Five ways to ace your AirBnB hosting

Hosting an AirBnB is an easy way to make money for people with extra space. However, it can be difficult to know what to offer to receive those top reviews that will really get your business going. Below we will list some few simple tricks you can use to increase your sales and ratings. 

Creating a welcoming interior space

This one might seem obvious to some, but make the AirBnB-space for rent feel like a cozy and homely place, despite it being some leftover rooms. For example, if you are renting out a teenager’s room who has left for college, try to make it look like a professional space rather than a personal intrusion. 

This can easily be done by exchanging some wall art for discreet and stylish posters and by investing in some matching pillows and blankets. However, remember that your guests did choose a homely space rather than a monotone hotel. Another way to make it feel homely is by placing fresh flowers in the room in time for the guest’s arrival.

A way to a person’s heart is through their belly

Give your guests a warm yet simple welcome by providing some snacks for their arrival. Whether it is just some emergency provisions for their adventures such as snack bars or pieces of chocolate, or something fancy like a bowl of cut fruit, makes the guests feel cared for and welcome. 

Make sure to not use foods that are allergy-prone, such as nuts. If you want to go the extra mile, you could always ask them beforehand if they have any food preferences. 

Provide entertainment offers for both staying in and going out

The best way to travel and find the true gems of a place is by asking a local. As an AirBnB provider, you have a perfect opportunity to share your recommendations. By providing travel guides, or perhaps even a handmade list of recommended visits, you once more show some extra care for your guests and their wellness. 

Make the space extra cozy by also providing small items for nights when they stay in, such as board games, books, and blankets. Together, this will create a wholesome experience. 

Provide some simple technological guidance 

Technology and machines in places other than home can be difficult to figure out, especially for international travelers. A creative and non-intrusive way to aid in technological issues is by leaving little post it notes by potentially complicated machines. For example, does your shower have to be turned on a certain way? If there is a kitchen of some sort, are there stove tops that require certain procedures to be used? You get the idea. 


All these little things will make your guest feel cared for and help ease the difficulties of travelling. Ask other AirBnB providers for their advice as well and try to think of what you would have appreciated after a long day on the road. Happy hosting!

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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