Fresh family game night ideas

Fresh family game night ideas

Family game night is an incredibly fun way to unwind, spend time away from your smartphone and getting quality time with your family.

On top of that, there are also some incredible new video games coming out on the brand-new PlayStation 5 of Xbox.

So, if you are looking for new ways to enjoy family game night with a bunch of different ideas that you can enjoy with your spouse and children for many nights to come!

Rocket League

One of the most popular video games in the world right now is Rocket League. Unlike so many of the popular video games on the market right now, Rocket League is not violent or suggestive of anything inappropriate. First off, Rocket League allows players to take part in same-screen multiplayer meaning that multiple people can play on your television screen if you have multiple controllers.

On top of that, it’s highly competitive and fun! If you want an idea of what playing Rocket League is like, imagine playing soccer in a high-powered car! While it can be kind of hard to get started with, Rocket League quickly becomes addictive and very fun.

Play a great board game

If you want to take a break from screens for one night – or many – consider purchasing one of the hundreds of great board games that are available for sale online. Go for a classic like Monopoly or Sorry or find a new game that just hit the market just like this wonderful 70s trivia game. No matter what game you go with, remember to keep it light and don’t get angry even if you lose! Though you might sense some classic competitiveness coming back.

Make up a new game

If you are looking for something especially creative and new – and if you have kids who are between 7 and 10 years of age – consider spending a fun morning creating your very own game together! Maybe it’s a game that can only be played in your living room or in your backyard, and it can have as many funny rules and challenges as you’d like.

Get a LEGO set

A really fun way to spend some game time with your family is to get a new LEGO set and take to building whatever contraption you have purchased. The reason why LEGOs are so great is because they challenge children (and let’s be honest, adults) to solve problems and think visually as you work towards building something really special.

Whether you are building freestyle or are following the instructions perfectly, you will have a ton of fun once you crack out that new LEGO set.

Teach your kids chess

One of the most popular shows right now follows a young woman learning chess. For that reason, the legendary game has enjoyed a major comeback. Take advantage of the craze and teach your children the foundations of chess and foster the competitiveness and sense of great satisfaction that comes along with mastering the game.

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