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Septic Connections is a South Carolina based firm dedicated to inspecting, repairing, replacing, installing and maintaining septic systems for our friends and neighbors in the surrounding area. We are ready to assist with all types of septic system designs with our years of experience, dedicated team, highly qualified experts and high quality equipment. We are pleased to serve Greenville, Five Forks, Berea, Fountain Inn, Gantt, Greer, Molding, Simpsonville, Taylors and Wade Hampton, SC as well as neighboring location also.

How to choose SEPTIC TANK CLEANING services

  • Check their licensed and certified

Most plumbing companies require a license to operate. The lack of a license indicates that the business is unreliable. It’s important to check a company’s license before hiring them to pump your septic tank. You can always call the company and inquire if you are unsure. A licensed business is more likely to hire licensed employees. This implies that a licensed company is more likely to offer better septic tank services.

Another important factor to consider when buying insurance. It is important to review the insurance policy of the company. This ensures that the company will cover any damage to your property or septic tank that occurs while on the job. Check to see if the company offers insurance to its employees for septic tank cleaning

Septic tank pumping is a dangerous job. This can cause serious injury to the cleaners as well as pose potential health risks. So always take precautions.

  • The experience

Like other technical service providers, we  also completed technical training before starting their career. Before hiring a septic tank pumping company. It is important to check out the experience. It’s also important to look at the background of the septic tank cleaning serving your home.

The performance and reputation of septic tank cleaners is greatly influenced by their experience. In no time, an expert and licensed cleaner will be pumping and cleaning your septic tank. One should hire septic tank cleaning services on the basis of their experience and reviews. 

  • Service quality

When septic tank cleaning service arrives at your home, you can count on excellent service and professional demeanor. Pumping a septic tank is a difficult task. The condition of your septic tank can have an effect on the functions of the cleaner. As a result, choose organizations that are known for their professionalism and high quality service.

Before you arrive at your residence cleaning the septic tank, look for evidence of professionalism. See how people react to your phone calls. How long did you have to wait before talking to a customer service representative? What was their response time to your phone call? Was the discourse cordial in rhythm?

When a septic tank professional visits your home, you can assess their level of professionalism and service. were they friendly? Did they clean your tank thoroughly and on time? After cleaning the tank, how well did they clean up the mess?

All these inquiries are a testament to professionalism and service excellence.

  • Reputation

In decision making, one’s reputation is important. Always read reviews on company websites when looking for septic tank pumping. Facebook and other social media websites are also valuable information sources. Lastly, you can learn about the reputation of the company through word of mouth. When it comes to septic tank pumping recommendations from friends and family can be extremely helpful.

After considering all the factors, Septic Connection LLC is the best option for septic tank services. Our fully trained and certified crew is here to assist you with any plumbing problems you may have.


Septic tank cleaning is to be done very carefully and effectively. So always trust a professional and trustworthy company. You can trust Septic Connection LLCwithout any issue.

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