Funniest Marketing Tactics in Modern Times

We are now in a world that there is so much competition that we need to think and do creative marketing to stand out as brands and raise its awareness. Some brands perform funny marketing tactics to go viral and maximize sales and brand awareness.

Fun and weird marketing are some of the tactics that stand up among the rest of the marketing advertisements we see online or around us. We sometimes think these will not be used, or it will just receive a lot of criticism for not being politically correct. However, that attention is already enough potential buyers or audience for your marketing campaign that raises the brand’s awareness.

Unusual Use of Product: Marbles Blendtec’s Will it Blend

We usually saw marketing advertisements for a specific product showing how to use it or where we can use it. But this particular brand does it most unusually.

The product is a blender. We know that we use a blender in mixing foods, but for this product promotion, they show the audience how the blender works using the unusual thing to blend. They blend things from a soda can, CDs, marbles to the wood handle of the shovel. Weird right?! But the result, they gain a lot of sales because of that promotional strategy.

Uniqueness is the Key: Dollar Shave Club

To be able to stand out, we need to be weird sometimes. People are already tired of seeing and hearing the same things. They tend to skip your content or advertisement once they see the same thing all over again. To get attention, you have to do something weird to the point that you make no sense at all.

One example of this is an advertisement for a shaver. If you watch the video advertisement, you will laugh out your lungs. Funny and hilarious skits. And with that, they gain a lot of viewers, subscribers, and followers that increase the products’ sales. Being nonsense can give you more cents.

Mind Ticker: Snickers You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

What people see will retain and give a second look will attract them. We also notice some marketing advertisements using Adwords campaign, which can catch attention because the first thing that people do is reading it. And from this concept, one of the most famous chocolate brands came up with an Adwords campaign that caught the consumer’s attention very nicely.

They used the strategy of posting the advertisement words misspelt intentionally for the audience to get curious about it and make their brains work automatically, wanting to correct it. It is funny in the sense that it will tickle your brain. And some people, as we all know, like to criticize others’ works. By doing this, the consumer recalls the misspelt print ads and identifies the brand and/or product itself. Another creative way to increase brand awareness.

Straight to the Point

People react emotionally to the gay community, whether positively or negatively. Going straight to the point, even if they are not straight.. Funny, right?! Ok, fine. What I’m talking about is some advertisement tactics that are directly targeting this sector of society. What some advertisers realized is that they are a high potential target market.

Some companies put up specific websites and guidelines to cater the gay consumer needs. Some people use this strategy to invite consumers aside from the straight men and women community. Marketers would try to understand gays and hop on to whatever they are fighting for, like gay rights or LGBT movement. And that kind of tactic is some of the companies perform to get more consumers. Gay people are very talented; most of the company wants people to like them to be part of their team. Those some of the companies came up with policies and benefits that can attract gay people to join them. It’s a win-win gay for all.

Point on Point

To end this, I must say that being funny is being real, and being genuine is relatable. It is a compelling marketing strategy to keep your customer coming back for more. Come on; let’s get real. More customers mean more money.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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