Follow These Tips While Choosing Kitchen Cabinets.

If you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen to make it more functional, practical, as well as good looking, then you would need to select the right style for your kitchen cabinets. All those fancy kitchen ideas we see on Pinterest and Instagram sure do look great, but you must always consider practicality over looks. You kitchen should not be a cluttered space with dozens of appliances lying around. You should have adequate space to move as well as enough to allow proper air flow. There are many customizations and styles that you can adopt based on your needs, so we have prepared a handy guide which will help you make the right decision.

  1. Select your budget.

It is important to always set a fixed budget around which you will work, before thinking about styles and designs. Kitchen fixtures should always be done by trusted contractors. You can always choose off-the-rack designs or customise the cabinets any way you wish.

  • Basic cabinets are those which are most commonly found in websites and magazines, without a high degree of specialisation. They are the cheapest option if you are on a tight budget.
  • Semi-customised and customised cabinets can be chosen if you are willing to spend a little more. You can choose them not only according to the layout of your kitchen, but also incorporate your own designs.
  • Select the main features.

This is the next step to choosing your cabinets. They can either have doors (single or double), sliding partitions, or drawers. This would completely depend on your choice and ease of working. However, it is advised to stick to one feature for all your cabinets, otherwise it can ruin the workflow on days you are especially busy. While choosing the materials for these, you should not go for cheap plywood, since your kitchen will emit smoke and steam and you cannot afford to renovate every few months. Good quality wood will last much longer.

In addition to this, it is also extremely important to choose the right handles and doorknobs. Again, these should be in harmony with the rest of the style to improve efficiency and working. Make sure you use features that are space-efficient and allow you to utilise your cabinet spaces better.

  • Select one style and stick to it.

Some things may look aesthetic in pictures and chaotic in real. ‘Rustic style’ kitchens that use a number of concepts may look good but are not practical for day-to-day use. Take your time to select the right frame and right design and try to incorporate that for all kitchen cabinets to retain a sense of uniformity which definitely helps when you are working. You can choose wood or glass, depending on your choices, wood is however generally a safer option.

  • Select the right colours.

Many people do not like all-white kitchens since smoke and exhaust and food particles stain the walls and cabinets. You may opt for colour combinations such as light blue, green, light yellow and grey, or combine any of them with white to get a sleek look. Too much of flashy colours should ideally not be used in a kitchen. Following these tips will help you make a wise decision on choosing a kitchen cabinet for yourself.

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