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Four things you need to know before renting a flat in Mumbai



This article will guide you on things to consider while renting a flat in Mumbai that meets all your needs and make the search for a flat a manageable process. The main thing is the house you are looking for should fit your lifestyle which means, you shouldn’t have to make any significant changes to your lifestyle next when you rent a flat in Mumbai next time.

Four things you need to consider before taking flat for rent in Mumbai

The apartment you are renting in Mumbai should meet all your lifestyle requirements. Here are some factors to understand before starting your apartment hunt:

Commute: how far is it from your workplace?

Mumbai might be blessed with excellent connectivity throughout the city with the metro and local transit line. Still, it’s always best to look for an area closer to your workplace and have easy access to other amenities, and it best suits your lifestyle.

Nearby essential stores: Are there any good-quality grocery stores available?

Before shifting to your new flat, you need to check on the nearby supermarkets or grocery stores nearby. There are also options like many online grocery delivery apps like Grofers, Big Basket, etc., that provide these things at your doorstep. 

Safety: What are the safety measures in the neighborhood? Would you feel safe renting a home in that locality?

Since Mumbai is always jostling with people all around the clock, it’s ideal to rent a safe and convenient home. Check if the flat you want to rent follows apartment safety rules and regulations. Security features like alarms, fences, deadbolt locks, CCTV cameras, and security guards are all in place.

Amenities: What are the amenities offered and usability norms? For example, parking, community pools, gyms, and parks.

While a rental property may offer several amenities, check your priority are taken care. For example, If you have two cars in the family, check for the additional parking available and the cost for the same. Do a check on your needs versus availability to simplify the search process.

Final Thoughts

Renting a flat in Mumbai is a great experience — if you do it right. There’s a lot of effort that goes into renting a perfect apartment. However, the benefits of finding a happy and comfortable home often outweigh the work it took to get there. Before starting your new flat search for renting, have a clear understanding of your requirements.

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Traditional Vs Modern Lehenga Cholis. What is the Difference?



Hatkay lehenga choli

Once your marriage is confirmed the next big thing for a bride is to select the wedding dress. She will be busy with all the planning to make herself look stunning on the wedding day. If you are a bride looking for some inspiration to buy a perfect wedding dress, visit Hatkay. You can find so much collection and Hatkay lehenga choli is one of the most sought-after by the bride. It gives a striking look on your wedding day, making you so special among everyone who attended the ceremony. There are diverse colours, patterns, shades, and styles too, and you can select accordingly.

Traditional Lehenga Choli Versus Modern Lehenga Choli

The key detail that you must check before a wedding is an outfit that you are wearing. In Asian countries, brides from diverse regions wear different wedding outfits. But the most famous outfit is the bridal lehenga choli. It is also called ghagra choli. First, it has the lehenga, which is a long skirt that comes on the choli. The choli is sewn and has a fitted blouse that is usually worn on the lehenga, leaving the midriff exposed, which gives more beauty to the wearer.

Now, let us see the actual differences between traditional and modern lehenga choli.

Traditional Lehenga Choli

Wherever you are in India or whatever region you are from, you will have a fabulous wedding and there is no compromise when it comes to wedding celebrations. Wearing a traditional lehenga choli adds more charm to your wedding. It gives a soothing feeling that brides can feel by themselves when they are in traditional ethnic wear.

The traditional lehenga choli designs include skirts with a fishtail shape, or A-line shape, or a mermaid design. In those times, royal Mughals used to wear lehenga cholis for weddings. As days passed by, it has become the traditional outfit worn in every region of Indian because of the charm the traditional lehenga offers to the wearer.

Modern Lehenga Choli

Speaking of the modern lehenga choli, they have more complex embellishments, unlike the traditional cholis that are made from satin and silk mostly. Also, when you see the modern lehenga choli fabric, our designers have made it look ultra-luxurious by creating it with the best materials like chiffon, silk, brocade, satin, khadi, etc.

The fabric has mirrors designed on it, great embroidery, stonework, or zari, beading, etc. Next talking about the dupattas, they are normally made from satin and silk, as these fabrics give a lot of softness to the skin. Modern bridal lehenga choli is also exemplified by bright colours adding more royalty. Because of the colourful nature of Indian wedding ceremonies, western brides are also choosing traditional Indian weddings.

Rather than the white wedding dress they actually wear, they are wearing a red lehenga choli, or a bridal designer saree, or other beautiful outfits of Indian weddings. From the pre-wedding ceremony, wedding to the post-wedding ceremonies, everything will be joyous and fun and wearing a lehenga choli will, even more, enhance your personality and give you enough confidence to flaunt your style on your D-Day.

So, if you need suggestions on where to buy lehenga choli, is one of the finest options. Go shop now and enjoy your wedding!

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Ventech: Phenolic pre-insulated duct panel




VENTECH phenolic pre-insulated panel is an advanced and UL Listed pre-insulated duct panel. QCDD approved innovative pre-insulated HVAC Duct work system. The product is composited by embossed aluminum foil and phenolic foam by special one-time continuous production line, with a sandwich structure, which ensure good bonding between layers .They can offers a high performance light weight and good ductwork system that requires only a few single fix and installation process.

Pre-insulated Duct Panel

Phenolic Pre-insulated HVAC Duct is new generation duct, which is ideal for specifications where space or weight is restricted. Compared with traditional galvanized iron (sheet metal ) ductwork, pre-insulated HVAC Ducts and pre insulated panels have offers a high performance, lightweight and robust ductwork system that inquiries only a single six installation process. This not only makes it a high-speed operation for projects on which time is critical but also provides the advantages of a considerable saving in cost and space. It can make a saving of cover 20% on operating cost over a 30-year life.

Advantages of Phenolic duct panel with fiberglass aluminum foil

Foil covered fiberglass duct board is the best pre insulated duct panel:

  • Panel thickness 20mm/30mm, with double-faced fiberglass aluminum foil.

Phenolic foam was used in thermal insulation of missiles and rocket heads early.

  • Widely used in high-rise buildings, transportation, ships, aviation, space technology and other fields.
  • Pipe shell products cut by phenolic duct insulation board are also widely used in the field of pipeline insulation, such as
  • Petrochemical industry.
  • The composite products of phenolic insulation board are used in the fields of large formwork built-in system, class a fire insulation system, building wall insulation decoration integration system, fire door interlayer, color steel sandwich board room and so on.

About Ventech

Founded in 2006, VENTECH is a group of company delicate in providing the efficient solutions for oversea customers. With 40,000m2 workshop and over 300 employees, we’ve become the leading manufacturer for HVAC products.

Phenolic pre-insulated duct panel is one of VENTECH’s main product. With high quality material and excellent sales service, VENTECH has sell to over 30 countries around the world so far.

Instead of GI ducting, the phenolic pre-insulated panel could avoid energy loss and conditioning air existing in ventilation. With the low weight, it’s easier to install and maintain. Different thickness is also available for customers to suit different project. This is a remarkable way to apply for the new ducting system.

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Tips To Consider When Choosing a Therapist




Consultation with a psychotherapist is a preventive measure necessary for health. But when communicating with a specialist, you need to understand the rules of the game clearly. We explain how not to be a victim of a layman.

Find a professional

The most significant danger when looking for a therapist is to end up in the hands of an incompetent professional or a fraudster. The legislation of our country very weakly regulates the scope of psychotherapeutic services. 

There are no professional level requirements, an exact code of ethics, a unified certification procedure, and a state register of specialists. To get started, ask a potential therapist for a diploma in education or psychological counseling, and use the recommendations of friends who have received therapy.

Define goals

The ideal alignment is when the patient knows exactly why he came to a psychotherapist, and together with him, solves a specific task. But it is not always possible to formulate it, especially if a person is entangled in his own emotions and thoughts.

A professional therapist should help set goals, if not immediately, then at least sometime after the start of the consultation. If you understand that this did not happen and the meetings are held in the format of discussing everything at once, most likely, you are in front of a layman who does not know the correct approach to therapy or is trying to make money on you.

Don’t hurt yourself

One of the critical aspects of psychotherapy is that working together should not cause psychological trauma. During the consultations, there will be periods of difficult emotional states and experiences. Still, the specialist’s task is to reveal the patient’s pain points and neutralize the negative effect that may arise during psychoanalysis. 

Besides, while maintaining impartiality in Communication, the therapist still needs to provide support in those moments when something is complicated for you to experience. If you feel constant depression, a feeling of hopelessness, and an inability to overcome problems, therapy is harmful.

Do not violate the boundaries of Communication

There should be a distance between the patient and the specialist. Still, if you feel that you are not understood or heard and communicate with a person you do not have confidential and comfortable Communication with, continue to search for your therapist. 

It should always be remembered that consultations should not turn into friendly gatherings. The specialist must continuously monitor the observance of specific communication regulations not to blur the boundaries in Communication. 

It is effortless to get into heart-to-heart conversations when therapy is prolonged. In this case, it is necessary to assess the situation and understand how effectively the consultations are being held and whether the assigned tasks are being solved.

Don’t think that everything will be decided for you

Most people think that a therapist can solve their problems. But the task of a specialist is to help find a solution and not to think for the client how best to do it. 

If a specialist, instead of working together, gives instructions and instructions and ready-made answers to questions, it may seem that this is exactly what is needed, but in fact, you are dealing with an incompetent psychotherapist. 

A specialist has a guide for any situation: dealing with acute stress conditions, LGBT clients, chronic depression, and many other cases. A competent psychotherapist follows appropriate regulations and ethical principles rather than giving advice.

Don’t be afraid to change your specialist

Establishing contact with a psychologist depends on many objective and subjective factors. You may not agree in temperament, the style and intensity of the consultations may not suit you, or in the process of work, you will realize that you are not working on exactly the areas that you would like to pay attention to.

In any case, don’t be afraid to change your specialist. Some people keep looking for the right therapist for them for weeks or even months. They manage to turn to two, three, or more experts until the moment they manage to find a person with whom they will be comfortable working.

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Vegan Shoes You Should Try on Orthoticshop




Would you ever skin a living being, wrap his or her skin around your foot, tie it together, and prance around within the slippers you created? Unless you’re a psychopath, you’re presumably thinking, “Hmm, probably not.” Well, that’s exactly what you’re paying for once you buy shoes that are made up of animals.

Cows, pigs, kangaroos, dogs, and other animals slaughtered to form materials utilized in shoes (such as leather and suede) experience unimaginable suffering—and you never know what animals were used, since leather is usually mislabeled before being shipped to the U.S.

In the U.S., most animals used for leather sleep in super-cramped conditions. And they’re dehorned and castrated, and their tails are cut off—all with none painkillers. Sometimes, their throats are cut, they’re skinned, and their limbs are stop while they’re still fully conscious.

Luckily, there are plenty of trendy shoes out there that are already vegan. Here are 10 that you simply probably have already got your eye on and you can check out them on OrthoticShop Vegan Shoes category

Vans Classic Slip-On

Vans carries variety of vegan shoe styles. The Canvas Classic Slip-On is a perfect one, since it are often dressed up with dresses and tailored pants or down with shorts. Plus, no one’s complaining that there’s no lace-up process involved.

Vans Authentic Lo Pro

Canvas shoes have made an enormous comeback over the last few years, and other people of all ages are sporting them. Cool and cozy , Vans’ Authentic Lo Pros are a staple, and if they’re not already a neighborhood of your shoe collection, I highly recommend ordering a pair.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the dawn of your time , you’re conversant in this classic shoe. But you would possibly not have known that it’s totally skins-free—because the legacy of Chuck doesn’t need any cruelty in it.

Converse Jack Purcell Classic Low Top

This ultra-clean–looking shoe is another of Converse’s best non-leather styles. made up of canvas and rubber, Jack Purcells are entirely skins-free. Converse partnered with Nike on these ones, so they’re also extra comfy. Speaking of Nike …

Nike Flex

The Nike Flex is simply one among Nike’s vegan shoe styles. It’s super-lightweight and is formed partially from mesh, which makes it a breathable shoe .

Nike Free

With a 96 percent approval rating from customers, the Nike Free is a perfect workout shoe. it’s a layer of froth within the sole to form it extra cushy—so albeit you’re not into understanding , your feet will feel nice while walking from the kitchen to the couch. inspect Nike’s website for plenty of other vegan shoe styles.

Airwalk Faux-Wool Boots

This brand makes cruelty-free versions of UGG boots and moccasins! If you don’t already own a pair, check it out on orthoticshop to buy one, because “winter is coming.” (I just made myself cringe.)

TOMS Chambray Men’s Classics

TOMS offers a couple of trendy vegan shoes and even features a “vegan” tab on its website for straightforward searching. These canvas shoes have a faux-leather trim, which provides them an aesthetic look. nobody at your company hour will know you’re basically wearing slippers.

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Does CBD Have Cannabis Side Effects?




Have you been wanting to try CBD products like CBD gummies or oil tinctures but feel hesitant because you associate cannabidiol with the well known side effects of marijuana? It may be common knowledge that CBD won’t give you the signature high of marijuana but people are still asking if it will cause other memorable indications like cottonmouth, bloodshot eyes and uncontrollable munchies. Luckily it has been around for a while now, closely monitored and studied but most importantly used by everyday people who have reported their real-time experiences in surveys, product reviews, social media postings, and blogs. Based on different users’ personal recorded experiences, we found some helpful answers to all your CBD side effect queries.

Ever heard of cannabis giving you those late night munchies? CBD doesn’t give you the munchies. It has been reported to inspire a sense of calm that helped people regain appetite in situations where stress was causing stomach upset. In this alternative sense it could boost your appetite but CBD won’t give you the munchies in the traditional sense of the word. The munchies have practically been accepted by society due to its humorous nature, you see this marijuana side effect referenced frequently in movies and pop culture.

What about the dreaded, daunting and unsavory: cottonmouth? Well, not to worry. Even the folks using a sublingual CBD tincture only reported a temporary dryness after using. Those who were using or reviewing CBD gummies and capsules did not report any type of mouth dryness or cottonmouth symptoms. Similarly we found many people were concerned about ingestible CBD products having the same bad taste of strong marijuana edibles. This was not the case and although it depended greatly on the product the very worst reviews still only reported a mildly unpleasant flavor. Further and more importantly the flavor did not come out once added to any other product, like a smoothie or cup of tea for example.

Perhaps you worry that CBD will cause blurred vision, glassy or bloodshot eyes. It looks awful and everyone thinks you’re high! Well no worries we have no evidence that CBD causes red or irritated eyes. CBD takes only the Cannabidiol (CBD) chemical from the cannabis plant, which is why it lacks the chemical makeup that might produce red and dry eyes. Another ocular assault of cannabis is that a person might experience blurred vision. When speaking about blurred vision, this simply means a temporary lack of sharpness in one’s sight. With CBD, you don’t have to worry about any vision impairment. No one using CBD in our group of users experienced any change in vision.

People are enjoying the effects of CBD oil for calming therapies, skincare, massage and relief of muscle soreness all over the world. From senior citizens to beloved family pets anyone can enjoy the wellness boost of CBD products! What we have found is there are no residual marijuana-like side effects to worry about when using CBD.

Take the time to do your research, choose a reputable company with transparent operations at all stages of the CBD oil production process. Decide what would be the right way to try CBD for you, think about how you would use it and why to pick the perfect product. Consider a soak in the tub with a rejuvenating CBD bath bomb, applying a sweet smelling CBD lip balm or high quality CBD facial oil if you want to start with mild dosage and multiple benefits. If you need to address sleep quality find a CBD product with additional ingredients like melatonin, if you require muscle relief a topical lotion or rollerball applicator with lidocaine will do the trick. Start small and build as you learn what works best for you and enjoy wellness!

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