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Get a Peaceful Vacation for Your Family By Rental Home



A vacation rental is rent a house to spend a private vacation. You’ll get privacy than a hotel room or suite, which is provided by the vacation rentals. You will get lots of flexibility in the rent house where the hotel room has so many limitations. If you go to Charleston to make your vacation, you can visit the Charleston Vacation Rentals site. Here you can find the rental service. They provide you the best services than others. You can also see so many tourist places from there very quickly.

The dominance of vacation rental

The critical benefit of vacation rental is the considerable accommodation ability of a large group. Large friends groups or family groups can stay easily in any vacation day. You can also get a private room with a family member. Allowing everyone to stay together in multiple places is the central dominance of vacation rental. Many guests prefer homemade food in their vacation. You will get all the equipment for your cooking which will help you to avoid unhealthy outdoor food. There you can also get a fridge with some general food services. You also get a custom breakfast, and many foods are stock in the container. If you had a more prominent family with kids, then don’t worry about the gaming system. You’ll get the play station for the whole family where you get to play different types of smart games. There you’ll found free kids amenities like books, crayons, bathtub toys, etc. TV access as an amenity in the vacation rental. You will get cable TV or smart TV services in there. You’ll get the private amenities. Depending on the vacation rental, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the spa, balcony, pool, barbeques. The vacation rental is very much a cost-saving service. It offers weekly and monthly rent. Sometimes they give so many discounts in their services. You will get a net service which is very necessary in this time. In a modern vacation rental, wifi is the most practical necessity. In every rental package, the guest takes the wifi as part of everything. A private vacation with your family vacation rental house gives you so many facilities. But in the hotel, you’ll not get those lots of private facilities. Saving money is very important during a vacation. So, I recommend you rent a house for your holiday, which will give you facilities like your home.

Before booking a vacation rental

Vacation rental, some safety tips will give you some typical freedom and so many options. But everywhere, you need to know some critical information for protecting yourself from the sudden occurrence.

  • You have to book your rent house with a reliable rental company. Make sure they have proper protection policies.
  • You have to check about the legality of the rental house. Many people stay for more than a week in the rental place to enjoy the vacation. So legitimacy is fundamental.
  • Insurance implication consideration is significant, and the house owner needs to give the system of the renter’s insurance policy.
  • Ask all the questions to the serviceman about the house for your flexibility and safety.
  • You need to check up on the rental owner to know detail about the house.
  • Take the contact paper of staying the rent house, which is very necessary.

Everything is significant for your safe vacation.

From the detail of the article, you may know about the information about a vacation rental. You can also try a rent house for your family vacation. This private rent house may relax you more than the hotel. Another perfect way to relax and travel to your favorite spot every year is by owning a timeshare. However, a timeshare is not a cheap investment so it’s important to know what you are signing up for and learn how to get out of a timeshare when expenses get too high.

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Get Yourself Updated With the Student Visa Subclass 500 and Its Guidelines




Get Yourself Updated With the Student Visa Subclass 500 and Its Guidelines

Australia is considered one of the best countries for studying. With 43 universities, some of which are deemed as world-class, the students from around the world come to study in this country. According to a report in 2019, Australia has seen an incoming of 720,150 students, which was an 11% increase from the numbers of 2018.

Student visa of Australia

The government of Australia has provided a specific visa for this purpose. Known as the Student Visa Subclass 500, it allows the foreign students to study in the course of their choice in their chosen university. There are several conditions to fulfil to get a positive response for their application. It is best to consult the most experienced Migration Agent Adelaide for the intricacies of the application process.

One visa for all learners

International students are required to apply for and get the Visa Subclass 500 before they can come to Australia. This rule has to be followed by all types of students, irrespective of their country or home destination. The rule also applies to all subjects – whether it’s an undergraduate course (like a bachelor degree course in any Australian university), postgraduate degree (like a master or PhD degree), ELICOS (to study English in Australia), or for any Vocational Education and Training (VET) course (applicable for students looking to study shorter courses or job-ready skills).

The eligibility rules

The overseas students need to satisfy the following rules to ensure their application is accepted by the DoHA (Department of Home Affairs). Moreover, they need to provide documentary evidence about the following factors during their application. The Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions are listed below:

· Age restriction

The candidate must be aged 6 or older to apply if he or she is a school student but is not participating in a secondary school exchange program). Moreover, they should also fulfil the following conditions:

       i.          At the start of year 9, they must be less than 17.

     ii.          At the start of year 10, they must be less than 10.

    iii.          They must be less than 19 when they begin year 11.

    iv.          At the start of year 12, they must be less than 20 years old.

· Evidence of enrolment in a course of study

The visa application must be accompanied by a Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) or it will be deemed invalid and cannot be processed. The student must be enrolled in a course registered to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). He or she must also provide the CoEor a Letter of Offer for all of the selected courses before the visa is granted.

The candidate can also take multiple courses but will need to provide CoE for each of them, otherwise, the period mentioned in the application will be considered only. The course selected must be inter-related to one another and must lead to one another. The gap between the courses should not be more than two calendar months unless the end of the first course and the start of the second course falls between two consecutive academic years.

Likewise, the application must mention the CoE codes of all the courses selected; otherwise, the visa may cover only the course whose CoE is mentioned.

In the following cases, the student doesn’t need to provide a CoE, if he or she is:

  • Signed up in a full-time course of study or training under a grant sanctioned by the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade; a letter of support may be provided.
  •  Supported by the Australian Department of Defence.
  • A secondary exchange student (the applicant must provide an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form).
  • A Postgraduate researcher needing to stay in Australia when their theses are marked (a letter stating this fact from the education provider must be submitted).

· Welfare arrangements for under 18 years

For students under the age of 18 years, evidence of welfare arrangements must be completed for utilization in Australia.

· English language proficiency

The applicant must provide proof of their English language skills at the time of the application. This means that the candidate must secure minimum marks in any one of the international English language tests mentioned in the Student Visa 500 Checklist. Although, for some cases, this condition is exempted. To know more about either of these aspects, it is better to discuss it with the most experienced Visa Agent Adelaide.

· Have adequate health insurance

The candidate and/or his or her family must be under the coverage of appropriate health insurance. Here, insurance means a proper ‘Overseas Student Health Cover’ or OSHC from an official Australian health insurance provider. The duration of the visa must start from the students’ date of arrival in Australia, not the date of the commencement of the course. However, for Norwegian students covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, Swedish students are protected by Kammarkollegiet, Belgian students under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia; exemption from the OSHC is granted. 

Usually, the policy number, starting date, end date, and the name of the health insurance provider will have to be included in the visa application. The education provider also has to provide this information on the CoE.

Read also: Secure A Role In Fastest-Growing Industries In Australia With A Certificate IV In Ageing Support

· Health and character requirement

The student must pass the health and character requirement before his or her application for the Student Visa Subclass 500 is accepted.

· No outstanding debts

The candidates must not have any outstanding debt with the Australian government. If they or any of their family members do have that, then they must pay it back or make arrangements to pay it back.

Other important aspects

The DoHA also considers several other important aspects before giving the final thumbs up. For example, they can reject the visa application if it goes against the best interests of an applicant under the age of 18. The applicants must also give their consent in writing to follow the rules of Australia and respect the Australian way of life. To know about all of this required information, you must contact the most experienced Immigration Agent Adelaide. It will help you to achieve the visa within a minimum time. 

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How to travel safely this summer



Dubai Visa: How to get a Dubai permanent residence visa?

Since the pandemic, coronavirus has meant our homes have become the number one choice for all vacations, with few venturing far from home during the last year. However, with more than 1.18 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine already administered worldwide, this could soon change. As vaccination rates continue to rise and countries reopen their borders, people are starting to think about their options for summer travel. But questions remain about how people can travel safely this summer. Here are a few things to consider if you are hoping for a summer holiday this year but want to make sure you travel as safely as possible.

Get the Covid-19 vaccine

As international destinations reopen their borders to travellers, they likely will want to see evidence of vaccination before allowing entry. That means having a vaccination card could be the key to heading out of the country. But while vaccination doesn’t guarantee you won’t get coronavirus, having both doses provides around 90% protection against the virus. That means that you have a very slim chance of infecting an unvaccinated person or becoming infected yourself once you are fully vaccinated.

Day 2 and 8 testing

Even if you have had both vaccinations, Covid-19 testing is still compulsory for some international travel. Depending on where you travel to or from, you may be required to self-quarantine for 10 days and take day 2 and 8 Covid tests. The day you arrive equates to day zero. You will then be required to have a test on or before day two of quarantine. If the test comes back positive then you’ll need to quarantine until day 13. A negative result will mean that you will have to test again on day 8 of your quarantine period.

Keep basics with you

Whether you are planning an overnight stay, heading out on a day trip or hoping to jump on a plane and head for summer climes, you need to make sure you have the basics with you at all times. That means adding facemasks, gloves, a thermometer and hand sanitiser to your packing list. If you are heading anywhere that’s a little off the beaten track then make sure you stock up on all the groceries and essentials you may need before you go. Doing this will help to minimise your exposure in areas where there may be limited health care supplies.

Know everything about where you are going

Give yourself plenty of time before your trip for planning. Things may be very different at your chosen destination, so make sure you do plenty of research before you go. Find out about reopenings, safety protocols and requirements so you can have as smooth a trip as possible. There’s likely to be revised schedules, reduced capacity and social distancing markers in place. You may also be required to book attractions in advance. As the situation is constantly changing and evolving, make sure you have a good Plan B in place if you must change your plans suddenly.

Hit the road not the air

While aeroplanes do have sound filtration systems, travelling by road is still the safer option. When you travel by plane, you will likely be near lots of people, raising the chance of coronavirus exposure. However, getting away by car avoids contact with people outside your bubble. It is easier to have a more contactless journey when travelling by road, especially If you stay at fewer places along the way. Just make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before you start your trip.

While vaccination programmes continue to roll out around the world, coronavirus is still spreading. If you are hoping to see some of the world this year, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions so you can have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

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Professional Relocation Services- Making Relocation Trouble-Free




Relocation Services

It is rightly said that change is the only constant in our lives. Growth requires change because it is necessary to accomplish greater and better things in life. When we progress from junior to high school, we must deal with transition, and this change continues to follow us even while we are working. Our work lives are also not always consistent, and events such as promotions or changes may cause a significant shift in one’s lifestyle. Relocation is just another name of the change.

Most of the time, relocation becomes unavoidable. The traumatic process of moving is one of the most daunting aspects of relocating to a new venue. There are several tasks to be completed, including proper packaging of all belongings, finding a new home, and settling into an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Relocation brings mixed feelings. Moving to a new place excites you but at the same time, it also brings a sense of anxiety and stress. It also entails the inconvenience of transferring all of one’s belongings and assets from one place to another, which can be a significant burden.

However, by hiring the services of a professional relocation company, the whole moving process would be more convenient and time-efficient.

Professional Relocation Services include,

Corporate Relocation

It is difficult to move a corporate office from one location to another. If your business is moving to a new location and you need corporate relocation services, the first and foremost is to employ a specialist vendor. A professional corporate relocation service provider can be found in the yellow pages, on the internet, or by the recommendation of those who have used their services previously.

Since it involves the shifting and transfer of highly sensitive official records, the corporate relocation service should be managed by a dependable and trustworthy provider. Furthermore, it needs to ensure that the company’s assets and property would be safely transferred from one location to another without causing any harm or loss. Many vendors who provide this type of relocation service also provide insurance on the products being transferred. It is believed that corporate relocation helps in business expansion. In fact, it’s your image that you take from one place to other. So don’t take it merely as relocation but as a goodwill expansion.

Residential Relocation

Residential shifting is a form of relocation that involves moving household goods from one location to another. The companies assist in packing all of the products to be relocated and then transporting them to their new location. While the prospect of moving to a new location is exciting, the packing process is lengthy and boring, making it everyone’s least favorite activity.

When hiring movers to help you relocate, you can choose to have them pack your belongings for you. To avoid destroying your belongings, excellent relocation service providers will have experts taking care of them in a timely and thoughtful manner. This will help you stay organized and unpacking your belongings will be much easier when you arrive.

International Relocation

Crossing international boundaries necessitates extensive preparation and is a difficult task. Foreign moving companies assist with the transport of goods from one country to another. They help with the necessary paperwork to ensure that the items are shipped on schedule and to the correct location.

International relocation services will transport you anywhere in the world with ease and without stress. When traveling internationally, there is a great deal of stress and uncertainty, and there is a lot to expect and prepare for. A reputable packer and movers’ company will alleviate the burden of an international relocation.


Almost every moving company offers door-to-door service. Moving and packing can be made stress-free, satisfying, and time-saving by using a door-to-door service. If the move is local, domestic, or foreign, the customer benefits from the ease of delivery to their door, which includes full packing in-house, unpacking at the new venue, and cabling.

When you want to recruit professionals but have no experience doing so, it’s probably because you’ve never needed to. A special experience, such as moving, is never forgotten because it evokes special emotions. The rule states that memories associated with emotions are the most strong. There’s no need to be concerned; there is a solution. These experts understand that people must be consulted before making decisions.

For professional relocation services, please visit TNT Relocation

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Information, Technology and Tourism





Information technology has influenced all walks of our lives over the last few decades in a tremendous manner with the Tourism and Travel sector being one of the chief beneficiaries. The introduction of computers can be traced back to the early 60’s when the vacuum tube was the primary component of computer systems. This was largely inefficient and error prone and soon gave way to transistors which were replaced by Integrated Circuits. Now the technological advances have allowed advanced graphics integrated with moving images and sound to be incorporated into the modern computers.

The Tourism product being largely intangible stands to gain a lot from technology. Travel was considered a risk in the early days mainly due to the fact that the knowledge about the terrain, climate, culture etc of the destination was limited or unknown. Only the adventurous and men in quest for newer pastures ventured into such journeys. With the advent of IT into the travel sector, things have changed. Travel has become much more enjoyable and comfortable.

The modern day traveller has a plethora of options to choose from, with Internet being the favourite haunt for the potential traveller. Places of tourist interest and scenic beauty often do not catch the attention of the customer largely due to the fact that they are not marketed well. Internet in the early days did not support graphics, video, sound etc. Hence the tourism products could not be marketed over the net effectively. Now things have drastically changed with the introduction of protocols like the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). This has led to easier transmission of graphical images, music, videos etc over the net with speed and clarity. Thus tourism has been effectively marketed over the Internet. This has led to the mushrooming of Tourism and Travel sites.

There are number of software which cater to the needs of the tourism and hospitality sectors. Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels etc use modern systems equipped with powerful applications that work on huge databases. Computerised front office has lent elegance to the modern offices which are largely paperless. Office automation has led to efficient and accurate information processing. A person armed with the right information is the most powerful in the modern era. Computerised systems are used to extract information out of the voluminous quantities of data store in databases. Querying a database, be it for reservation enquiry or booking a ticket is in the hands of the end user. The customer is the king and rightly so has a number of options to choose from when embarking on a journey or getting information about a tourist spot.

Earlier users of computer systems were required to be experts. Even starting up the system required a computer operator. Only then the application could be run. Now systems with Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technologies, even a layman or a child is able to operate a computer or access internet. A person who doesn’t know the local language at a place has information at his finger tips with the advent of touch screen facilities. Almost all banks have now introduced ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) facilities at their premises so as to allow the customers to access their accounts any time of the day.

In the Kerala scenario the advent of IT has been restricted to travel agencies using reservation systems and development of websites by Governmental and non-Governmental agencies. Also office automation is in place in with the accounting process also being computerized. The official website of Kerala Tourism has won many national and international accolades as being one of the best sites in tourism worldwide. In the education sector institutes such as the Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies (KITTS) has imparted IT education in Tourism sector by giving hands on training to students in GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) and computerized applications. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has also fully computerized their reservations and a tourist can easily book a room through the net. Hotels have linked their systems to other global systems so as to establish a link worldwide. Let us examine in brief the application for tourism.

Global Distribution Systems

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have evolved over the years and has played a major role in making online travel possible. A Computer Reservation System (CRS) is used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to travel. They were originally developed by airlines, but it was later extended to travel agents as a sales channel. A functionality of CRS has been extended and what is known as the Global Distribution Systems came into existence. The major CRS operations that book and sell tickets to multiple airlines are known as GDS. Many airlines have opted to divest most of their holdings to Global Distribution Systems due to which many systems are now accessible to consumers through Internet gateways for hotels, car rental agencies, and other services as well as airline tickets. A traveller or a travel agent can chalk out an itinerary using a GDS which is a global system interconnecting airlines, hotels, travel agents, car rental companies, cruise liners etc. The four major Global Distribution Systems are AMADEUS, GALILEO, SABRE and WORLDSPAN. AMADEUS boasts of a market share of 31% and is followed by SABRE with 30% of the market, GALILEO with 26% and WORLDSPAN which has captured 12% of the market.

Today’s GDS systems have the following capabilities

  • Available and accessible 99.9% of the time
  • Process up to 17,000 messages per second during peak time
  • Operates on cutting edge enterprise systems architecture
  • Enjoys response times of a fraction of a second
  • Is capable of booking a multitude of transactions
  • Can make itinerary changes up to the last minute and complete complex international routings to every country in the world
  • Automates the time consuming and complex process of re-pricing airline tickets when itineraries change
  • Permits customers to send e-mail and faxes without exiting from the system
  • Allows customers to compare fares and availability in order to shop for the most convenient travel at the lowest cost
  • Stores all data related to the tens of millions of travellers securely so that the customers receive the travel preferences they desire

On a given day a GDS can access

  • Over a billion fare combinations
  • More than 95% of the available seats worldwide
  • More than 750 airlines
  • More than 50,000 hotel properties
  • Over 400 tour operators
  • Nearly 30,000 car rental locations

GDS systems are capable of booking

  • One way and roundtrip airline seats
  • Hotel rooms
  • Rental cars
  • Tours
  • Cruises
  • Bus and rail tickets
  • Insurance
  • Limousines
  • Event and theatre attractions
  • Dining Reservations
  • Itinerary Changes
  • Complex international routings


An electronic ticket or e-ticket is a means by which a passenger or a group of passengers can ensure their seat in a commercial airline by booking over the internet. This greatly reduces the procedures associated with issusing a paper ticket, which consists of a number of copies. Both the airlines and the passenger are benefited by this form of ticketing. An image of the ticket is stored in the computer from which the customer can take a print out and board the plane directly if he or she is carrying no luggage. If there is luggage after obtaining the clearance the passenger can board the aircraft. The customer can request that a hardcopy confirmation be sent by postal mail, but it is not needed at the check-in desk. A confirmation number is assigned to the passenger, along with the flight number, date, departure location, and destination location. When checking in at the airport, the passenger simply presents positive identification. Then necessary boarding passes are issued, and the passenger can check luggage and proceed through security to the gate area.

The main advantage of e-ticketing is the fact that it reduces booking expense by eliminating the need for printing and mailing paper documents. Another advantage is that it eliminates the possibility of critical documents getting lost in the mail or being sent to the wrong address. It is estimated that globally about 25% of the passengers book their tickets online which has resulted in the booming of low cost fliers.

The Internet has provided a new economic environment to conduct business. E-commerce is a growing sector and many tourism businesses are involved in developing their internet services including traditional travel agents, tour operators, national tourist offices, airlines, hotels and other accommodation providers and car hire firms. This means of doing business is known as ‘e-tourism’, or ‘tourism e-business’. The key differences from traditional markets are the speed at which information can be communicated, global accessibility and the minimal costs of establishing a business online.

Property Management Systems

As the term indicates, property management systems refer to systems which have been used world wide to manage and effectively control the various day to day and other procedures related to managing large properties. Even in Kerala, these systems are used in large scale.

The core functions which a PMS can handle are reservations, front office operations, some back office operations and some managerial functions. A PMS is commonly used for handling the accounting functions of the various departments in a Hotel. This is in addition to being the hub for all interconnectivity with other systems in the hotel. Just as a person, who is cut off from the rest of his colleagues during work a standalone computer is not of much use. Hence a networked environment is provided whereby a server can cater to the needs of the end-user who may be a manager to receptionist or a waiter. This is achieved by networking the systems and sharing of resources. Software may be developed to suit the needs of the hotel which may have a front end and a back end. A front end is user interface, through which data may be entered or information retrieved. The back end may consist of a RDBMS which acts as the storage hub. Queries and reports may be used to retrieve information. For example, if a guest wants to know details regarding tariffs during off season, a click of the mouse may be sufficient to retrieve information.

Virtual Reality Systems

Virtual reality is a relatively new area which is related to artificial intelligence and neural networks. Artificial intelligence is an area where technology has made rapid strides in recent years. Human beings have been blessed with intelligence which ranges from their ability to remember things to inventing gadgets and making life more meaningful. It goes without saying that human brain is an amazing and intricate organ which has till date not been surpassed by even the fastest super computer. It is doubtful if such thing will happen in future too. But artificial intelligence has paved pathways to new gadgets and robots which help man in potentially dangerous and intricate tasks.

Tourism has in addition to the natural attractions, theme parks, man made rides, simulations etc. Singapore, Disneyland etc house some of most fabulous man made wonders thanks to IT and its applications. Particularly theme parks and rides along with recreation of fantasies and dinosaurs have added mileage to tourist destinations.

Virtual Travel

With the ever increasing need to use the net, Tourism has entered a new era. app virtual travel has gained popularity and a tourist if he wishes can use the various tools and internet and sit at the comfort of his office or home and do a virtual travel. Earlier there used to armchair travelogue creators who used to design the show from articles and hearsays. But now travel writing has been simplified just because there is a plethora of information in CD’s, brochures and on the net.

There are even virtual travel agencies on the net which offers a tour through its gallery and offers a great deal of information. Gone are the days when a guide used to take travelers for ride narrating several cock and bull stories and feeding the customers with false information. Virtual travellers are more informed and many of them do not even need an introduction to a destination which they plan to visit.

In addition to the virtual tour of the real world, artificially created virtual worlds are there, waiting to be explored. These sites offer a free package for a week which can be downloaded. After going through this demo, the user can see the real stuff, if he registers online and pays for it. This is a trend which is fast catching on. After all globalization has shrunk the world and it wouldn’t be long time before new destinations in the cyber world comes up.

Travel Recommender Systems

Travel has become a part and parcel in the lives of human beings. Efforts from travel agencies and tour operators coupled with inputs from Governmental organizations have resulted in great changes which have eased the hardships placed on the traveller. The modern day traveller has a plethora of options to choose from when planning his trip. Travel Recommender Systems though in its infancy has established its utility value in travel planning. In the coming years, its importance as tool in aiding travel planning will be indispensable. A few recommender systems are available in the market that give the tour operator or the customer options to remove the intangibility associated with the product. Austria is one of the few countries which have introduced Recommender Systems to the travelling public and have found favourable response from the users. Recommending a travel plan consists of many aspects such as the destination type, location specific information, seasonal specific recommendations etc. All this has to be presented to the user in a customer friendly manner so that he or she can input the options to the system which in turn will suggest the most recommended travel plan. These systems use artificial intelligence and fall under the category of expert systems.

Geographic Information Systems

The usage of maps dates back to centuries. Man has been using maps for guidance and for locating places. With the advancement of computer technology and graphics, maps have been digitised and used for providing accurate and timely information to users. Databases have been combined with computer graphics in the area of GIS.

GIS is used to display and analyse spatial data which are linked to databases. This connection between spatial data and databases is the driving force behind the working of a GIS. Maps can be drawn from the database and data can be referenced from the maps. When the database is updated, the associated map also gets updated. GIS database include a wide variety of information including geographic, social, political, environmental and demographic data. GIS technology is a computer based data collection, storage and analysis tool that combines previously unrelated information into easily understood maps. A GIS can perform complicated analytical functions and present the results visually as maps, tables or graphs, allowing decision-makers to visually see the issues before them and then select the best course of action.

GIS finds wide applications in Tourism especially in mapping Tourist destinations, hotels etc. The end user can pin point a destination and even browse the hotel room in which he or she plans to stay.


On the whole it can be said that Information technology has left an indelible mark in the application area of Tourism and Travel. In the coming years, areas like Travel Recommender Systems, GIS, Space Tourism etc will gain popularity and will help in giving a new dimension to the travel and tourism sector. Kerala Tourism which has established its presence in the global market will bank on these applications to further propel its growth trajectory. The International market which is growing has been given a shot in the arm with introduction of IT and will stand to gain further from it.

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5 Beautiful Beaches In Asia




One of the top reasons tourists want to travel is for a little tropical rest and relaxation. Whether this means isolating yourself while camping in an American national park, walking aimlessly around the old towns of Europe, or having a cocktail on a soft white sand beach, there are many ways people like to relax. If you prefer a tropical vacation, then these 5 beautiful beaches in Asia may be just what you are looking for.

This list is by no means a definitive ‘best’ guide. It is simply a collection of places that should be on your radar.

1. Pink Beach, Komodo National Park

Photo Credit: Jet Set Together

If you’re looking for something truly unique, then the pink beach on Padar Island is for you. And if you think the photo above is edited to show more pink, you’re wrong. The beach is actually pink due to a type of organism called foraminifera, and when crushed over time by the sea it gives the sand a beautiful pink hue. To visit this beach you’ll need to take an excursion to enter Komodo National Park; I recommend going by speedboat since you will be able to visit 6 amazing locations.

2. Jungle Beach, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Photo Credit: Jet Set Together

Like the name says, this beach is surrounded by lush jungle. In fact, just to get to this beach you have to trek a bit through densely packed trees. However don’t think that means you’ll have the beach all to yourself. This is where the locals go to hang out (as opposed to tourist filled Unawatuna beach). Here you cannot rent sun loungers or have a waiter bring you some food. There is one little shack selling fresh pressed juices and beer, and that’s about it.

3. Phra Nang Beach, Railay, Thailand

Photo Credit: Jet Set Together

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. Of course, that isn’t to say any particular one is the best – that’s all subjective. Phra Nang is unique in the fact that it is a little difficult to get to, but still offering views of the famous Karst sea towers. The only way to get to Railay is by boat, but you could spend days just relaxing, soaking up the sun, and eating delicious food. All in a chill, laid back environment different than the hustle and bustle of many tourist spots in Thailand.

4. Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Photo Credit: Cathy Moore

If you thought Hong Kong was just one giant busy city, then you are very much mistaken. Sure, there are tons of skyscrapers making certain parts of the city look like a concrete jungle. But Hong Kong is so much more than it’s buildings. There are plenty of hiking trails, secluded villages, and yes, beaches. Perhaps none is more famous than Repulse Bay. Surrounded by multi million dollar apartments, this beach is a great place to visit if you want some sand and sea without going too far out of the city center.

5. Bai Sao Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Photo Credit: Jet Set Together

Phu Quoc is a small island west of Saigon that is steadily increasing it’s tourism numbers. However just because some parts of the island are built up doesn’t mean there aren’t still beautiful open spaces. Bai Sao, or, White Sand Beach, is one such place. It is located on the east of the island (while most people stay on the west) so it is often far less crowded than other beaches on the island. If you are looking for fun things to do in Phu Quoc then paying a visit to this beach is my top choice.

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