Metal Detecting Experience

Fun Metal Detecting Experience for The Whole Family

Discovering metal detecting finds is a fantastic experience for every hunter. More so, it’s a hobby that people have enjoyed for years. And luckily, it actually will be a lot fun with children as well. Here’s our handy guide to a fun metal detecting experience with your whole family.

Take a Lot of snacks- Discovering Metal Detecting Finds is Tiring

One piece of advice you should follow with kids is to equip yourself with a lot of snacks. Though it’s fun, metal detecting can be a tiring task. So, keeping healthy snacks and drinks isn’t a bad idea. Slice up fruits and vegetables, and stock up on sandwiches to keep the energy level high.

Dress Accordingly

Apart from taking all metal detecting accessories, make sure you and the kids are dressed for the occasion. Your little one may be excited and want to wear jelly sandals, but not all outfits are detecting-proof, especially if you are exploring rough terrains.

Start by wearing comfortable and breathable clothes, as nothing stops a great fun as ill-fitted outfits. If you are out on a sunny day, make sure to take hats and sunglasses.

Find A Suitable Location

Start from the back garden! Select a safe and familiar terrain until you feel the children are ready to go out in the wild. Specific locations are safer for family hunting than others. So, make sure the terrain’s surface is children-friendly, and they can easily roam around on it. If you are off to the beach to discover the latest metal detecting finds, consider the sunburned heat and changing tides. Similarly, the hilly areas or cliff tops may give a sweeping view, but you’ll end up spending more time panicking about the safety of your kids.

If children are new to this activity, think about seeding the area with coins and other exciting things, giving them something to find. This way, your little one can become familiar with using the equipment from ametal detector store. Furthermore, it will help them get an idea of alerts for different types of treasure.

Think About the Timing

If your kids seem to lose interest after few minutes, there are plenty of ways to keep them attentive to the task at hand. If you have multiple children, set a timer and give everyone a fair chance by switching the roles. While one kid is in charge of the detector, the other can dig up the area. Let them take turns on it throughout the day. If there is a point where some children have reached the limit of boredom, make sure you have additional adult partners who can look after them.

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