Four things you need to know before renting a flat in Mumbai

This article will guide you on things to consider while renting a flat in Mumbai that meets all your needs and make the search for a flat a manageable process. The main thing is the house you are looking for should fit your lifestyle which means, you shouldn’t have to make any significant changes to your lifestyle next when you rent a flat in Mumbai next time.

Four things you need to consider before taking flat for rent in Mumbai

The apartment you are renting in Mumbai should meet all your lifestyle requirements. Here are some factors to understand before starting your apartment hunt:

Commute: how far is it from your workplace?

Mumbai might be blessed with excellent connectivity throughout the city with the metro and local transit line. Still, it’s always best to look for an area closer to your workplace and have easy access to other amenities, and it best suits your lifestyle.

Nearby essential stores: Are there any good-quality grocery stores available?

Before shifting to your new flat, you need to check on the nearby supermarkets or grocery stores nearby. There are also options like many online grocery delivery apps like Grofers, Big Basket, etc., that provide these things at your doorstep. 

Safety: What are the safety measures in the neighborhood? Would you feel safe renting a home in that locality?

Since Mumbai is always jostling with people all around the clock, it’s ideal to rent a safe and convenient home. Check if the flat you want to rent follows apartment safety rules and regulations. Security features like alarms, fences, deadbolt locks, CCTV cameras, and security guards are all in place.

Amenities: What are the amenities offered and usability norms? For example, parking, community pools, gyms, and parks.

While a rental property may offer several amenities, check your priority are taken care. For example, If you have two cars in the family, check for the additional parking available and the cost for the same. Do a check on your needs versus availability to simplify the search process.

Final Thoughts

Renting a flat in Mumbai is a great experience — if you do it right. There’s a lot of effort that goes into renting a perfect apartment. However, the benefits of finding a happy and comfortable home often outweigh the work it took to get there. Before starting your new flat search for renting, have a clear understanding of your requirements.

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