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Shout out in Instagram works. If you can master the shout out process, which is a very effective strategy for gaining followers, you can become one of the popular accounts in just a few weeks or months. has collected some helpful data from different sources to help the brands and influencers get promotion from other Instagram users.

Here’s how shout out works: Two Instagram users agree to promote each other through their own accounts. To do this, they post a photo or video of their followers to follow the account they’re promoting. When creating such promotional content, you generally receive content from the account to be promoted and share it in your own account. Shout out is naturally one of the fastest and most effective ways to build a large following on Instagram, which greatly increases your potential to reach new people.

Unfortunately, getting you promoted by other users is not an easy task. To achieve this, you need to network with other users and share the content of another account in your own account under the s4s (shout out for shout out) agreement.

If you want your account to be promoted to get the best results that will help you gain more followers, there are a few things you should know about it first. Of course, it is possible for you to achieve quality promotions for your own account by following the 5 steps we will share with you in this article.

1. Identify users who post similar topics to you

If you often post on Instagram, for example, about food and healthy food recipes, targeting a sports-related user to promote your promotion will not help you achieve the results you want. Even if that user agrees to introduce you, it is highly likely that you will not gain as many followers as you wish, because the users who follow that account want to see sports-related content, not food-themed posts.

The best tactic you can use is to target accounts that post similar topics to you. Because the users who follow that account show interest in the topics you share, so they can be motivated to follow you when your promotion is made.

2. Identify users with a similar number of followers as you

Some users may indicate in their Instagram bios that they are open to promotion. However, if you only have 50 followers and that account has more than 100 thousand followers in total, don’t waste your time communicating with that person.

Users who will promote often agree to promote accounts that have followers close to their own number of followers. Because that is what is fair for them. When you reach at least 1000 followers, you will have more opportunities to promote each other with other users who want to increase the number of followers.

3. Do comments and likes to those accounts before asking them to do your promotion, and even start following them

Being polite on social media is still a very important issue. Creating meaningful interactions with the people you want to introduce you to is very polite, but also shows that you are interested in their content. Come to the account you want to promote and post likes and comments on that user’s photos and videos. Even start following these accounts to show how serious you are.

You should never forget that every social media platform like Instagram is all about meaningful interactions. With a little social media interaction and socialization, you can achieve great results in the long run, which is the simplest way to network with other people online. If the other users don’t like your posts in return but you still need more likes on your posts. Don’t worry, there is something that can still help you to get more love reacts. You can Buy Real Instagram Likes to make your posts full of hearts.

4. Do not spam other users’ content with “s4s” comments.

Since some users may be a little too excited to promote, they may write comments like “s4” meaning “shoutout4shoutout” meaning “promotion versus promotion” and start spamming tons of photos out of control. They even do this without even browsing to that account’s Instagram profile and never interacting with them. However, this is a very wrong approach.

Do not spam users’ content for promotions. If you use this type of method, the only thing you can achieve is getting blocked by other users, and you may even be reported to Instagram for spamming. The most accurate method is to first identify accounts that share similar content with you and establish healthy and meaningful interactions with the owners of these accounts.

5. Contact users via email or Instagram Direct (DM)

You have identified accounts that share similar content with you. Among the accounts you have identified, you have also identified the accounts that have a number of followers close to you. You have also managed to avoid “s4” spam while doing all this. Instead, you took your time to share meaningful and valuable comments and try to establish healthy interactions. Your research is now complete and you can proceed to the final stage.

Now is the time to contact the accounts you have set to find out whether they will agree to promote together. First, find the email button if the user you want to promote has a business account. If you could not find the button, or if the profile is not a business account, the email address may also be shared in the profile’s bio. If the email address is not specified in any way, you can leave a special message to that user using Instagram Direct.

Remember; Try to build genuine relationships and connections with other users. The links you earn on Instagram give you a huge advantage. On Instagram, large accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers constantly and consistently post promotional content several times a week.

Having extremely high numbers can be extremely motivating, but getting real interaction from active followers is also very important. If you focus on producing great quality content for your Instagram follower audience, you will eventually eliminate the big problem of losing those followers altogether. Because users who appreciate your quality content will continue to follow you.

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