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Before we get started about folderly, let us get to know what an email tester is and why one should need it.

Emails as we know are one of the most commonly used form of digital communication. Emails are used for a wide range of things including for marketing and increasing reach to one’s business. However, given the vast number of email IDs present on the internet, email service providers have started to restrict the number of emails sent to a user. Such is the case that even if your email looks a little spammy, it will be sent to the subscriber’s spam folder instead of their inbox. This in turn may drastically impact your reach which in turn would impact your online business or blog. Hence, to reduce the risk of your emails going to your subscriber’s spam folder, you need an email tester. Here is where folderly comes to your rescue. Being the supplier of one of the best email testing services on the internet, folderly has various positive reviews on the internet when it comes to email testing.

Are you facing email deliverability problems? If yes, folderly can help you immensely.

So who can use folderly? 

Folderly can be used by anyone who aims to have or already has a substantial reach on the internet and wants to increase it. Specifically, this is how folderly can help you.

If you are a start-up:

It is indeed a generation of start-ups. Start-ups are bringing in the market a level of innovation that has never been seen before. However, one of the major things that you need as an emerging start-up Is exposure. By emails you may reach out to various prospective clients that may play a great role in speeding up your growth. However, if your emails reach the spam folder of your clients, then you may be drastically impacted by that. The best way to know whether your emails are reaching your client’s inbox or spam folder is to use an email tester. This will help you to know how many are going to the client’s spam and will also help you to recognise the faults that you may fix.

If you are an agency:

Agencies highly rely on their reach to generate new business and get new clients. In order for your agency to reach all important clients, you should make sure that all your emails go to their main inbox and not their spam. However, there is no proper way to determine that and you can never know where your emails are ending up till you use an email tester like Folderly. By using this tester, you will get to know your email deliverability rate from which you can derive how many of your sent emails are getting marked as spam. We all know how owning agencies can be a lot of hard work. Email deliverability is one more problem that you do not need to add to your list of problems. This is why choose Folderly. Not only will it detect all the problems with your deliverability, it will also ensure that you can solve all the problems.

If you are an enterprise:

Nowadays, it is a given that in order to thrive in such a volatile business environment, enterprises have to have a good online presence failing which their competitors may get ahead of them. The market is not just volatile, it is also very competitive. The digital media acts as an amazing avenue to reach out new clients and expand your business. With folderly you can keep track of multiple domains an email dresses at once. This will ensure that all important mail reaches the inboxes of your vendors without fail. Also get valuable data about your DNS settings, IP or SMTP and get regular updates about the same.

Given the multi-faceted nature of Folderly, it can in general be used by anyone who wants to increase their reach on the internet via blogging. If you are a blogger who wants to increase the traffic to your main blog via sending emails to the suppliers then Folderly can help you as well. Resolve any email deliverability problem easily with the help of folderly.

Why should you opt for folderly you may ask. Well, statistically, a huge number of people who used folderly reported the following:

  • A 70% increase in email open rates
  • A 100% email deliverability rate.
  • 0% spam rate
  • A 30% increase in email reply rate.

If the statistics weren’t enough, folderly is trusted by around 200 famous companies few of which are: 

  • Brandstar
  • Titan
  • Born and bred
  • Cemtrex

These are only few of the many top-notch clients that folderly provides its services to.

So now that we know how folderly help you, let us get to some of the most frequently asked questions people have when it comes to email deliverability.

1. What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability means the process by which emails are delivered to your subscribers/clients inbox. In general, not all your mails reach the subscriber/client’s inbox. Sometimes they are sent to the spam inbox. This results in reduced reach and inability to successfully communicate with prospective clients. It is always best to have a high email deliverability rate.

2. Which is an optimum email deliverability rate?

The most optimum email deliverability rate is 100/100. However, given certain restrictions by the email service providers exist, it may be very difficult to reach this stage initially. What you should aim for an email deliverability rate that lies between 70-100 for the best results.

3. Why would my email go to the receiver’s spam?

There are a number of reasons why your email may be ending up in the receiver’s spam folders. Few of the reasons are poor leads lists, incorrect DNS settings, messaging full of spam words, etc. There may be other reasons as well which may be discovered after running email deliverability tests.

Conclusively, if you are someone who communicates to your clients majorly through email, an efficient email tester like folderly is a must have for you. Head on to our main site to know more about email deliverability and other things that you may use to increase your reach. 

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