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cyber crimemiddle-age American living in New Jersey USA near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Last night I wrote about FinCEN, and I lost my point along the way. What triggered my post was the disclosure by Colonial Pipeline that 4.4 Million USD was paid as ransom to unlock their system, and resume fuel distribution to Eastern US gas stations and airports. Criminals have reason to celebrate netting 4.4 Million USD with what has been described as a cyber attack on a vulnerable computer-control system. The criminals have a new problem, which is how to convert cryptocurrency into something useful without exposing themselves. At this point my mind turned to FinCEN, because that’s the US system that’s supposed to play a major role in detecting and stopping movement of dirty money, but I’ve learned the FinCEN system is good at detecting movement of suspected dirty money, but very bad at stopping it. FinCEN has the proverbial close-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-escaped problem, and it’s FinCEN that is key to catching these Colonial Pipeline now-4.4-million-richer criminals. Dear kind readers: This post becomes interesting if you pause and spend a moment imagining yourself with criminal partners 4.4 million USD cryptocurrency richer. Imagine the problem trying to make your life or anyone’s life better with this new financial asset. It’d be great if you reached the conclusion, “Oh shit . . it’s nearly impossible to benefit from my crime without getting caught”, but that’s an unlikely conclusion. You’re more likely to imagine banks in countries that will convert your cryptocurrency to traditional money, and then you begin moving your new wealth into the country of your choice. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» 302-990-2346 blog

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