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Forex Steam 2023 Analysis with Coupon

Forex Steam has been around in the Forex world for more than 25 years. Since it’s a 100% automated solution, it enables traders to trade without contributing much to the trading process. 

This is particularly beneficial for the newbies or traders with no or little trading knowledge to generate a stream of passive income for themselves without risking their investment. 

Forex Steam is trusted by more than 4000+ active clients, which is clear evidence that people use and trust this robot for their everyday trades. 

Even if you check Forex Steam’s official website, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews that speak for the authority this EA holds in the Forex world. 

I’ve written this Forex Steam review to help you realize how Forex Steam can change the way you’re carrying forward your trades today. Also, we’ll see why it will become tough for the traders to compete in today’s vying Forex world without any automated assistance. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Things I like about Forex Steam

I’ve been using Forex Steam for quite some time now – 5-years to be precise. In all honesty, there are so many things I simply love about this 100% automated EA. 

First and foremost, it has been designed by a team of professionals (including both experienced traders and statisticians), meaning the built-in indicators are absolutely top-notch. 

Second, the robot includes almost everything that a trader needs to work in a low-risk trading environment and via craigslist alerts.

Forex Steam enables traders to start their trading journey with limited investment, which isn’t the case with other EAs. The good news is you can still expect great returns regardless of the amount of capital you have invested initially.

Retrace Technology

Forex Steam’s Retrace feature is every trader’s favorite as it allows them to secure more wins without putting their huge investment at stake

This strategy has been updated multiple times by the developers to ensure it remains consistent with the ongoing market conditions.  


The availability of filters is another added perk that enables traders to omit out the days and certain situations in which they don’t want to work. For instance, there’s an advanced holiday filter that allows you to include holidays on which you want your bot to take a leave. 

Trailing Stop and Breakeven

With Trailing stop and break-even, traders can set an SL behind their trades that encourages bigger and better returns in a short period of time. 

Trading Results

Before you make your decision, I suggest you must check out Forex Steam’s official website. The website includes answers to almost all of your concerns- be it pricing, Forex Steam settings, installation/download procedure, features, and available benefits. 

While going through the website, don’t forget to review the section dedicated to the trading results. Yes, you read that right. 

You can find out the trading results of both Live and Demo accounts on the Home page. For me, it was one of the biggest inspirations. It helped me make my mind and I quickly installed Forex Steam after having a short conversation with their support team (their support team is super friendly and supportive as well). 

If in case, you’re not sure about the credibility of their official website, you can check their trading results on other independent websites as well, such as MYFxbooks. 

Free Forex Steam Settings

For me, Forex Steam had everything I needed at that time to get started. For a trader like me with zero trading knowledge, it was a no-brainer to install this EA on my system. All I had to do was make a payment, and I received a downloadable link right into my inbox. 

When you visit Steam’s official website, you’ll realize that the developers are super active and passionate. They conduct constant research and make changes to their product so that it remains in line with the current market strategies. 

Forex Steam is a complete package that, as I said above, includes everything you as a trader may need to get started. The bot comes fully loaded with a scalping trading strategy with built-in indicators and a capacity to conduct ongoing market research on your behalf. 

But since it’s human nature to experiment with his own creativity, I also opted for the customized option to see what else I can do with the settings option. 

Great Reviews

Forex Steam was, is, and will always remain the number 1 EA in the market. If you think this statement sounds promotional, I would suggest you check out different third-party review websites and forums where traders praise this EA on an everyday basis. 

The website also has a dedicated reviews section that is loaded with positive customer reviews and experiences. 

Things I dislike about Forex Steam

Despite the fact that I love this EA and has been constantly using it for more than 5-years now, sometimes, I feel the customization option should have some more flexibility. 

I love FREE Forex Steam settings that come with the package, but developers should consider giving some more flexibility to the traders in terms of experimenting with new strategies. 

Other than that, I don’t think there’s any other improvement required. The team FS is already doing incredibly great, and I look forward to more updates and useful product tweaks in the coming future.

Why Forex Steam is #1 in the Market

The forex market has transformed dramatically in the last decade. The competition is aggressive, and if someone really wants to stay in the competition, he or she may have to leverage the best automation practices.  

Since Forex Steam is a complete package, you do not have to look for other resources and tools to stay competitive. 

Why have I used this Robot for 5 Years?

The answer to this question is pretty simple – because it helped me earn my fair share from the Forex market. This EA has helped me grow as a trader, and I plan to use it for many years to come. 

What is the Forex Steam Coupon? (Coupon is Steam10)

You can also use a Forex Steam coupon code Steam10 to enjoy further benefits. And yes, all the other product benefits remain the same with a discounted offer. 


Forex Steam has helped me achieve my trading goals. I hope this review has cleared some of your doubts about the FS bot.

All the best!

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