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Not many airlines have set health and safety measures at global standards since the pandemic. Etihad Airways did and still follows the COVID-19 prevention measures before flying its passengers. The Diamond status is a testament to the airline’s policy on how important it considers passengers’ health and safety. Apart from this, with its pleasing milieu and world-class service, Etihad Airways takes you through an enhanced travelling experience undoubtedly.

About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is one of the promising air carriers known for providing high-class travel services to its customers. Based in Abu Dhabi, this young national airliner has outgrown its commitment and services to become one of the leading airlines in the aviation industry.

With its home in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Etihad Airways flies passengers and cargo to destinations like Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. To facilitate easy traveling for holidays, the airline company offers Etihad Holidays with attractive holiday packages to various destinations, including Abu Dhabi

Etihad Cargo, which is another promising division of Etihad Aviation Group, offers exclusive air-freighter and cargo solutions to its customers. The division undertakes consistent and efficient delivery of cargo services using the latest technology to destinations like Asia, Africa, America, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe through its dedicated cargo aircraft.


The Etihad Family

Etihad provides global services to its customers by flying to 67 destinations across the world. With a fleet of 98 highly sophisticated aircraft, the airline company offers exceptional performance and operating efficiency. Its fleet of aircraft includes:● Airbus A320 family – 30 nos.● Airbus A350 family – 5 nos.● Boeing 787 family – 39 nos.● Boeing 777 family – 19 nos.● Boeing 777 freighters – 5 nos.

For the convenience of the passengers, it also offers code shares covering a wide network of destinations. No wonder, commitment to customer service has enabled Etihad Air to grow enormously, increasing its services every year. Passengers can have a world-class experience traveling on Etihad Airlines. You can travel in Etihad First Class, Business Class, or Economy Class cabins, which are designed ergonomically to give ample space and comfort during travel. Moreover, you can also enjoy the luxury of swivelling seats, comfortable flat beds, high-class entertainment, and exquisite cuisines during your journey.


Etihad First 

A private suite, Etihad First is a class of its own. You get access to the Etihad First Lounge, and on board, you can enjoy an extensive a la carte menu and wine list. The fully-flat bed is comfortable enough to give a good night’s sleep. The other services include Wi-Fi connectivity to keep in touch with the world outside, watching on-demand TV shows and movies and a complimentary wellness kit. 

Etihad Business

The business class offers extra space to stretch out and privacy on Etihad Airways long-haul flights. The seats come with features, like back support, adjustable headrest, and cushion firmness. They also recline into a fully-flat bed to help you get enough rest and arrive refreshed. You can enjoy a la carte dishes or choose from an all-day dining menu when you want to dine, inflight entertainment, and complimentary amenity kits.

Etihad Economy

You can choose your favourite seat, which offers plenty of space to travel comfortably. The other amenities include an aisle seat for extra legroom, complimentary food and drinks, Etihad wellness, on-demand entertainment, and mobile connectivity.  

Business Traveller Awards

Etihad Airways takes pride in its cabin crew, who are renowned for their highly traditional and generous Emirati hospitality. The airline received awards for the ‘Best First Class’ and the ‘Best Cabin Crew’ at the Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2022. It is not the first time Etihad Airways has received the award for its amazing cabin crew, which bears the hallmark of its brand and the training process, aiming at service, safety, and hospitality. 

The Etihad First Class is recognized for a highly personalizedservice designed to meet individual traveller’s preferences, which earned it the ‘Best First Class’ award.

Future of Etihad Airways

The airline, operating under the guidance of Tony Douglas, started restructuring during the pandemic, with major simplification of its business. Etihad Airways’ fleet of aircraft includes A350s and 787s, which are known for operating efficiencies for a sustainable future. The sustainability initiatives are extended with Boeing’s ‘Greenliner’ approach, which included flying 42 eco-flights to test the carbon emissions and their operational efficiency.  

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