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Yes, you are already familiar with POS (point of sale). Point of sale is a kind of technology that is mostly used by restaurants and retailers to accept payments from their valuable customers. POS provides the best hardware and software to run any retail business smoothly. From order to staff, from managing inventory to managing customers, from processing transactions to any sale, POS provides all-in- one roof system that helps restaurants and retailers to run and grow their businesses.

Point of sale is a very useful technology for those who want to turn their passion into a profession. For tech-savvy entrepreneurs to artists to retail chain point of sale systems have helpful for anyone.

What is a POS system?

POS system contains two things first point of sale software and point of sale software. The combination of both of these gives one best environment to merchants to understand and manage overall businesses. If also useful to analyze employees, sales, customers, to order you inventory, to accept all sort of payment methods, etc.

The older POS systems have required some conditions to operate life on-site server and in limited areas. These are the only reasons behind putting all the things like a cash register, desktop computer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and payment processor at the front desk.

Thanks to Cloud-based storage that helps to the advancement of POS technology.

What is a Mobile POS system?

With the help of Cloud-based servers, retailers can get access to their POS system just by desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet with having an internet. It is a system that enables retailers to manage their businesses from their smart phones.

Great customer experiences by POS

By enable to run businesses from anytime, anywhere makes a tremendous impact on retailers. It results in a lower lineup to pay and faster customer service. It makes it possible for every small retailer to give a unique customer experience. Even, mobile POS opens lots of sales opportunities for retailers like selling at a trade show, on festivals, and opening a pop-up shop.

Advantage of Mobile POS system

  • Payment and checkout through mobile
  • A system with centralized management
  • Access real-time sales
  • More and advanced customer data
  • Manage employees remotely
  • Schedule employees from anywhere
  • An integrated payment processing facility
  • Access to your business without the bar of time, place
  • Easier to increase your retail chain
  • Customer relationship management capabilities

Hardware for POS system

It mostly depended on your business type. Here we are going to discuss the most used and common hardware products used by majorities of retailers. But it is not compulsory to have all of these for POS it varying from business to business.

  1. POS terminal

It is a kind of device on which the POS software runs. Like any old school, the register is a POS terminal likewise in these systems merchants can use any electronic device with the internet like a laptop, mobile, tablet, or desktop computer.

It gives great advantage and flexibility to sales clerks. It helps to operate the system from anywhere like access customer profiles, look up inventory, and process transactions from anywhere.

  1. Credit card reader

This is the kind of device which used to accept debit and credit card payments. There are the best credit cards processing companies available in the market. By the credit card reader you can able to accept payment in three ways:

  • By swiping the card
  • By reading card’s chip by EMV
  • By NFC for payment

Majorities of customers now prefer to use cashless payments. Retailers can choose the best card reader that provides:

  • Emails receipts
  • Takes any mode payment
  • Offer integrated payment processing
  1. Receipt printer

It is advisable to use email receipts rather than printed ones. But still, some of the customers ask for a receipt. There are two different kinds of printers available Impact printer and thermal receipt printer.

  1. Barcode scanner

Almost all retailers prefer to use barcode scanners because of lots of inventory. It helps them to stock, manage, and speed up the check-out process. There is two types of barcode scanner available in the market: 1D barcode scanner and 2D barcode scanners.

All in all POS systems create a big opportunity for retailers. It helps them to grow year after year. And it just the beginning of advancement!

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