when we need to have multiple products in our arsenal and charge in for doing our skincare, but then there are times when you need to step back and let your body do the deal.

If you have dry facial skin, washing your face more than twice a day will away the natural oils and moisture from your skin. This will lead to premature aging and fine lines on your face, which may make you reach out for Allergan Botox sooner than when you planned.

Wash your face only twice, thrice if you have extremely oily skin but not more than that number. Of course, there’s the issue of sweat and dirt that we come across that forces us to give our face a through clean multiple times a day. So you can do is just use plain water or spend a few bucks in getting moisturizing cleaning wipes which you can clean your face without drying it out.

When it comes to your hairs, (They frame your face, there’s no way you can look great naturally with unhealthy hair) washing your hair two times per week is the golden rule. If your hair is extremely oily, you can try out dry shampoo. And the beauties with dry tresses, make sure you brush your hairs regularly to bring out their natural shine.

Moisturize your Skin & Hair and Hydrate your Body:

Your skin needs hydration as much as your body for looking healthy and luscious. There is something off-putting and uninviting about dry, shrunken cheeks, which can be remedied by using good nourishing moisturizer on your skin.

There are multiple moisturizers available in the market for your face, but if you want to go old school you can use aloe vera gel which is not only apt for getting smooth and soft skin but also removes acne marks and spots over time.

Your hairs also need a good nourishing mask, and if you want to get amazing results in minimum efforts try oiling your hairs deep conditioning which gives your hair a beautiful shine that lasts at least a week.

Moisturizing your skin and your hair is the first half of the game, give your body enough H2O for nourishing your skin from within.

Enhance Your Facial Features to Game up your Glam Quotient:

Your skin has to have a subtle glow on your skin for that young dewy look, but your face has many other features to grab people’s attention such as your eyes and your lips.

Dewy looks are all about looking natural and feminine, and there’s nothing that makes you appear more feminine immediately are long lashes. There’s a reason all the female cartoon characters have such prominent and long eyelashes. You can try to grow your eyelashes naturally using various kinds of oils such as coconut oil and castor oil in your eyelashes as well as your eyebrows to make them grow thicker.

If you want an assured solution that has 100% chances to make your eyelashes and eyebrows grow thick, long, and dark, there’s Careprost Bimatoprost Serum for you.


Don’t forget to shape your eyebrows in such a way that they appear well-shaped but not overplucked. Thick eyebrows and thin bodies are the in-thing now.

Apart from your eyelashes and eyebrows, there are your lips which also require your attention. When we think about the dewy look, we have this plum, soft and just a tad bit shine on soft-looking lips. Our lip colour will defer from each other due to pigmentation or our natural body colour, so don’t put yourself under pressure to make them hot pink naturally.

Just scrub them regularly so that the dead skin cells are off and your lips look fresh and well-taken care of. Moisturize your lips more than you moisturize your lips because the skin on your lips needs more moisture. A clear lip balm is just perfect for every day look dewy natural look!

Apart from taking care of your skin and your hair, looking dewy, and young is all about the mindset, don’t have a constant frown on your face or sulk at every other thing that does not go your way. Let your smiles reach your eyes, let your hairs flutter in the air, and follow these steps to look young, dewy, and fresh with the bare minimum steps.

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Eight Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home




Selling your property can be a huge hassle, especially when you have little to no knowledge of the market and no one to advise you on. While listing your property online may sound easy, you do need someone to take care of the other nitty-gritty stuff that you may have forgotten or skipped over. That ‘someone’ here is an experienced real estate agent who carries an understanding of the industry inside out and can help sell your home at the best prices.

Well, if you have always been thinking such an expensive expense real estate agents and brokers are, here is a list of some amazing benefits to convince you that their fee is worth every penny –

  1. Unbeatable Experience

 With years of dedication in their field, you can never find someone as knowledgeable as a well-established real estate agent. These individuals have great experience in dealing with properties and can take you through the scary ride of the home selling process with ease.

  • Complete Neighborhood Knowledge

Even though you have been living in the locality for long, your local real estate agent always has more information about the schools, universities, and other crucial amenities around you. You can use that information to attract more buyers and fetch the best price from them.

  • Appropriate Listing

A property listing is a serious art and realtors know it the best. They know where and for how much to list your house for so that you don’t have to wait for months at a stretch to sell it. The homeowners that hire them do gain an advantage over the ones that list property themselves.

  • Better Home Staging

Your home presentation is important than anything else. It creates the first impression in the minds of potential buyers and is your one-shot try to make them buy your home. So, by having real estate agents on board, these presentations can slide smoothly as they know how to stage your home.

  • Large Scale Exposure

Real estate agents remain in touch of potential customers in the market and thus, can get more showings for your home. You wouldn’t have to rely on online listings solely and easily get access to buyers shopping with other agents as well.

  • Commendable Negotiation Skills

Agents have no emotional attachment to their deals and thus, can negotiate to their best capability, unlike regular home buyers and sellers. They can settle great offers for your property and handle everything professionally to convince any buyer to invest in it.

  • Hassle-Free Document Management

For the ones who have dealt with a property sale before, you know that it comes with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. There is the bill of sale, affidavit of title, home inspection reports, transfer tax declarations, and so much more. With a real estate agent, you no longer have that stress.

  • Quick Closure

In the final hours of the official sale of your home, you wouldn’t want any obstacles on the way. Fortunately, with a reliable agent by your side, there would be none. They will always be there to resolve the issues and speed up the closing process of the deal.

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Top Six Kitchen Renovation Blunders to Stay Away From




Designing your new kitchen is no easy deal. From making ample space for daily cooking to creating a practical workflow, your kitchens have to be the places to allow those multitasking chores. So, while you try to balance out the looks and layout, there are plenty of wrong directions one can take. If it is your first time carrying out a kitchen renovation, here is a list of mistakes I want to warn you of –

  1. Blocking the Pathway

A strategic layout is crucial to enhance the functionality of the kitchen. And the pathways that adjoin your kitchen to other rooms make up an important part of it. Topmost priority has to be given to a wider galley space, but if it is already built, then the cabinetry and doors have to build in a way that they are recessed into the wall. Anything that is swinging out can make a tight spot more uncomfortable.

  • Installing the Wrong Flooring

At times when I get to visit some acquaintances’ house, it seems as if they have not paid attention to how busy and high-traffic their kitchen areas are. I see thin and cheap materials used for the flooring all the time which makes me wonder if they even last for the homeowners any long. There is, of course, a need for something robust and anti-slip.

  • Ignoring the Pantry

I encounter a lot of homeowners nagging over limited kitchen area that makes them cut down their pantry space altogether. But, in fact, there need not be a huge walk-in space to keep your supplies organized. A pull-out pantry can work as good for your dried and preserved eatables. Still, if you skip on this, you end up under-utilizing the space and making a silly mistake.

  • Buying Inappropriate Appliances

You may be a frequent baker, but trying to fit that 60L oven in your small kitchen is indeed an insensible move. Or if you drink coffee occasionally but gets a huge espresso machine out of nowhere to install over your countertop, I must say you need to rework on your planning process. Appliances like microwave, blenders, and food processors have to be measured so that you can accommodate them without creating clutter.

  • Wasting Space on a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are enticing because they offer additional cooking and storage space. But, the reality is that they work only if you have room for it; otherwise, it is just a waste. It will obstruct the workflow to and from the sink, refrigerator, and cooking gas and become super-annoying to work with. So, if you haven’t understood your kitchen proportions yet and invested in an island straightaway, brace yourself for a run.

  • Not Calling Professionals

The temptation to DIY is so great that homeowners forget to realize the level of expertise required to handle complicated tasks involved with kitchen remodeling. Issues related to wiring, plumbing, and HVACs are few complex things homeowners think they can handle on their own. For me, remodeling experts are always the go-to solution.

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Tips for Finding the Best Print Dresses



Women love print dresses that are stylish and accentuate their own personal style. These patterns could include anything from florals, stripes, and animal prints. The dresses come in a variety of lengths to accommodate the preferences of all women and give them beautiful choices for their wardrobe. The options are wonderful choices for a variety of activities and come in materials that could be multi-seasonal. Reviewing the current inventory of print dresses gives women a head starts on building their next wardrobe.

Coordinate Prints Properly

Dresses come with a variety of prints, and ladies love to coordinate these prints with sweaters and shoes. Choosing the right patterns that coordinate well requires the ladies to understand how fashion designers achieve this task. When coordinating, they shouldn’t consider the pattern itself but the colors in the pattern. For instance, if they are coordinating floral print with a cardigan, they need to find a cardigan that has the same colors as the dress. It’s not necessary to have all the colors from the dress print, but they should choose at least one solid color from the print. Women can review print dresses by visiting Filly Flair right now.

Be Careful Mixing Patterns

A common misconception is that you cannot mix two separate patterns. This is not true, and women make this mistake when choosing outfits. Again, the point isn’t to match the patterns themselves; it is to match the color scheme. You can wear a dress with a dress leaf print with any color that coordinates well with green. This could be red, yellow, blue, or even pink. When choosing a tank to wear under a summery dress, the lady must needs at least one color that matches the colors in the dress pattern.

Add Metallics and Neutrals to the Outfit

Dress prints with bold colors need neutral tones to coordinate with it to tone down the bright colors. Women need colors such as beige, taupe, white, black, or any metallic. For example, a dress with vivid colors will look great with shoes that are silver. Accessories to go with the outfit should accent the dress pattern and shouldn’t carry it throughout the ensemble. Ladies want to dazzle onlookers with their bold prints, but they should never need sunglasses to look at the completed outfit.

Ballet Flats are Your Best Friend

Ballet flats are great choices for wearing pretty dresses with patterns. They are delicate and add a hint of femininity to the outfit. They are also very comfortable shoes and great for long days at the office. The shoes come in a variety of colors. Some have bows or ribbons on the top of the toe, while others are made with unique materials. Coordinating ballet flats with elegant dress prints gives a lady a beautiful outfit that is comfortable and appealing.

Don’t Add Too Many Embroidered Embellishments Together

Embroidered embellishments are a popular trend for print dresses, but it’s best to avoid adding too much that is embellished. If the dress is embellished with a pretty embroidered pattern, women may want to choose a solid color to coordinate with it. They can choose any color in the pattern to create an attractive outfit. For example, they could wear a denim jacket with the embroidered dress. This adds a more casual look to the outfit, and the embellishments aren’t too much.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go More Casual

Maxi dresses may offer prints that are fun for casual outings and may be work appropriate with layers. The prints could include anything the lady appreciates, and the pattern will be consistent throughout the long dress style. The dresses may feature stripes, florals, or even tropical prints. They are wonderful choices for going to the park with the kids or stopping in for a lunch date with friends. If it’s spring or summer, sandals are a terrific choice. For color temperatures, the lady could wear heels or boots to complete the overall outfit. Choosing colors that coordinate with the print colors makes it ideal.

Add a Pop of Color

Print dress such as black and white strips are elegant and timeless. They are among the staples of every woman’s wardrobe. When wearing stripes in neutral tones, stylists recommend adding a pop of color. This addition could be colorful shoes, a light sweater or jacket, or the accessories she has. Black and white patterns look wonderful with red tones, and adding red jewelry could give the outfit the necessary pop of color to make it stand out. This could help women create a versatile look that is great for the office or a night out. Reviewing print dresses shows women what stripe options are available to them and looking through the current jewelry offerings shows them what colors will look best.

Consider Your Occasion

When choosing print dresses, ladies must consider the occasions when they will wear the dress. Prints are beautiful and extraordinary choices for any wardrobe. However, it’s important to consider where they will wear the dresses. Ladies choose dresses according to where they work, what activities they love, and how often they go out. The dress style should accommodate all the activities they love without causing discomfort or making them feel self-conscious. Lovely patterns in neutral tones are a terrific choice for special occasions and nights out with the girls.

Women who love dresses want options with beautiful patterns that are easy to coordinate. They match the prints with coordinating styles such as jackets and sweaters they will wear with the dresses. Their shoes should add flair to the outfit and provide necessary comfort. Ballet flats are a great choice for print dresses and give women a feminine look. The color scheme in the print dresses makes it easier to find cardigans and accessories that look terrific with the dresses. Adding a pop of color to a striped dress could give it just the right amount of color to enhance the outfit. Reviewing the current inventory of print dresses shows women what options are available currently.

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What Are The Industrial Applications And Uses Of Conveyor Belts?




Conveyor belts have greatly revolutionised the transportation features of any industrial or manufacturing setup. Earlier, workers would have to transport heavy materials all on their own, which would result in a lot of inconveniences- such as accidents and injuries as well as damage to the products due to manual handling, and this, would be more time consuming. Conveyor belts use a much more complex system than normal belting systems, which makes the process much more efficient and safe. The conveyor belt is manufactured according to the application- some can hold delicate items while others are designed to transfer red hot iron.

Conveyor belts are simple, easy to operate, cost effective and flexible enough to be applicable in most industries such as food processing, chemicals, power plants and iron and steel plants. Using physical labour to transport goods is not only outdated, it also increases liability. Conveyor belts have taken industries and commercial areas by storm due to their applications, and now they are employed by every manufacturing and industrial unit- for transportation and a myriad of other reasons.

A conveyor belt has the following uses and benefits:

  • Material can be transported from one place to another easily and safely. Conveyor belts are sometimes magnetized to ensure that items on top of them do not slip or fall off.
  • These can be installed easily in any setup and are easier to operate and are safer than forklifts.
  • They are designed to move weights and loads of all shapes and sizes.
  • Conveyor belts are designed with certain security features which help in minimising risks and accidents.
  • They can transport large quantities of goods in a very small time frame, thus increasing productivity.
  • Materials can be transported through conveyor belts both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • It can connect the entire production process since it operates from the very start, when raw materials are brought in, till the very end, when the finished goods are packaged for delivery.
  • Conveyor belts use much less power than forklifts and can be cost effective in terms of employee engagement and wages, since they are durable and last for a long time.
  • They can be used to transport any kind of good, and can be manufactured according to their applications. For example, conveyor belts in industries are made with different materials than those which operate in commercial spaces, since industrial usage requires high tensile strength, durability, a high degree of heat resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility.
  • They are used in a number of industries- food processing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, textile, automobile, chemical plants, laundries, mining, waste recycling and shipyards, to name a few.

The industrial uses and applications of conveyor belts can be listen on and on since they are designed for specific uses and can be used in a wide range of operations. They have become a must-have in almost all manufacturing and industrial units around the world.

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Follow These Tips While Choosing Kitchen Cabinets.




If you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen to make it more functional, practical, as well as good looking, then you would need to select the right style for your kitchen cabinets. All those fancy kitchen ideas we see on Pinterest and Instagram sure do look great, but you must always consider practicality over looks. You kitchen should not be a cluttered space with dozens of appliances lying around. You should have adequate space to move as well as enough to allow proper air flow. There are many customizations and styles that you can adopt based on your needs, so we have prepared a handy guide which will help you make the right decision.

  1. Select your budget.

It is important to always set a fixed budget around which you will work, before thinking about styles and designs. Kitchen fixtures should always be done by trusted contractors. You can always choose off-the-rack designs or customise the cabinets any way you wish.

  • Basic cabinets are those which are most commonly found in websites and magazines, without a high degree of specialisation. They are the cheapest option if you are on a tight budget.
  • Semi-customised and customised cabinets can be chosen if you are willing to spend a little more. You can choose them not only according to the layout of your kitchen, but also incorporate your own designs.
  • Select the main features.

This is the next step to choosing your cabinets. They can either have doors (single or double), sliding partitions, or drawers. This would completely depend on your choice and ease of working. However, it is advised to stick to one feature for all your cabinets, otherwise it can ruin the workflow on days you are especially busy. While choosing the materials for these, you should not go for cheap plywood, since your kitchen will emit smoke and steam and you cannot afford to renovate every few months. Good quality wood will last much longer.

In addition to this, it is also extremely important to choose the right handles and doorknobs. Again, these should be in harmony with the rest of the style to improve efficiency and working. Make sure you use features that are space-efficient and allow you to utilise your cabinet spaces better.

  • Select one style and stick to it.

Some things may look aesthetic in pictures and chaotic in real. ‘Rustic style’ kitchens that use a number of concepts may look good but are not practical for day-to-day use. Take your time to select the right frame and right design and try to incorporate that for all kitchen cabinets to retain a sense of uniformity which definitely helps when you are working. You can choose wood or glass, depending on your choices, wood is however generally a safer option.

  • Select the right colours.

Many people do not like all-white kitchens since smoke and exhaust and food particles stain the walls and cabinets. You may opt for colour combinations such as light blue, green, light yellow and grey, or combine any of them with white to get a sleek look. Too much of flashy colours should ideally not be used in a kitchen. Following these tips will help you make a wise decision on choosing a kitchen cabinet for yourself.

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