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The River Thames has played an essential role throughout London’s history. Although it may no longer be the center of London’s the trade and industry, it remains a lasting attraction for both locals and tourists. Iconic landmarks such as the Palace of Westminster rise by the river, making it a popular vantage point for views of the city. If you are looking for Best Dinner Cruise in London, here are some points that will help you choose the correct one. 

  1. Thames Jazz Dinner 3 Hours Cruise

London is home to the lively jazz scene. If you like a little funky jazz and don’t want to be trapped in a smoky bar, this 4-hour tour may be just right for you. Your night begins with a free glass of champagne aboard your ship, and after a voyage, you sit for a delicious three-course dinner. After a meal, a high-quality jazz band will appear in the first part of the set. Make room for dessert before the band returns to the second half of the performance. The music will continue until you dock around 11:00 pm and finish your journey.

  1. London dinner cruise sunday

A friendly captain welcomes you on board the elegant Bateaux boat. Before you calm down and order light meals as needed. A jazz band of three members will perform, cooked by an award-winning chef, cooked on board using fresh local ingredients, and the menu will change regularly for a delicious Sunday dinner in earnest. 

  1. Night cruise in Oxford with a drink

Enjoy a relaxing cruise down the legendary River Thames on this 30-minute overnight sightseeing tour through the famous city of Oxford. As dusk approaches, board a boat and head out to the calm waters. Gently past the university boathouse and cruise the ocean, your guide will tell the story of the city’s rich heritage.

List of healthy crisp you have to try

Easy to eat, with various flavors, and very addictive French fries are a typical snack! But if you’re looking for a tip with slightly less calories, she has to shop wisely. Here is a list of some healthiest crisps

You can have them at any time of the day.

  • Pringles fat reduction original

Pringles isn’t ranked high on the list of what is considered  to be healthy french fries, but its low-fat version is a welcome alternative. It has fewer calories, fat, and sodium than the original recipe but the same amount of carbs and seasonings. If you love Pringles, it’s a good option, but it’s pretty unhealthy compared to the other products on this list.

  • Raised original crisp fries

Ray’s variant is made in a tempura pot, reducing fat from the original recipe and using less salt in the process. However, it should be noted that the reduction in sodium and total fat content is tiny compared to other healthy alternatives and no changes have been made to the number of carbohydrates you have.

  • Kettle brand olive oil-grilled potato chips

This kettle brand is baked and seasoned with olive oil, so it has less fat and calories overall than most brands. It also contains no sugar, making it a healthy treat for people with diabetes.

  • Original Sun Chips Multigrain Appetizer

French fries are usually not a good source of fiber, but multigrain snacks like Sunchips modify the script with 100% corn-based fries. A variety of flavors are available, but if you want to reduce salt, the original recipe will have the least sodium.

  • Only 7 chips

Only 7 has a variety of plant-based chips, each with a different amount of salt. All products are gluten-free and low-fat, as the main ingredient does not absorb much oil.

Sweet potato pop Chip, Potato Chips takes pride in making products without using artificial ingredients and prefers to rely on natural flavors to bring out their unique and rich flavor. If you’re looking for a delicious packet of low-fat, low-sodium potato chips, choose your sweet potato.

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