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Five Benefits of Building a Steel Shed on the Sunshine Coast

Steel sheds are becoming a popular building choice on the Sunshine Coast – and for good reason! Their unique structural building materials offer a wide array of benefits and make steel sheds an overall good investment for homeowners and business owners alike. Compared to traditional building structures and materials, steel sheds offer a great return on investment and are an affordable housing, commercial and industrial option for new buildings.

Are you looking to build a home, office, warehouse – or just about any other structure? Consider these top five benefits of building a steel shed on the Sheds Sunshine Coast.

Steel Sheds Are A Low-Cost Housing Option

Steel shed houses are very price-comparable to traditional buildings. They are a considerably low-cost building solution that can be cheaper to build than with traditional building materials.

Although more expensive initially, steel framing saves you on costs in the long run. They are durable and have little to low maintenance requirements. Steel sheds will age more slowly, and will not split, warp, or crack over time. Additionally, they are completely pest and mould resistant, which is perfect for the Sunshine Coast region. 

Steel Sheds Are Entirely Customisable and Adaptable

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of steel shed structures are their adaptability. Traditionally-built buildings can be difficult and costly to renovate and expand, but steel constructed buildings are easily expanded, changed and adapted – at any time! 

Unlike traditional buildings, the purpose of a steel shed can change at any time with very little work required. What begins as a simple garden shed can be adapted into an office space, rented out as living quarters, or even used as a warehouse. Making structural changes to steel sheds requires less time (labour) and money to convert than a traditionally built building would. 

Aesthetic Appeal of Steel Sheds

Many people think that anything constructed out of steel may look industrial or rigid – but not so! Just as traditional homes and commercial buildings can be designed to be aesthetically appealing, so too can steel structural buildings. With their superior flexibility, steel sheds can be a unique piece of architecture with a variety of styles and designs. From unique, striking, and contemporary, to conventional, traditional, and classic – today’s manufacturing technology can make custom sheds to suit every style and aesthetic.

For property owners looking to rent out or sell their properties, this is a huge advantage. This means that you could potentially reap a huge return on investment with very little added cost to you, as steel sheds can be designed to completely fit in with surrounding building architecture. 

Return on Investment

Steel sheds are an ideal investment as they yield more income than traditional buildings. The average income for an steel unit is much higher than it is for a similarly sized home. A three-bedroom home can be rented for between AU$1900 and AU$2700, where a commercial property can fetch rents based on square footage which vary between AU$420 and AU$1500 per square foot.

Steel sheds also lease for longer than typical buildings. With an average lease time of six and twelve months for residential sheds and three and ten years for commercial sheds, investors are guaranteed an income.

Therefore, the potential earnings for your industrial shed are much higher. The more you can earn from the space, the quicker you can expand your portfolio or repay your initial investment!

Steel Sheds Are Durable and Require Little Maintenance

Structural steel is a high-quality material that is an incredibly strong yet requires very little maintenance. Galvanised to protect it from the weather, steel buildings are less likely to rust. This coating delays corrosion and its damaging effects on the metal. Other than occasional cleaning, steel sheds will only require a repaint every five years.

Looking for a Shed Builder on the Sunshine Coast?

SGI has been building steel sheds, commercial and industrial buildings, garages, and carports on the Sunshine Coast for more than 30 years. Their reputation has been built on listening and communicating with their clients, delivering relevant solutions, and creating ongoing relationships.

For high-quality steel sheds on the Sunshine Coast, contact the Superior Garages and Industrials team!

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