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Gabrielle Union Praises Jazmine Sullivan – Check out What He Had to Say about Her



Gabrielle Union shared a new post in which she is praising another lady. Check out what she has to say about Jazmine Sullivan below.

Today’s #WCW has a voice that soothes, heals, inspires, and at times, motivates to break someone’s windows, @jazminesullivan. She has gotten me thru the darkness and spoke truth to the pain. This R&B star has been given the honour of performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this weekend, and I can already feel in my bones that she will LIGHT up our screens. Jazmine has 12 Grammy nominations under her belt and remains humble and authentic to her art. She comes from a lineage of female creators – her grandmother was a poet and church evangelist, and her mother wrote plays – so it no surprise that creativity exudes from her. Take notice, folks! Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there,’ Gabrielle said.

Someone commented: ‘Yes!! Well deserved. She is not given enough recognition. Love her!! and another follower posted this: ‘So happy she’s finally receiving her well-deserved roses

One commenter wrote: ‘Lovely stated thank you for acknowledging this gem kind lady and another followewr said this: ‘Her voice is so soothing, unique and simply amazing.’

A follower posted: ‘When it feels like you been waitin’ all your life for this second You’d be a fool to just let it pass, so go and get it Don’t matter near or far, to the moon, the stars I’ll do whatever I need to follow my dreams .’

Someone else said: ‘Yep! All of this!!! Give @jazminesullivan all the flowers and another follower posted this message: ‘A voice of a goddess here to save us from all of our pain

A follower posted this: ‘Beautiful kids the boy looks like your husband, and the girl looks like candy.’

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Toya Johnson Shows Off Her Glam Room Makeover – See The Photos




Toya Johnson shows off her glam room makeover. Check out the posts that she shared on her social media account below.

‘My fav @therealnoigjeremy came to our studio on his day off and gave my glam room a makeover. I love it JJ thank you so much! I’m loving the way our work space is coming together! #TWP #BBH #Rushlifemusic #Rushtravel #WNM #A&Rstudiosatl #wegrindtogetherweshinetogether Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Any and everything for my baby love.  I’m so glad you love it. and a commenter posted this: ‘who wants an animated music video done by me?’

One other follower said: ‘Mrs Toya Johnson You have to wonderful beautiful two just like you, my amazing friend always. enjoy your awesome baby girl birthday for me also you’ll have a great day.’

Someone else said: ‘#PowerCouple I love this!! #CouplesGrindingTogether Doesn’t it feel good to not only work with your man but also watch him grow!! It’s sexy in a way lol.’

Someone else said: ”@toyajohnson will forever have my respect as a young black man seeing women bring her family and help them get into a better position is amazing.’

In other recent news, Reign Rushing has a lot of fans these days, especially among Toya Johnson‘s followers. She shared a video featuring the baby girl, and fans went crazy with excitement after seeing the cutie pie.

‘The finesse game is strong already that’s my girl  ’ Toya captioned her post.

Also,  Toya Johnson shared a bunch of photos featuring Robert Rushing and Reign Rushing. Check out the sweet pics that she shared on her social media account below.

Toya is living her best life with her family and friends and fans are happy. Stay tuned for more news.

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Jordyn Woods Shows Off Her Intense Workout Routine




Jordyn Woods shared a video of her working like crazy. Check out the clip that managed to drive their fans and followers crazy with excitement.

“So if I were to stop making music,” said one fan, “training with a mask is no good.”

One follower said, “You are literally exercising with a mask on your face which is ridiculous”, and someone else said, “You can live a positive life with a negative mind.”

Another subscriber posted this message here: “Who wants to make an animated music video of me?” And one follower said: “Dammm dammm @jordynwoods you are the sexiest and most talented Instagram model / businesswoman of all time #wcw.”

Another said, “I like these hand weights. Where can I receive it? “And someone else said, ‘In 2021 Jordyn Woods is coming to pick up your husband!!!”

One supporter said, “I can’t do this mask thing. I just can’t. I’ll stay home until I can exercise without nearly killing myself.” hated! Even they have a botox face to look like your girl. KEEP SH ** TIN ON THEM! “

Furthermore, Jordyn Woods has been the rock of Karl Anthony Towns for the duration of their relationship.

The NBA baller gave his wife a pretty reputation and revealed a devastating incident.

When Karl did Q&A on his Instagram Stories, he found out that he had been hit by a drunk driver during the offseason and had to be hospitalized for it.

A fan asked him how he got over it all, to which he partially replied: “My wife has held me back more than the world knows. My mom and family members passed away (1 day of their day in Cabo), got hit by a drunk driver in LA off season (it was 2pm) and stayed with me in the hospital overnight, helping me through rehab for this stay. with COVID. ‘

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Story Of Val Cortez: A Successful Social Media Influencer




There is only one slogan to define Val Cortez – ” charm with talent”. Some desire never fulfilled, but she makes it. Val Cortez chose to drop everything and chase her passion for travelling, and now she is making an impact. 

Val Cortez, a social media personality who has initiated her career out of social media, says that she is thankful for the life she is commencing. She is earning her name in social media production for her excellent communication with her enthusiasts. She is usually recognised as Val around the world for her essence to travel over many nations. Her Instagram Val around the world has several gains besides it. She would love to improve her citizenship to the inhabitants of the universe.

Val Cortez Inspire People To Balance Life

Val Cortez says that people always see the gorgeous view of social media. A quote ideally expresses her feeling “ Once you begin to succeed, you will start to dislike failures “. She is one of the best live streamers in the social media world. She thinks succeeding is an obsession. She commenced her career by live streaming and became the #1 streamer on a successful Streaming App. There is a lot of implicit opposition in the live streaming career. Once someone is not capable of accomplishing the result, he or she becomes sad.

Note: She describes the most significant problems she faces until now; she thinks that one must balance life to drive a wealthy life. During her beginning days, it was hard for her to leave her phone; she became a social media enthusiast, affecting her psychic wellness.

The solution is to get the balance, and one should not enable social media to waste their life, give yourself some freedom to experience the real-life and share with your loved ones. One should not be spent in the thunder of stories and Instagram posts. Social media is genuine freedom from your problems but not the resolution to your real-life questions.

Life Of Val Cortez

Val Cortez was born in Lima, Peru but then went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she arose up and found herself. There she studied professional fitness and security. But the big desires, the love of being self-supporting and boundlessly powerful, made her move into the company world. Hence, at the age of 26, Val Cortez began her own company of eyelash extensions.

She enjoyed being free, and she could explore the world. Shortly she found that she could use Instagram to post her experience and do live-streaming. People from across the globe came to recognise her as “Val Around The World”. She became a popular travel influencer on Instagram.

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Macaron Decorating Ideas



Macarons are very popular at this time of era.  The macaron is in range for almost all people since it’s so delightful and can help us to fill our tables with joy and tasty desserts. Macarons are colorful as well, so it can excite kids to have them after a meal. If you want to try them, you can make the macarons at home. It is easy to make and the French macaron recipe makes it easier. You can use the French macaron recipe as your starting point. 

You can find the recipe on YouTube. YouTube has made it very manageable to find anything and as you need it, you can find the tasty recipes on it. It’ll be interesting to see how they make macarons at home and this will be very helpful for your first experience. You can find everything you need to know about the making of macarons. You can find from the batter preparation to the filling of the macarons. You will be able to find great tips and techniques.  

When you will start, you want to try every color and filling you can make.  That’s to say because the popularity of the macarons is growing so quickly, you can make one classic color of the macaron and give it a lovely makeover. Now if you ready to make macarons, here are some best decorating ideas. 

Add Sprinkles

Add some sprinkles to the macaron and realized sugar to make it look good. You should put colorful sprinkles as a rainbow to look joyful and fun. This type of decorations may help to excite children to have them. 

Festival Decorations

If you want to try making the macarons according to the festival, this will so exciting. Now if we talk about Christmas, you can choose colors like red and white as the color of Santa.  You can also decorate the macarons with a deer face like a Christmas sign. Serve these stunning macarons after Christmas dinner as an outstanding dessert for a holiday celebration.

Packaging Of Macarons 

You can store the macaron for at least 2 to 4 days. Macarons can stay fresh in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 days. Keep the shells in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 days; after this time, the shells can’t stay fresh. Decorate the macaron and serve it in 2 to 4 days. Macaron packaging is important as well as the taste of macaron. 

You can find the best packaging for the macarons. Finding the best packaging for the macarons is an easy responsibility if you are good at these things. You should find great packaging to make the macarons fresh. 

Colors And Shapes Of The Macarons

Now if you want a pinkish color of the macarons, add a drop of pink in the batter and stir it lightly. And if you want three colored macarons, add some soft colors so it can look cheerful and happy. 

You can also choose the shape of the macarons. You can make any shape of macarons for kids and any parties. You can make elephant shapes, rabbit shapes and cat shapes, etc for kids.

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Hari Tahov Afraid of Returning to Bulgaria





I’m Bulgarian and I haven’t lived in my country since 2010.  I was always threatened by the news of what was happening in my own country. It provoked fear hearing the news of discrimination and homophobic fights or gay deaths. It’s not a humane way to live or to treat the LGBTQ+ community.   


At the time I was fourteen years old I moved out of Bulgaria with my brother to live in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with allot of culture, but like my own country it was a scary place for LGBTQ+ guys like me. 


In Bulgaria people stare at me and threaten me, often with verbal insults directed at me for my androgynous look. I wish I could specify a certain event or place when I was discriminated for my looks or my views, but there were just too many instances. Bulgaria is dangerous and I had to hide my true identity. Due to the discriminations in Bulgaria and Turkey I had to travel and find a better place to feel accepted for who I am.


 After 10th grade I turned seventeen and was older to travel and live further where I can feel more safe and accepted. In the summer of 2013 I moved to Winchester, Virginia where I lived with my uncle and his family. 


When I turned 18 I became more independent and by 12th grade I decided I wanted to move to Los Angeles and pursue fashion and film degree. When I started with fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and merchandising in 2015 the school helped me understand the entertainment industry. During that time fashion was just part of what I wanted to do. I fell in love with film and the production side where you get to work with a team to create beautiful movies, events, or anything creative entertainment wise.  In 2016 when I turned twenty years old I enrolled in the Los Angeles Film School pursuing a bachelor of science in Film Production.


My film school studies and the LGBTQ+ community were super beneficial in understanding myself and my future. I started co-producing events and collaborating with many companies on social media and live events.


I had a job offer and many opportunities in 2020. Upon my graduation in March the COVID-19 virus put the world and the entertainment industry on hold, making it impossible for me to work. 


During the quarantine I picked up on AR and XR experience development. This allowed me to start collaborating with different companies and celebrities in Los Angeles, helping them to elevate their brand. Currently I’m waiting for the entertainment industry to resume so we can all get safely back to work.

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