Finding the Right Birth Control for You – Vasectomy Cost

This is no ta topic a lot of people like to talk about. It will always be that awkward discussion at the beginning of a relationship. Nevertheless, it is an important discussion to have, and it requires open and frank communication with your partner. While a few decades ago the focus for many couples was to settle down young and start a family at an earlier age, now things are quite different. Many couple now choose to further their education first and then establish a career before settling into family life. There are also more couples now who have decided that they do not want to have children at all than there was in years past. Others are way further down the line than this. They may already have the career and the family, and they are loving their life as it is, and so do not want any surprise children down the line. The economy also plays a part in the decisions people make and some simply cannot afford to have any more children. So, what type of birth control people opt for will likely change over the years depending on where they are up to with their life plan. But for those who either do not want children, or those who have had them and definitely do not want any more, a more permanent solution will likely be considered. But how much does tubal ligation or a vasectomy cost?

Well, the answer to this will change depending on a few factors. From state to state, region to region, clinic to clinic, the prices can be quite different. The type of procedure you opt for will also play a part as some as pricier than others. To get a vasectomy is the cheaper option between a vasectomy and tubal ligation. This is because tubal ligation is more complicated and requires more anaesthetic, which will always drive the price up. As it is more complicated, it is also the riskier of the two options. A vasectomy is much more straight forward, without any incisions being made. When I say that a vasectomy is cheaper it is by quite a bit. Again, depending on factors mentioned above, a vasectomy can cost anywhere between $300 and $3,000 whereas tubal ligation will set you back around $6,000. 

There is a lot to think about and discuss with your partner as this is a permanent and very important decision to make. If you do go for a permanent option, research facilities in your own, and also surrounding areas, to see what would work for you and your budget best.

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