Four keys to a healthy lifestyle

In recent years, “fitness” has flooded social media, with hundreds of people from around the world promoting certain practices that promise to help us look and feel better. However, experts agree that “health” is a term that encompasses much more than just exercise and a balanced diet.

A person’s healthy habits, ranging from their stress management mechanisms to the frequency they meet with friends and family, are reflected in physical appearance, mental health, and behavior. Life expectancy.

Someone healthy in body and mind can increase their longevity. For that reason, it is essential to undertake this path of change and commitment to achieve well-being. In this case, these are the four keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced diet

The first aspect to consider for a happy and healthy life is food. We need to nourish ourselves and give our bodies what they need to function. Therefore, it is essential to choose nutritious food rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

While most people hope to find their ideal weight, a balanced diet should listen to our bodies and choose better quality food. Alternatives, which means prioritizing vegetables, fruits, and fresh produce over refined sugars and processed foods.

Physical activity

Staying active is also a step that leads to a healthy life. In addition to improving our physical condition, practicing a sport or including an exercise routine every day can help us feel better mentally and emotionally.

At least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day is essential to connect with our bodies, understand their capacities and needs, clear the mind and activate those brain processes that make us feel happier.

Avoid addictions

To improve our overall health and get closer to our desired well-being, avoiding addictions, including tobacco and alcohol. According to figures from the World Health Organization, smoking kills up to half the people who do so, with around eight million people dying annually from smoking.

According to studies, smoking is considered an epidemic and has become one of the most significant health threats the world has had to face. On the other hand, by 2016, the harmful use of alcohol killed three million people, and the number is predicted to have increased in recent years.

Take care of your mind.

Finally, the last key to a healthy life is our mental health. It’s no coincidence that mental health awareness campaigns are on the rise, as our emotions and moods have been proven to have an impact on a physical level as well.

Therefore, we must take care of our minds on our way to well-being, avoiding stress, harmful environments, and toxic relationships. Socializing, organizing our finances, and doing some pleasant activity at least once a week are some practices that can help us stay mentally healthy.

Final thoughts

The concept of “healthy living” has changed in the last decade, pointing more towards physical and mental well-being than towards a perfect-looking body. Do you want to learn what you need to do to achieve it? You can buy a subscription to some of the healthy-lifestyle magazines from Paper Magazines and find constant updates on these subjects.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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