Commercial Solar Panels Installation

Frequently Asked Questions on Commercial Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels are essential for generating visible electricity light. The intensity and direction of sunlight affect the amount of electricity generated. Higher energy production results from minimal obstructions to the sun’s light rays reaching the solar panels. 

The number of solar panels varies depending on the conditions that necessitate installation. Some significant factors that affect the amount of energy generated, including weather/climate and solar panel technology. The effect of these factors varies depending on the building in view. 

Moreover, energy production is more likely to reduce if the atmosphere is cloudy. When installing commercial solar panels, the choice of solar technology is crucial. Solar panels enabled with trackers to predict the sun’s direction will produce more energy since the tracking system automatically navigates the panels to absorb more sunlight.

That said, power generation is more when the building has a flat rooftop. Today, many commercial solar systems have a tracking system that ensures that adequate sunlight for solar panels at all times of the day.

Here are some of the questions people ask about commercial solar panel installation.

  1. Do I Have to Go Off the Grid When I Switch to Solar? 

Advancements in solar tech have seen the introduction of solar batteries. Their function is to store excess solar energy generated during the day. It is impossible to consume the solar power generated daily, hence the need to keep unused electrical power. 

Customers might have difficulties going entirely off the grid without solar batteries installed in their solar system. Many commercial buildings remain on the grid while using solar panels. Installing a solar panel does not automatically necessitate removal from the electrical grid.

Although solar energy is cheaper and more efficient than conventional electric power sources, it doesn’t eliminate grid usage. Its principal function is to replace a significant amount of electricity usage from the grid by creating a more sustainable energy source that saves more.

  1. As a Commercial Building Owner, How Do I Bill My Tenants for Their Solar Energy Usage? 

Structures where individuals distribute solar power to other tenants require a sound metering system. The metering system allows you to record the amount of solar energy consumed monthly. 

Commercial solar systems give the added advantage of enjoying a net metering system, an innovation that allows you to store excess solar energy on the grid. 

Since customers cannot consume the total amount of energy generated daily, the net metering system sends some solar energy produced back to the grid. This way, the electricity company or service provider returns you some electrical credits and lowers your electricity bill.  

  1. How Much Will I Save on My Electricity Bills Every Month After Switching to Solar? 

One solution to minimizing energy consumption is alternative sourcing power, commercial solar systems. Industries and organizations save up to 75% of the total cost spent on electricity bills. Also, the total lifespan of a solar system ranges from 25 to 30 years.

Several tools help consumers to estimate accurately the amount saved by installing solar panels. You can look up an article on commercial solar panels costs to get a detailed breakdown of the tools and factors that affect the total amount saved by switching to solar energy.

  1. What Tax Credits or Incentives Help Lower the Cost of Switching to Solar? 

Over time, the cost of utilizing solar energy has reduced by 90%. Experts also project that prices are bound to drop further in the coming years.

Customers may want to note that some states of some countries provide incentives for commercial building owners who rely on solar energy; This development implies that their return on investment continues to grow.

  1. Duration of ROI for Solar Panel Investments? 

The return on investment and amount saved on investments made on commercial solar systems relies on the type of solar incentives utilized, the solar technology installed, and the amount of energy generated. A building’s rooftop goes a long way in determining the amount of power generated daily.

During this period, individuals receive almost 90% of all they spent trying to purchase and install their solar systems. Other companies have specialized time frames for returns on solar investment.

  1. What Solar Solutions Are Available to Commercial Building Owners? 

The solar technology installed in different buildings varies according to the structure of components that the building can accommodate on the building. Commercial building owners have a variety of options when installing solar panels. Solar panel installation can be made on rooftops, car parking lots, or mounted on poles. 

The global agitation for clean and safe energy generation necessitates that commercial buildings rely on alternative energy sources like solar power. You can have as many solar panels installed on your rooftop when you have more installation space. Customers also get the option of choosing solar panels built with a tracking system. 

This tracking system introduces flexibility while maximizing power generation because energy generation from sunlight is highly predictable.  

Most commercial building operators prefer trackable solar systems because it increases energy production and saves the company more cost.

  1. How Will Solar Panels Affect My Business’ Property Value?

You’ve probably heard that installing solar panels on your commercial building increases a building’s value. It’s true and highly recommended to project your company as a green company. It boosts your weight in the industry and customer perception of your facility.

It not only adds to the physical appearance of your commercial building but ensures that customers attach more value to your operations. It also boosts your property price irrespective of the number of years before selling.

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