Four Responsibilities of a Long-Term Disability Attorney

A long-term disability lawyer is someone who helps clients with their long-term disability cases. They are often specialists within the field of disability law and work on other types of legal cases. Many responsibilities go along with being a long-term disability attorney and vary based on the kind of case you are working on. This article will explore four duties of a long-term disability attorney.

1. Permanency Cases

Permanency cases are those situations where the client has a long-term disability that is preventing them from being able to work. These types of cases require special knowledge and attention. Permanency cases are typically particular and can vary depending on many factors. There are severe concerns with the termination of benefits which must be dealt with before the case can proceed. These cases also require special attention to detail and pre-planning.

2. Benefits and Social Security Cases

The Social Security Administration (also known as the “SSA”) is the agency that handles disability benefits for Americans who have earned over enough money throughout their working years to qualify. Benefits are provided based on whether or not a person can work at all and how much they work each year. This agency offers many benefits, including regular and long-term disability. A long-term disability lawyer will be part of any Social Security case that involves disability.

3. Medicaid Application

For clients who are on Medicaid, the long term disability lawyer will help them with the process of applying to the program. Medicaid is a program provided by the federal government that allows low-income individuals and families to afford medical care. This can be an extremely important benefit for those who have a long-term disability. 

4. Disability Fraud

Disability fraud is a serious problem affecting millions of disabled Americans yearly. This is when an individual says they are disabled but are not to receive financial assistance from a program designed for those who are disabled. This can include lying, giving false information, and misrepresenting the client’s condition. Any long-term disability lawyer you work with should be well versed in this fraud.

5. Applying for Determinations

Long-term disability claims do not happen all at once, and it will likely take many months before you know whether your claim has been approved or denied. You must go through the entire appeal process if your claim is denied. If you want your lawyer to help with your application, they must do so before it goes to the appeals court. A long-term disability attorney is generally required to meet with clients at least once per month during an appeal but can make the case full time if needed.

The duties of a long-term disability lawyer can be quite varied, but these are some of the most common. A long-term disability lawyer can be important for those in the United States who are faced with any disability. They can help you file your claim and protect those benefits from the time you apply until it is approved or denied. 

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