The word jewellery for most of the men sounds absurd and they think that it is some sort of Taboo to wear jewellery. Men have always restrained themselves from wearing jewellery other than just wedding bands or engagement rings and their dad’s gold chain or any family heirlooms.  Jewellery is a symbol of craftsmanship and elegance that men are not accustomed with. A piece of jewellery does not have to be something very shiny or loud, a basic accessory can be enough to elevate the whole outlook. A small change can make a huge difference to the way you present yourself. Any man can look bewildered with just a few rings or a bracelet in his wrist. Know a little more about styling rings and bracelets in the following sentences – 


The most common accessory that a man can put on and look dashing are the bracelets. Bracelets are round bands which basically enhances your wrist. They are not so vibrant yet have a great impact on your body. If you are wondering what to add in your accessory other than a wrist watch for an official meeting, you can always go ahead with a sleek silver bracelet. To avoid wrist watches, wear a silver tangled bracelet or bracelets with gemstones attached to them. Gemstone bracelets make you look elite and classy. For casual days, leather bracelets can truly be your partner. A t-shirt with denims and paired with a dog tag and leather bracelet can make you look cool and give retro vibes. Beaded bracelets are also not a bad option. Mens bracelets are the ideal option for accessories that every man should have in their collection. 


Although men have allowed themselves to wear rings but that has never been other than their wedding rings. Rings add spark to your outfit and are the extra elements that can make any boring outfit a spectacular one. Silver rings with gemstones embedded are the exquisite pieces that can be worn at any occasion or at formal events and chunk rings can run ideal for your day to day life accessory. A precious stone ring that has been going viral in the men’s collection is the Strontium Titanate ring. Strontium Titanate is a man-made gem which is almost similar to diamond. When cut and polished it shows the same qualities of diamond but has a lot more “fire” in it. It got so popular because of the low price and also for the easy availability. To obtain a subtle and sober look, a titanate ring will fit perfectly in any finger. Along with strontium titanate, a white topaz or a diamond is inscribed in a gold or silver lining. The designs of the rings vary from one another and each has its own beauty. So choose the perfect ring for you and be that classy gentleman.


The newest trend that has been ruling over the ornaments industry is animal jewelry. Wearing ornaments with animal prints or those which are animal shaped is the new fashion. Wearing  animal jewellery has been human’s ancient way to decorate themselves. Earlier our tribes used feathers, animal teeth, bones to make jewellery out of those and inspired from that, modern craftsmen and designers have installed those ideas in recent ornaments. These jewellery pieces are for both the genders and carrying them is not a big deal. Starting from a simple pendant, if you are out with your friends or for a brunch you can wear an animal shaped pendant engraved with valuable gemstones and pair with a tangled silver or gold chain. The more simpler way would be to wear a dog tag which has a lion or wolf inscribed in it. To elaborate more you can add rings with it. Rings with dragon or snake face polished with silver linings make you look fierce and bold. To balance the look you can skip one of them. Further, there is also availability of bracelets that have open mouth lion or wolf faces. To achieve a wilder look, you can try leather bracelets that have small charms of animals hanging on them. There are also a few bracelets made of stainless steel and can be worn now and then.


Binding yourself to stereotype thoughts won’t help you grow. Jewelries are for everyone and therefore whether it be men or women everyone has equal rights to wear them. Modern men have broken the norms and have embraced the beauty of jewelries. Most of them do not realize how incomplete an outfit looks without any accessory added to it. And a minimal accessory in hands can bring a massive change in someone’s entire look. If not these you can at least prefer wearing cufflinks or tie pins with wrist watches. Storing these jewels comes as a big headache and some of them can be ruined if not taken care of properly. So don’t forget to maintain separate boxes for each of a kind. 

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