Gen Z Marketing: Fastest-Growing Audience Demographic

Each generation has earned the title of a trailblazer. Right now, the world is looking towards Generation Z – those born between 1997 and 2012 and who are rapidly entering the workforce – as a forerunner of predominant traits and perceptions that will characterize the years ahead.

In this post, we delve into the latest study on “dot com kids” from LinkedIn and others, designed to highlight what today’s marketing experts have to know to help explain and engage our brand new clients and coworkers.

One might mistake Gen Zers for Millennials 2.0: a generation rechristened for advertising purposes. However, only 23% of Millennial consumers believe they were comparable to Gen Z in terms of their age. Here, we look at Gen Zers’ daily habits, values, and preferences and how to apply this knowledge. Let’s get to know them.

Who Is Gen Z and Why Marketers Should Know Them

Gen Zers range in age from 9 to 24. The largest generation in history, Generation Z, has emerged as the extremely fast section of online shoppers and will soon overtake them. While this expansion is essential, Gen Z’s characteristics make a difference to trend-spotting marketing companies, which represent wider shift patterns in society and clients as a whole. According to a study, by 2025, Gen Z workers will account for 27% of the workforce. To get along with these newcomers, brands must begin building relationships with Gen Zers now.

Understanding Gen Z’s Digital Habits

Gen Zers, like millennials before them, are digitally ahead of the curve. Unlike many “older” millennials, Gen Z is the first global generation born with a digital connection. This explains their preference for social media platforms such as Linkedin. Shaun Connell, a US entrepreneur, thinks of Gen Z as “A socially-savvy generation,” and “Members of Gen Z are inspired by trending products and experiences that focus on novelty and diversity.”

The majority of Gen Zers (71%) spend more than an hour per day on social media, and 63% visit LinkedIn more than once per week. According to other research, Gen Z spends nearly an hour more per day on social media than the average millennial.

Gen Z isn’t merely connected, they’re hyperconnected: 74% of Gen Zers say they spend their free time online, and 66% report using multiple connected devices simultaneously. The same research shows Gen Z to be smartphone-centric, with nearly three-quarters using their smartphone more often than computers or other devices.

Which Traits and Values Best Define Gen Z?

Gen Z, aka “Zoomers,” are the most mobile generation in another sense, surpassing millennials as the most on-the-move cohort. They’ve emerged as the most mobile segment of the workforce as well. Since the pandemic began, people have been moving around the country; the migration rate has increased by 23% in the U.S. 

Which is to say, Gen Z is career-motivated. In addition to their willingness to change scenery during a pandemic, Gen Z is aware that they’ll need to put in the work to achieve their goals: 77% believe they will need to work harder compared to those in past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional career.

Gen Z is aware of other areas as well. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed by LinkedIn said they value knowing what is happening around them and being in control. Gen Zers crave stability – nearly three-quarters value career success (73%) and financial security (72%). Gen Z also displays increasing regard for eco-consciousness and social equality, putting added pressure on companies to demonstrate their contribution to fighting widespread issues.

Gen Zers, especially those on LinkedIn, have a strong entrepreneurial mindset. They’re interested in economics, finance, investments, and business—one out of five studied in a business-related field.

Gen Z Engagement Trends

The way Gen Z learns is also distinct. Whereas previous generations concentrated on soft skills and preferred to learn during the week, Gen Z prefers to improve their hard skills and is willing to learn on weekends.

On LinkedIn, Gen Z interaction (as measured by the total amount of meetings) is 2.7x higher than it was at the start of 2020, which is consistent with YoY trends. Gen Z’s preferred content reflects their passion for technology and proficiencies. Front-end website development, development tools, excel sheets, market research, and business analytics are all part of the package consist the most popular topics.

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