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With growing popularity of wholesale printing companies worldwide, custom mailers have become one of the most essential aspects in every business. All business owners and all marketers always want to stand out from the crowd, be unique and present their products and services in a unique manner. Wholesale Mailers help in promoting your products with a touch of class and elegance. Therefore, all businesses now prefer to choose Wholesale Packaging Boxes as it helps them to make their products stand-out and promote their brands.

Wholesale Packaging Boxes

Wholesale packaging boxes are considered as an inevitable element in wholesale business. Every wholesaler or retailer prefers to choose custom mailer boxes for effective performance. First of all, these boxes are made of high-quality material that easily withstand both the harsh and moist conditions during the usage. Apart from this, they are designed in such a way that they are available with full protection against pests. The perfect custom mailer boxes help in reducing wastage of the packing materials and also helps in saving the valuable packing paper. To satisfy all the needs of esteemed customers, the custom mailers have been introduced with many impressive features, and in this context, they are aiding a lot in promoting the sale of your goods.


There are several popular manufactures who have brought out their exclusive range of custom mailer boxes for successful retailing of products. These include well-known names like USPS (United States Postal Service), DHL, Globe, etc. These companies not only provide attractive packaging but also assist you in selecting the best boxes for effective storage. Apart from this, they also offer lucrative discounts on ordering of these items.


One of the major advantages of using custom mailing boxes is that they are available with heavy duty and corner designs that help in providing adequate protection to the valuable contents that are placed inside. You can choose from different types of materials and finishes, which include wood, metal, glass or aluminum. Various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and therefore, you should be aware of this before deciding for the best type of box. You should also take care of your requirements, such as space, color, etc. in order to select a box that best meets your requirements.

Price of Printing Box

In case if you want the boxes to be custom printed, you need to pay extra money because the price for printing the box with any printing ink is quite high. However, you can add your own message on the box in case you have a clear text printer. Apart from the design and type of boxes, you can choose your personal choice of material and finish for the interior of the box. Some people prefer the traditional look of wooden boxes, while others may prefer the glossy and colorful outlook of aluminum custom mailer boxes. When you go for custom mailers, you need to take care of many details such as shipping fees, return policy, return address and other issues.

Design of Custom Printed Mailers Boxes

The front tuck design is an important aspect of custom printed mailers because it helps to protect the contents from damage and keeps them dust free for a longer period of time. The front tuck offers a high level of protection and security for your packages and documents. For this reason, some people opt for the custom printed mailers with front tuck because they do not require any additional padding at all for their documents. If you want to know more about the advantages of custom mails, then read this article.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Most of the companies provide you with the options to choose your standard corrugated mailer boxes or custom corrugated mailer boxes depending upon the needs that you have. If you want the boxes to get custom printed according to your requirements, you need to give the details of the paper and materials that are required to be printed on the packaging. You can have a look at the samples that the company provides and select the ones that look attractive and suit your needs.

Customized Packaging

You also have the option of choosing a color that suits your needs. You can check out various online websites that provide affordable customized packaging for your printing needs. You can get custom packaging boxes for your business and personal needs, based on your budget. These types of boxes are made of high-quality materials that are durable and withstand harsh weather conditions. Many of the online printing companies offer heavy discounts on custom mails and other corrugated packaging boxes.

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