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Five Minutes Chit Chats With The Ultimately Young Content Creator & Actor Into- Grish Majethiya:



Nobody is too young or too old to be creating crazy and creative content. In fact, creativity is the ultimate way of showcasing your true fate and internal talent, and a bunch of thoughts. Some familiar vibes we get while talking about our young and true Indian inspiration, Grish Majethiya. Yes, you heard right. We had a crazy short time chit chat with this extremely talented, award-winning, and highly creative Television and Film actor, Grish Majethiya. Let us explore more about our session:

Grish!! People want to know more about you!! Tell us something more about yourself and your passion.

“Well, I’m currently working as an Indian film and television actor. My journey of this career started at a very early age as I got into the auditions for some annual play at my school, while I was barely 9. Even after that, I played multiple roles in various plays and also did some Marathi Theater Plays. This consequent participation led me to a serious turn of getting into acting and ended up earning me the title of “Acting Winner” in the reality show No.1 Dramebaaz Season.3.

So Grish, When did you start feeling like filmmaking though?

“Hmmm… all along with this journey of acting, this hidden interest in making films was consciously growing up in my mind somewhere. More precisely what I remember about his is while I was in class 10th when I was reading a story and I thought of making a film on the chapter right there. Anyhow my experience and knowledge of filmmaking were pretty insufficient so I kept learning it.

Does that sound like you have some serious plans for film making then?

“Yeah, that hard work and self-teaching resulted in me making a short film which will be releasing soon. I wrote, produced, and directed it all myself. This was all followed by the ultimate idea of opening my own production company. So here comes the ultimate start of GM productions.

Grish we have also heard a whole lot of gossips about your Latest Song Bewajaah. Tell us something about this as well.

“Yeah well, this song is a sad love story, basically, a breakup story which most of the youth would have gone through in their life. The song was inspired by the real-life situation of the music composer, singer & songwriter Shumiron Das. 

Shumiron says, ‘This is more than a song for me actually. It’s a sad yet real love story that is related to every young’s story of this age. Most of the youth have surely gone through the very same situation that I have put into my song. The same release was postponed a few years back because of some problem yet it came up again in 2020, made some improvements with lyrics and compositions following the upcoming Short Film “Unexpected Breakup” written, directed & produced by Grish Majethiya . We recorded it in AMD studio in Aurangabad, the “Join Films” team made the video anf Finally released it in Jan 2021.

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You can listen the song here

Well, that sounds great and is so much for your age. Grish. Have you any near plans.

“Yeah, definitely many projects are already lined up for my future to-do list and also I am looking forward to exploring more and more opportunities where I can work and collaborate with others.

So in the end, if there is something you want to say to your people?

Yeah, I have some crazy work to drop for you guys. I need the huge support of everyone in my journey to start it with. Thank you so much.

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Format Painter: Using the Format Tool in Excel




One of the more popular graphic tools in Word is the format painter. The format painter is a very powerful tool in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and in Microsoft Excel, all are included in, which allow you to copy all the formatting from one document and then apply it on another one. Think of it as copying and pasting into a different application. It can save you time, and money when you need to format multiple documents.

To format a document in Microsoft Word, first, click on the format toolbar located at the top left corner of your desktop or main window. Once you have activated the toolbar, click on the format options and choose the copy and paste option. You will then see two checkboxes on the right side of your choice, one reading format and the other verifying indents. Click on the verified option to begin copying text and formatting the selected paragraphs.

You can move your mouse over any paragraph and see a little drop-down box that says copy and paste. Use the drop-down arrow to point to the current selection that you want to be copied. Notice that the format painter uses a special format for selecting the selection. You can move your mouse over the selection, and a selection area will appear where you can choose a plain style, fill style, or keywords to use in your text.

So How Does Format Painter Work?

The process of copy and paste can be completed by right-clicking the selection and choosing the format from the popup menu. A blank format is shown with a dotted line underneath. Right-click the selected text and choose insert as well as modify from the popup menu. Once done, click on the indent as well as highlight the inserted text and enter a new size. Repeat the process for the other paragraphs.

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The way a lot of professionals are using the format painter tools is by hitting the format toolbar while at a word processing workbook. When a word finishes processing, the formatting toolbar will show up with a list of available formats. Select “iso-wired” to create a wireless label. If your document needs to be in a PDF format, select the format (robat/psd) from the popup menu and choose “color” for the text attribute. Using the toolbar while at a word processing workbook is helpful in that you can keep a copy of all formatting that was used in one session and that makes editing a breeze when necessary.

It is also useful to use the format painter tool even after you have completed the original text. Use the toolbar to create a selection of cells where you can insert your heading or initial text, and then use the arrow keys to put your selected text into the appropriate cell. You can even use bolding to change the appearance of your paragraphs. For example, if you have 12 paragraphs and you want to increase the number of bold paragraphs by creating an extra line under each, you can do so by selecting the “format toolbar” and then hitting” Bold”.


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It is also helpful to use the formatting toolbar even after you have finished formatting your document. Use the delete button on the toolbar to remove formatting from one or more lines. Click the delete button without selecting any spaces and then type the number or letter you want to delete. Then, type a period (.”) between the new line and the text you want to be removed.

By hitting the “format toolbar”, you can easily remove formatting attributes, re-size, adjust the font size, and perform other actions depending on what type of changes you want to make. You can also go back to your document at any point and make further changes to your text, headings, fonts, etc. by hitting the “tools” icon, selecting “reset” and then “refresh”.

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PowerPoint Functions To Customize Your Presentations




Don’t make your presentation look boring and uninteresting by missing out on all the features of your presentation software. There are a lot of cool PowerPoint functions that can help you make your presentation look more exciting and interesting. There are certain functions that you should always incorporate in your PowerPoint to make it look more professional. These are the functions of PowerPoint that you should have on your list to include in your Microsoft PowerPoint software:

Skip Intro. Make your slides look more exciting with the introduction slide skip option. Use this option if you need to get rid of the introductory slide on the presentation before the audience begins reviewing what the rest of the slides will contain. You can simply click on Skip Intro to skip the intro slide. When you have finished skimming through the slide, go ahead and review the remaining slides and be prepared to begin the presentation! In case you don’t know that Office 365 is now Microsoft 365 and it can be downloaded from www office com setup and follow the on screen instructions

Use the Search and Find functions. This is very helpful especially if you are searching for a particular term or terminology in the slide. If there is an entry on the Search and Find option, you can double-click on it to reveal a list of all the associated words or terms. For instance, if the word “weight” appears on the search term, you can then find other related entries. In addition, if there are items in the drop-down menu, you can drag them to the right or the left depending on the arrangement of the items on the Microsoft PowerPoint Home tab. Some other useful functions of PowerPoint that you might want to learn are the rotate, zoom, and pan options.

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Double-click on a picture in your presentation. In the tab, you will see a button called “double-click picture”. When you double-click on this option, a new window will open in which you can select a picture to enlarge it.

High contrast colors and menus. Some people say that PowerPoint can be boring. However, if you know how to make it interesting, you will discover that PowerPoint has so many customizable options that it can definitely keep you and your audience glued to the screen. You can change the background color scheme, choose from a variety of themes and high contrast colors. If your presentation requires you to read from left to right to left, you can easily adjust the text alignments by using the handy options on the pane. The same applies to any other formatting options available in the presentation.

High contrast colors and fonts. If you are presenting graphics or pictures, you can easily change the background and colors of the images and choose from the wide color and font range offered on the Tools menu. You can use the Font option in order to customize the fonts and character sets used on the slides for a typical slide show. If you want to play around with headings, you can easily modify the size, height, and color of the text boxes. Furthermore, the Font option enables you to select different fonts for headings, subtitles, and text.

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High contrast colors and fonts. PowerPoint offers a wide variety of color schemes and fonts, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, etc., so that you can easily highlight important graphics or texts on the slides for a typical slide show. You can also apply visual filters and shadows to the text and create the appearance of a 3D effect on the background of the slide. The same applies to the appearance of the headings, subtitles, and other elements on the slides for a typical presentation.

If you want to develop an in-depth understanding of the functionality of all these features and more, you can always take help from the online tutorials provided by the various companies. There you will get to learn more about how to utilize all the features available on PowerPoint. You can also download free demos of different templates that you can use for developing an informative and engaging presentation. The best part about the online tutorial is that it comes at no extra cost. You can download the same and put them to use for developing an interactive presentation. You just need to open a new file and start using the various functions on PowerPoint.

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Excel Functions For Analysis Of Data




Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used and most popular spreadsheet application. Most people use it for analysis, business, financial planning, marketing, advertising, presentations, and so forth. It comes with the ability to enter ranges, calculations, and complex calculations in a text box or in a workbook. It can be used directly by entering numbers or it can be opened in the Excel window. Microsoft Excel comes with almost 500 different functions and many more are added at regular intervals. The following are the most common Excel functions and how they can be used.

Most of the excel functions listed below are listed in the sample tab in the excel functions of Microsoft. The second tab is named advanced tips and tricks and all the functions of excel shown here are from the advanced tips and tricks tab. The third tab named pivot tables shows the graphical representation of any data that can be entered in the cells of the Pivot table. This is done by using a visual chart like the heatmap or histogram. Before you go further it is important to install Microsoft Excel from The fourth tab named grid charts displays the value of any data based on the current location of the mouse.

Vlookup is a very useful function of excel that can be used for mathematical calculations. It finds both the coordinates and the location of the object. In the recent versions of Microsoft. Excel, you have the option to store more than two arrays in a single view. For example, if you want to find out the position of every cell that has the same name, date, different numbers, or keywords, you can use Vlookup. Here, you have an array of formulas, the first one being Vlookup(rows (cols), date) and the second one are Vlookup(rows (col), ‘a’. The array formula can be stored into the Vlookup view and it will return the results immediately.

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There are many other excel functions like the Radon function and Per Quartile that can be used for finding the average level of radon in different materials. You have to keep in mind that there are several factors such as type of material, weight, and age of the objects that determine the level of radon present in the atmosphere of the building. There are some excel functions such as Radon Gas Color and Radon Colorimeter that are available. These functions help you to analyze the air quality of the environment in your building.

Importance of Excel Functions

The following text string and num_char function examples can be used to find the value of any text string. The text string can be found in the excel worksheet named as a.txt file. The first function that is used for this purpose is the TextTo. It is followed by the TextTo Num function where the first argument is the name of the text string that needs to be found and the second argument is the number of such text strings that need to be searched. The next text string is searched and the given text string is displayed in the succeeding window.

There are other excel functions such as the Saster function that is also known as the Discrete Fourier Transforms that is used to calculate the sine wave power. The next is the Spectra fitting functions for finding the geometric appearance of the data through the spectrogram. The third one is the Gaussian Blurayer function that is used to blur the image so that it appears as if it has been printed out using the Spectra formula. Then there is the Curves function that can be used to plot the data based on a set of arbitrary Gaussian curves.

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Another set of functions is the set of different math formulas including those that deal with trigonometry, algebra, and calculus. The set of excel text functions that deals with text strings is very large. There are functions such as the Fibonacci formula which can be used to calculate the integral when it comes to Fibonacci numbers. The next is the binomial tree that is useful in the analysis of probability and the binomial lattice that deal with partitioning sets of binomial trees into smaller ones. Then there is also the cubic spline that calculates the slopes of splines and the exponential function that can be used to calculate high and low values.

All these excel text functions are useful in the analysis of the data contained in the given cells or ranges. They can be used for various computations such as the Fibonacci calculator or the cubic spline calculator or the binomial tree calculator or even the exponential function or the lattice calculator. They can convert data from one cell containing only numbers or symbols to another cell containing more numbers or symbols. In other words, they can help you in almost every type of computation. They are indeed, one of the most useful tools available in Excel.

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An Introduction to Renewable Energy as Green Energy



Going green is not only good for the environment but also for you. Though things are getting easy for those who want to leave a more sustainable life, going 100% green is not easy. You need to understand the actual meaning of “green”. When it comes to sustainable energy, some people think that the following three terms are interchangeable:

  1. Green energy
  2. Clean energy
  3. Renewable energy

In this article, we will focus on renewable energy as a source of green energy. Every climate change organization advocates new policies to increase the use of renewable energy. You want to power your house in a cleaner, greener way. Let’s see:

  • What is renewable energy?
  • What are the benefits of renewable energy?
  • What is the difference between renewable energy and green energy?
  • How is this energy made?

Benefits of Green Energy

You get green energy from nature. There are natural sources of this energy. These sources include:

  • Water
  • Wind
  • Sunlight

This energy has a minimum impact on our planet unlike fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil. Fossil fuels take millions of years to form. Burning fossil fuels is not a sustainable option. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon emissions. If you read climate change news or you speak to a representative of a climate change organization, you will learn how this is harming our planet. As green energy is obtained from nature, there is little to non carbon emission. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint. It is a major step towards a sustainable energy system.            

Renewable Energy vs Green Energy

Renewable energy and green energy are the same. While it is debatable that energy produced in large hydroelectric dams is 100% green. Renewable energy comes from sources that constantly replenish. There are numerous sources of renewable energy including tidal power, wave, hydropower, geothermal, wind and solar. These sources are healthier and cleaner. This energy is always available. Generations to come can use this form of energy and reduce carbon footprint. The world needs renewable energy to fight climate change.     

How is This Form of Energy Made?  

The following are the main green energy sources:

Geothermal Power

The heat from below the surface of the earth is a stable source of renewable energy. There is an unlimited supply of heat for creating energy. Even when it is only one percent of the global energy generation, it will be tripled by 2050.        


Biofuels are produced from tree barks, wood pellets, straw, dung, dried leaves, and grass clippings. This form of renewable energy reduces the risk of the greenhouse effect and global warming. There is no emission of sulfur oxide (SO), carbon monoxide (CO) and other hazardous gases.   

Tidal Power

This form of energy is obtained using the power of tides. The gravitational pull from the sun and moon pull water upwards. The gravitational and rotational pull of the earth pulls water down. This hydropower is converted into electricity.

Wave Power

This form of energy is produced using waves on canals, lakes and rivers.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power is also known as hydropower. Fast-flowing or falling water drives turbines which further drives generators to produce energy.

Wind Power

Wind turbines use wind energy to produce electrical energy.

Solar Power

The sun creates light energy and heat energy. A solar power system converts the sun’s rays into electrical energy.

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6 Things to Look for Before Buying a Rental Investment Calculator



Rental Investment Calculator

To reach success in today’s real estate, you have to embrace the use of technology. One of the best tools technology gives to real estate investors is a rental investment calculator. This online tool helps you calculate different metrics to find out the return on rental property investment. This tool gives aspiring investors the chance to decide on whether buying a property will be a smart investment decision or not in a few minutes. A rental investment calculator has many uses, making it a must-have for every real estate investor. Before buying a rental investment calculator, here are some things to consider:

Does the Calculator Have Tools that Will Help You to Find Investment Properties?

There are many types of rental investment calculators online now, but most of these calculators assume that an investor has already found a property. These online tools will then ask you to enter your property’s information and then calculate the return on investment for you. These calculators work like the spreadsheet of excel rental property analysis, the only difference between the two is, in these calculators, you don’t have to insert any formula related to buying a rental property.

You might finish spending your time looking for an excellent rental property, maybe working with an agent. Still, once you enter the property’s information in this calculator, you’ll find out that your investment property will not bring profit; instead, it will be eating your cash every month.

Instead of allowing such to happen to you, look for an all in one rental investment calculator. This calculator will enable you to conduct a rental investment property search and rental property analysis, all this from the comfort of your room. That way, you get to save time, energy, and money. 

Are the Rental Income, Occupancy Rate Estimates, and Costs Ready to Go?

As mentioned earlier, when using most rental investment calculators, you’ll have to plug in the amount of rental income an investment property will produce, as they expect you to know all the occupancy fees and the rental property expenses.

Though most real estate investors buy rental properties from homeowners or other investors, some buy their rental properties from landlords. However, these landlords don’t usually provide their buyers with information about the rental income, costs, and occupancy rates. So, where would an investor get this information?

You’ll have to spend time researching the real estate market & make an analysis in the neighborhood to find how much other investors with similar rental properties are spending and earning. And you’ll have to think about how often your property will be occupied based on the area and the real estate market.

But once you insert this information into your rental investment calculator, you’ll find out that the property’s cash flow is negative.

To avoid this, when buying a rental property calculator, look for the one that can collect real estate data and analyze it for you, one that can display costs, occupancy rate estimates, and rental income. A calculator that’s worth buying is the one that can calculate rental property expense, rental income, and occupancy rate.

Features that Allow you to Calculate ROI and Mortgages on a Rental Property

Knowing your property’s estimates is great; this means your rental property calculator will show you the occupancy rate, the cap rate, and the cash flow. But what about the cash on cash (COC) return? The return ratio rate, which calculated the net cash earned on the invested net cash, is the cash on cash return. It’s unique to each investor and depends on your investment property financing. Cash on cash return lets you know how much money you’ll be making based on the amount you spend when purchasing the property.

The right rental investment calculator has an interactive mortgage calculator that can add your interest rate, amount of loan, down payments, and property price.

Real Estate Comps of the Property for Sale

When buying a rental property calculator, look for the one that auto-generates real estate comps. It is crucial to perform a cooperative market analysis as it allows you to eject the overpriced and know the below-market opportunities. An excellent way to find real estate comps is using a rental property calculator as it will provide comparables for every real estate listing in a unique way.

Airbnb and Traditional Analytics

As an investor, you have many options for renting out a property; you can either use the Airbnb rental method or the traditional rental method. A smart investor will look into both strategies and choose the one that will bring more money. When buying a rental property calculator, buy the one that provides analytics of both rental methods. As it will allow you to compare the return  you’ll achieve from each strategy quickly, giving you the chance to choose the best strategy that suits your preference.

Ability to Estimate ROI on a Rental Property 

When buying a rental property, you’ll want to know how the property will perform in the next few years, especially if you plan to implement a buy and hold real estate investment method. You’ll like to know if the property will generate profit or loss based on its current stats.

Most first-time real estate investors make the mistake of ignoring this aspect and focusing on the cash flow the property will produce in a year as it is the kind of information that most rental property investment calculators provide. Look for a rental property calculator that can forecast ROI based on predictive analysis and let you know your investment payback balance. 


Choosing a good rental investment calculator can be overwhelming, but with the simple guide above, you can choose the best calculator that suits your preference. It’s crucial to note that the right rental property calculator will enable you to calculate the rental property analysis, the average cap rate, the average cash on cash (COC), Airbnb or traditional occupancy rate, depending on the strategy you choose. It will also enable you to find your property’s average rental income, the monthly expenses, and the investment payback balance your rental property will likely bring.

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