Five Things to Know About DLab the Portable Monitor

Portable monitors are slowly becoming a trend. Each new release comes with brand new features that make these devices practically as functional as a regular PC and can now replace expensive computer sets in dual-monitor setups.

They’re typically lightweight, easily mountable, and packed with features. One such monitor is Desklab (DLab). This ultralight portable 4K monitor has a broad audience and is arguably the best portable monitor on the market.

This article shares five things you need to know about it.

1. Promotes Mobility

The DLab monitor has an extremely lightweight and sleek design. Weighing just over a pound and only 6mm thick, this 15.6-inch monitor can fit any medium-sized backpack. This means you can transform just about any place into an office or gaming space. Be it the beach, the pool, or an airport – the only limit is your imagination.

DLab’s minimalist design goes beyond the monitor. There’s also no need for adapters or converters since this gadget is packed with ports. Two USB-C, an HDMI, a micro-USB, and a 3.5mm jack make enough room to connect any device using only one cable.

Many people have pivoted to a home-office setup. Thanks to portable monitors such as DLab, they don’t have to position themselves in one spot. Working from the bed, the kitchen table, or the beach – it’s all doable. This is an essential feature for people who could benefit from changing the work environment a bit.

2. Easy to Use

One of the best things about the DLab monitor is its ease of use. Everyone aged 7 to 77 can benefit from its universal compatibility and stream favorite shows, edit photographs, or play games effortlessly. Whether you’re an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux user, you’ll have an easy time connecting your device to the monitor.

Designed with Plug and Play technology, DLab requires no setup or installation to connect to another device. Even when connecting your smartphone or laptop for the first time, all it takes is plugging the two into each other with a cable. The monitor will light up with the content immediately.

3. Cost-Effective

DLab saves users money in many ways.

First, it serves as a replacement for expensive PC equipment when setting up dual-monitor setups. It’s powerful enough to get the same workload as your regular laptop or computer.

Then, the fact that it’s highly compatible means no need for converters, adapters, or any additional wires. Just use the cable from the box or your connecting device and the display will start.

Also, the built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers, and you can fully immerse into the gameplay or TV show without thinking about speaker set purchase.

Finally, the DLab monitor also serves as a portable charger. Whenever your phone is running low on battery, simply plug it into the monitor, and it will charge immediately.

The DLab monitor sells at a discounted price quite often, only adding to the cost-effective side.

4. Heaven-Sent Solution for Remote Work

Many people have taken to remote work over the past year. This means a lack of access to office equipment, less productivity, and more challenges adapting the work routine to house conditions. However, DLab helps adjust to the new situation much faster.

Workers who are used to dual-monitor setups for productivity in the office can now bring the same to their homes. DLab monitors can serve as a replacement for dual-monitor arrangements just perfectly. However, there is an additional expense for purchasing the stand that should be considered, but it still makes for a great deal.

The office environment means having a personal space free of noise and surprises. Home office setups often get bombed with random pets or kids screaming and whatnot. The DLab monitor is great for switching to quieter rooms without carrying a bunch of cables along.

5. Enhanced Gaming Productivity

Many gaming consoles, including PlayStation, have released brand new 4K-compatible editions. However, 4K TV screens still cost a fortune for many gamers. Thanks to the DLab monitor, they can finally access 4K gaming without breaking the bank. This way, they can experience their favorite characters in unseen detail where everything will look brand-new.

Also, the ultra-responsive touchscreen and the fast response time (10ms) make sure there’s no lag or stutter. Open-world games or multiplayer online gaming won’t cause problems anymore.

Mobile gamers can also benefit from portable monitors such as DLab. They can finally switch to a broader viewing space, having more room for manipulation. Depending on the game, using every finger on a wider surface can come in handy.

All these features go in favor of DLab as the best gaming monitor on the market.

Finally, here’s a DLab overview with pros and cons to paint a clearer picture of what this monitor has to offer.

DLab Monitor Overview

DLab Monitor Pros:● Ultra-HD 4K resolution, also available in 1080p and 720p● Extremely lightweight design● Plug and Play device● Fast response rate perfect for gamers and developers● Works as a portable charger● Universal compatibility with all devices and operating systems

DLab Monitor Cons:● Stand comes separately● Cable is on the short side

Ultralight Portable 4K Monitor for Work and Gaming

The DLab monitor doesn’t fall short in any key characteristics. It has a sleek design, ultra-responsive touch screen, universal compatibility, fast response time, and it’s lightweight and cost-effective. Whether you’re a designer, gamer, or remote worker, you may want to consider this top portable monitor.

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