Chime pay friends

Fixed: How to Increase Chime Limits?

Chime offers a service known as Chime Pay Friends. The feature is exactly like any other P2P transfer. The service helps you make easy transfers to your friends and family.

Do you also face payment errors?

We all have to sometimes.

From time to time, We tend to face problems like payment cancellation or errors while making any transfers, and It is often to blame the service providers in such situations.

But, have you ever tried to find out why it happens?

It can be because of multiple reasons. One of the primary reasons is exceeding the limits. In most cases, payments are canceled when the limits exceed. The same is the case in Chime. Chime has different limits on the various mode of transactions. So, to avoid any glitch, we should have a precise knowledge of these limits. The article will provide you a detailed list of the limits and the way to increase Chime limits.

Chime Pay Friends Limit

Chime offers a service known as Chime Pay Friends. The feature is exactly like any other P2P transfer. The service helps you make easy transfers to your friends and family. The Chime Pay Friend limit is $2000 during a span of 24 hours.

How to increase Chime Pay Friends Limit

Chime does not allow you to increase the Pay Friends Limit. The limits are fixed by Chime and cannot be changed.

Chime Spending Limit

The chime Spending limit is divided into these three ways. They are Over-the-Counter Withdrawals, Cashback at POS, and Card purchases. All these together add up to make the spending limit. The different limits are-

  • Over-the-Counter Withdrawals-

The over-the-Counter Withdrawal limit is set up to $500 per day. You are not allowed to withdraw more than that.

  • Point of Sale Withdrawals

Withdrawals at point of sale refer to the retailers’ cashback while purchasing the Chime Card. ASk the retailer about the cashback after making a purchase. Make sure they do not charge you a fee for the same. IT too has a limit of $500. Mostly, grocery stores allow a cashback up to $100 and drug stores up to $40.

  • Debit Card Withdrawals

Debit card withdrawals include all the card purchases. They have a limit of $​2500 per day. Again, Chime does not charge any fees for the same.

How to Increase Chime Spending Limit

Chime does not allow its users to change the limits. However, Chime itself has the powers to do so. Here, maintaining an adequate account balance is the basic necessity.

Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit

Chime users have access to more than 38000 ATMs. All these are fee-free and can be easily located through the Chime app. You can withdraw up to $500 per day. A fee may be charged in ATMs out of Moneypass and VPN Networks. It does not require any minimum balance or overdrafts.

How to Increase ATM Withdrawal Limit

The Chime ATM Withdrawal limit cannot be increased manually. It automatically changes according to the number of transactions. The time period is also one of the factors affecting the change in ATM Withdrawal limit.

Chime Spotme Limit

Chime supports its users with another most convenient feature known as Spotme. The Spotme feature supports debit card purchases. But, Spotme can only be activated if you get regular deposits of $500every month.

How to Increase Chime Spotme Limit

You can increase the Chime Spotme limit from $20 to $100. But, this will be automatically done by Chime. YOu have to maintain a good account balance to avail yourself of the advantage. Also, regular direct deposits to your account are essential. The Chime will increase the limit as soon as you fulfill both conditions.


Chime has set different limits for different ways. All these limits cannot be played with. There is no specific procedure to increase the Chime Limit. It can only be possible by maintaining a record, like what we do in other traditional banks. Although the Chime limits are enough to make any transaction, still some users are not satisfied.

Hence, it is advised that you should have the proper knowledge of Chime’s daily limits. Also, always be regular with your transactions. Try not to raise any debts. Keeping up with the Chime terms and conditions will boost up the limits spontaneously. Consequently, you will have smooth transactions with the Chime user-friendly environment.