Teach Vocabulary with Games

Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary with Games

Vocabulary is an essential part of a language. However, learning vocabulary gets tiring at times. So, here are some games to make the “vocabulary learning” process easier and more entertaining:

The ‘Pictionary’ Game

This is a drawing game that keeps the kids engaged and focused. To play this game, have the kids describe a word using only drawings. They aren’t allowed to use hand gestures or words. Give them a point on each correct word and the first one to get 10 points is the winner!

10 Objects

10 Objects is a great medium to test the kids’ vocabulary and memory at the same time. To play this game, get 10 items from around the room or classroom. Then, arrange the objects and have students gather around and observe them for a few minutes. Then, cover the objects with a piece of cloth and make everyone write down as many items as they remember. When everyone is done, write the names of the objects on a board and let the kids self-correct. Give a point for every correct answer and the one who gets the maximum number of correct answers is the winner!

The Board Acronym

To play this game, write a word on the board in vertical order. Then, have the students write words that start with each letter of the vertically written word.

For example:

  • Ball
  • Elephant
  • Duck


This is an entertaining game that kids love to play. To play this game, write down words on some cards and have the kids pick one at a time. Then, the one with the card has to act and describe the word without speaking. The others will guess the word before two minutes run out. Give a point for each correct word and the one with maximum points is the winner!

To pick words easily, tap the link: Lucky Draw Software in Singapore.

The ‘Categories’ Game

To play this game, have the kids draw 5-10 columns on a sheet of paper. Then, write down a category in the uppermost columns. The categories can be something they’ve been learning recently (for example: verbs, adjectives, cities, countries, etc..). Then, give them a random letter and have them write the names for each category that starts with the given letter. You can repeat this game with more new letters.

The ‘Letter Scramble’ Game

To play this game, make a list of words. Then, write the words in a scrambled way on the board. Have the students unscramble the words on a paper. The one with the maximum number of correct words is the winner!

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