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Finding the Best VPS Hosting for WordPress 2020



To find the best VPS hosting for WordPress, it is very important to consider what type of website you have. While it may be possible to find a VPS Hosting plan that works for a small business or even an individual, the larger the site becomes, the more likely that there will be other requirements that you will need to meet. A site with many pages or many users will require a different level of hosting, so many people choose a VPS Hosting plan that suits their needs.

Once you have all these things set up and running, you will find that you will save a lot of money in terms of server maintenance and not have to continually deal with a large number of files, which will cause more problems when you have to maintain the site as the site grows. Another major benefit of using a VPS Hosting is that your website will not crash because it will not load as quickly as one which is used by a normal website.

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the best VPS hosting for WordPress 2020

You may have been wondering about the best VPS Hosting for WordPress 2020 when you see all the new developments that are being made in this area of technology. First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of using this type of hosting. The biggest advantage of using a VPS Hosting is that it allows you to have more disk space available, which means you can save money if you need to add more machines to your website.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase new hardware, then VPS Hosting makes sense. One thing you also need to know about VPS Hosting is that it is not supported by all web servers today. If your server has PHP or ASP support, you won’t be able to use this type of hosting.

Another benefit of using a VPS is the fact that you can maintain your virtual server. There is no need to share resources with other websites. You can install and use any software you want on your virtual server. While this may seem a bit daunting at first, it will be a real convenience once you start building your websites.

If you want a package that will let you add more features and resources to your website, some providers offer this as a feature. Before you sign up for a particular provider, you should read reviews of the provider to ensure that you know what you are getting.

the best VPS hosting for WordPress compared

The best VPS Hosting for WordPress may not be the one that you are used to if you haven’t used one before. People find many advantages with VPS that will help you get the most from your hosting. Here are some of those benefits and why you should try them.

A great advantage found with VPS for WordPress hosting is that it allows the person to use the website to have complete control over the website. By using the control panel, you can easily create the websites that you want. You also can add all the files that you want to the website. This is a huge advantage over other types of hosting because it gives you complete control of the website and adds everything.

Another benefit found with VPS for WordPress hosting is that there are no restrictions on the number of users who can use it. One of the biggest limitations is the amount of bandwidth that can be used. This can really be a problem if you have a lot of people on your website. It will take a lot longer for the website to load when there are too many people on it.

When it comes to security, many people are concerned with how to secure the server is on their website. There are actually some people who don’t have any security at all on their website. VPS hosting will give you the best security that you need because it will make your website difficult to hack into and make changes to it.

If you are looking for the best hosting option, then you should look into VPS hosting for WordPress because it can give you all of these benefits and more. You can get a great website with everything you need and add a variety of different features as well. If you have ever been confused about which hosting is the best, then you will find that this is the right one for you.

choosing best VPS hosting for WordPress

A good understanding of what you want when choosing the best VPS hosting for WordPress sites is essential. You need to know that the host will provide you with what you want and understand that it will not be free. The good thing about this type of hosting is that it comes with a price tag, but with all of the offered things, it is well worth the expense.

When using a VPS, all of the data is kept separate from the host itself. This is done to ensure that there is only one place where all servers that make up the server will connect. You do not need to worry about your data going to another host since the VPS will maintain the necessary security to keep everything working properly. The benefits of using a dedicated server are that you will never have to worry about downtime and always get fast speeds.

In addition to being independent, you will also have the flexibility to customize your website to fit your needs as long as you like. If you are running a blog, then you can use WordPress to host your content and make changes to it whenever you want to. If you are running a business site, you can use a platform such as Joomla or Drupal to run your shopping cart.

Finally, it is also important to understand that VPS hosting provides you with many security features. For example, the server is separated from your operating system, which means that any viruses or malware can be kept to a minimum. It is also important to understand that all your data and files will be encrypted and stored separately, so your computer will not be accessed without a password. There are also plenty of firewalls that come with the package that can keep hackers out.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The First Woman Supreme Court Judge




Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first Jewish woman to serve on the Supreme court and the second woman to serve on the United States Supreme court. The Harvard law review and the Columbia law review later mentioned her thus making her the first woman to receive such an honour. At the start of her legal career, Ginsburg encountered difficulty in finding employment during the 1960’s as she was rejected by Justice Felix Frankfurter for a clerkship position because of her gender.

Born in 1933 Ginsburg served at the start of 1993 as the only female justice in the supreme court nevertheless, this achievement came with a few struggles which were centred around her gender. I hope to shed light upon her achievements that serve as an inspiration to the many young women out there in the world, inspired by Ginsburg’s sheer determination to break boundaries and give women the liberties they experience to this day.

Having experienced the tragedies of her past and the monumental responsibilities she faced in the course of her life; Ginsburg pushed through without letting the limitations of her gender hold her from shedding light on the issue of gender in law. Having graduated at the top of her class at Harvard Law school, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was faced with prejudice when searching for employment related to her degree as the employers she approached looked beyond her credentials, as none of the firms she applied to wanted to hire a woman. So if you also want to study this and for free then do checkout the fully funded scholarships available for international students enabling them to study free.

Deciding not to give in, Ginsburg managed to challenge section 214 of the Internal revenue code which subjected men and women to certain social strata and stereotypes that had existed for 100 years. When she enrolled at Harvard law school, she was one out of 9 women in a class of over 500 men, encountering difficulty in finding employment at the start of her legal career. She became the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women rights project, going on to argue six gender discrimination cases before the supreme court.

She took aim at specific discriminatory statutes and building on each successive victory by choosing plaintiffs carefully, at times picking male plaintiffs as a demonstration that gender discrimination was harmful to both men and women. Laws that Ginsburg targeted appeared on the surface to be beneficial to women when in fact these they reinforced the notion that women needed to be dependent on men, her strategic advocacy extended to her choice of words such as using the word “gender” instead of “sex” to ensure concentration in court.

Protections of the Equal Protection Clause of the fourteenth amendment to women were extended by the Supreme court thanks to the volunteering efforts of Ginsburg in 1971. She also helped argue before the 10th circuit in a Moritz v. Commissioner for a man that was denied a caregiver deduction due to his gender by 1972.

Challenging an Oklahoma statute that set different minimum drinking ages for both men and women, for the first time in 1976, finally the court imposed intermediate scrutiny on laws discriminating based on gender, thanks to Ginsburg’s advocacy work. Her last case as an attorney before the Supreme Court was in 1978 which challenged the validity of voluntary duty for women, on the ground that participation in jury duty was a citizen’s vital service to the government and thus should not be optional for women.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg made sure that women were no longer treated differently under the law. The Omnibus Judgeship Act of 1978 placed an emphasis on ensuring that the judges included women and minority groups, a matter of importance to President Jimmy Carter who was elected two years before this act was passed. Ginsburg at this time was considering a change in career as soon as Carter was elected and the Bill of 1978 required that the nomination process of judges considered the character and experience of the candidates nothing else.

Still a student at Stanford University Ginsburg on scholars program; was working on a written account of her work in litigation and advocacy for equal rights, with her husband working hard to promote a possible judgeship for his wife. Nominated by president Jimmy Carter in April 1980 to a seat on the DC circuit appeals court, vacated by Judge Harold Leventhal upon his death. She was credited in the formation of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair pay act in 2008 after Obama’s election, making it easier for employees especially women to win pay discrimination claims.

She also managed to strike down the Virginia Military Institute’s male only admissions policy, as she pointed out that this was violating the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. It is hard to forget the amazing work Ginsburg achieved during her advocacy work and her sheer ability to keep going when the going got tough, breaking barriers that many women in her time found hard to overcome.

Cases such as the United States v. Virginia in 1996 which struck down Virginia’s Military Institutes male only admission policy. Allowed Ginsburg to bring light to the many violation’s certain laws and legislations in the country that were violating the Equal Protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. Her advocacy works and state acting, Ginsburg could not use gender to deny women equal protection.

Ginsburg also noted upon placing her emphasis on the government to show a persuasive justification to use a classification based on sex. The Virginia Military Institute opted to have a separate institute for women, however, Ginsburg saw this as reminiscent of the efforts of Texas decades before to preserve their State University of Law School for whites by creating a separate school for blacks. Something Ginsburg found as unacceptable as it only would go towards fuelling gender segregation in the country rather than solving the issue of inequality.

Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for the liberties you have given women and may you rest in peace.

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Benefits of Using Solar Flag Pole Lights



Illuminating the flag is part of general flag etiquette. However, it’s not the only reason. Lighting a flag ensures its visibility even in the darkest nights while lighting its surrounding areas.

About 219 billion kWh of electricity goes into lighting. To ensure power efficiency, it’s best to use solar energy. It’s renewable, allowing you to save money in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some facts about solar flag pole lights. Read on and learn the benefits today:

Helps Save on Electricity Costs

One of the advantages of solar light systems is electricity cost savings. Street lighting systems can cost a lot of money. It’s especially when you’re keeping private parks and gardens well-lit. 

This concern also applies to keeping the flagpole illuminated at night. Shifting toward a solar-powered system ensures you have the necessary energy to keep the flag visible at night. It also ensures you don’t have to pay extra on your electric bill to keep the lighting system going.

Another interesting note about solar flag pole lights is their LED use. As with most solar lighting systems, LEDs are bright enough to make your flag visible in the dark. At the same time, these lights use at least 75 percent less energy

It ensures your lighting system lasts longer without diminishing its light intensity.

Requires Little to No Maintenance

One interesting fact about using solar panels is the maintenance. It’s almost unnecessary since its design allows it to operate regardless of the condition. To make the most out of your system, it’s best to check some components now and then.

LED fixtures often last to about 20 years before replacements. Consider checking your batteries every five to seven years. It allows you to determine their condition.

The solar panels will require cleaning now and then. While rainfall can wash them, make sure to check the glass grid to prolong its lifespan. Without any maintenance efforts, the whole solar-powered lighting system can last up to thirty years.

Low-Cost Installation

A grid system and a solar power system are often similar if you look at the poles’ individual installation. The difference is in the trenching and meter installation.

Trenching grid power and meter setup are the costlier components of a lighting installation. You don’t need to worry about it when you use a lighting system that runs on solar energy.

For instance, the wiring needs to run from source to fixture. Footers are often larger for off-grid solar lighting systems.

Keeps the Flag Lit Automatically

When you run your lighting system on grid power, you have to flip the switch when the sun goes down. Once sunrise comes to view, it’s when you switch it off. 

The same thing can occur with a light system running on solar power. However, some setups automatically switch on once the sun sets.

It’s because of the control system, and you’ll discover them during installation. During the day, the solar panels generate the power necessary for the lighting system. The system stores the energy in batteries.

Once the sun goes down, the control system sets the switch to activate the lights. At dawn, the switch turns off. It puts the panels back in operation to gather the energy. Thus, the cycle repeats daily. 

The control system often uses a specific automation scheme to switch the lights on or off. It goes on either an adaptive lighting control or a split-time operation. 

With this approach, the system engages the switch after a certain number of hours. When installed, the control system runs on its factory-designated settings. Later on, it does the guesswork to find the actual dusk or dawn time for its operations.

Having this feature is convenient for your location. It saves a lot of time and effort for everyone. No one needs to manually flip the switch anymore.

Provide Lighting Without the Grid

The primary reason for using solar power for your flag pole lights is to provide illumination, regardless of whether you have electricity from the grid. Having the light system operate independently from the grid will work wonders. 

This feature is a boon for street lights. You need illumination at night even when a blackout happens. It also applies to your flag poles, especially when their visibility is crucial to people’s safety.

As said before, these solar panel systems have batteries for storing energy. They use an inverter to channel the gathered solar energy during the day. The power is enough to power the flag pole for over twelve hours—enough to last the entire night.

One good thing about the batteries they’re recyclable. When the batteries sustain damage, you can replace them with new ones, putting the lighting system back into working order. In turn, get some profit from recycling companies from your discarded batteries.

However, it’s best to look for companies willing to buy your old batteries on the internet. You have lots of options, especially with a simple Google search. Check their reputation to determine whether they’re trustworthy enough.

You can check out Flagpole Farms for your flag pole needs.

Versatile Application

Solar-powered lights have various general applications. They’re often in parking lots, public parks, and gardens. The sustainable energy source ensures these places remain pollution-free.

A solar-powered flag pole also enjoys this flexibility. After all, their lights are suitable for a wide variety of poles, whether it’s 15-foot or 25-foot ones.

To make the most out of your investment, find ones with carabiners. They’re perfect for various purposes like camping, courtyard, and roadside illumination.

Keep Your Flag Visible with Solar Flag Pole Lights

Solar flag pole lights ensure your flag remains visible at the night. When the sun sets, you won’t have to worry about the electric bill or where to get a viable power source. They’re self-reliant, ensuring you won’t have to do regular maintenance.

Did you find this guide helpful? Read our other posts and enrich your knowledge today.

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A Basic Printer Troubleshooting Guide



You’re on a tight deadline, so you rush to print your work. The printer stops working. Don’t you hate when this happens?

Printer problems seem to occur during inconvenient times. Are you going to wait on IT? The last thing you want to do is to have to read the printer’s manual. 

You must be ready to fix any potential problems that arise with the printer. Read this printer troubleshooting guide to learn about common printer issues. You’ll be able to fix them in no time. 

Printer Is Unresponsive

Is your printer not responding? This is a common issue with printers. There’s no need to get frustrated. 

Let’s start with the basics. Check if the printer is on and make sure all necessary cables are connected. 

Are you using a wireless printer? Make sure there’s a proper connection

If you have a connection, but the printer is not printing, try restarting it. Hit the power button and give it a few minutes to turn back on. This is an option you should try if you see an error message. 

Look at the print settings. Double-check all is in order. You don’t want a dozen copies to come out of the printer as it’s a waste of ink and paper. 

The Final Print Quality Isn’t Good

Is the printer working, but not printing quality work? There might be an issue with the paper you’re using. If you’re buying cheap paper, you risk getting a final print quality that’s bad. 

Use the right type of paper for the job. If you’re going to print photos, stick with photo paper. Consider using glossy or matte paper. 

Do you print a lot of pages for presentations? It’s best to use premium paper. Plain paper isn’t ideal as it will display poor quality and affect your work.

It’s a good idea to use paper that works best with the type of printer you have. Use laser paper with a laser printer. For an inkjet printer, inkjet paper works best as it absorbs the ink. 

Paper Jams

Are you experiencing too many paper jams? The first thing you should do is to open the printer. Most paper jams occur because a foreign object is loose in the printer. 

If you do open the printer to look for loose objects, make sure to be careful. Being too rough can lead to damage. 

If there aren’t any loose objects, the issue might be the paper. A piece of paper might be stuck in the printer. Take it out with caution to remove the jam. 

Are you still experiencing paper jams? Check the paper tray. An overfilled paper tray can cause paper jams. 

Thick paper can cause this issue. With this type of paper, it’s best to feed each sheet by hand via the bypass tray. It might take more time, but it will save you a headache by preventing paper jams. 

Print a Self-Test Page

Most printers give users the option of printing a self-test page. This is a good way to identify an issue. 

If it prints, the issue might not be with the printer drive or connection. If it doesn’t print, the issue might be with the printer itself. In this case, it could be an internal problem. 

Newer printers come with software that users can use to narrow down the problem. The software will open by connecting it to the Internet. It will offer a guide that will walk you through a solution-solving process. 

Issues With the Printer’s Ink

Are pages coming out with ink patches? This is an issue that can arise if the printer goes without much use. It can cause the ink in the printer head to dry. 

Dry ink can cause clogs. A clog can prevent the ink from making its way to the paper. 

You can use a damp paper towel to blot the ink cartridge. You should see the ink coming out. Then use a dry paper towel to wick out the dry ink. 

Your printer might inform you if there’s an issue with the ink cartridge. Some printers don’t work well with a third-party ink cartridge.

Check the ink cartridge for the chip. If it’s dirty, take it out and clean it and reinstall it. This should take care of this issue. 

The printer might give you a message telling you to replace the ink cartridge. The most likely culprit behind this message is low ink. 

Office printers can run out of ink fast. You can expect this issue to come up a lot in this setting. What’s the best thing you can do to prevent losing time?

It’s a good idea to have an adequate supply of ink cartridges on hand. If you have an HP printer, consider buying HP toner cartridges

These products are compatible with HP printers. Make sure to have your supply on hand to get the best quality printing jobs out of your HP printer. 

Fix Your Printer Issues With This Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Experiencing different printer issues? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to fix the issues that arise with your printer. You can use this simple printer troubleshooting guide. 

It’s a good idea to print this guide. Keep it on your desk and refer to it when you face an issue with your printer. 

Did you enjoy reading this article? Explore the rest of our blog to read more great articles. 

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Burial or Cremation? Maybe Neither: Learn More About Aquamation



Many decisions need to be made when the time comes to bid a loved one farewell. Not the least of which are the specifics of how their final remains will be laid to rest.

Burial or cremation have been the two standard means since time immemorial. However, they are far from the only means available.

Aquamation has emerged in recent years as a leading alternative to traditional burial or cremation methods. But what does this process entail, and why might it be the right choice for a loved one?

What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation is sometimes called a “water cremation.” The more proper scientific description would be alkaline hydrolysis.

In essence, it is a technique that uses water, heat, and alkaline chemicals to break down the human body’s soft tissues. In function, it’s a lot like how a body would decay naturally after burial, though with the caveat that it takes about a day instead of years.

During the process, the body is placed inside a watertight chamber filled with water and alkaline chemicals. The chamber is then heated and sometimes agitated to remove the body’s soft tissues. As strong alkalines dissolve organic materials, the tissues are broken down completely in less than 24 hours.

The remaining bones are reduced to a fine, white power that becomes the remains carried away by the family.

If the process sounds intriguing, you can learn about aquamation and how it works in detail.

What Are Its Benefits Over Traditional Options?

Oftentimes families are wary of submitting their deceased loved ones to newer funerary methods.

This hesitance is not new. In fact, even though cremation had existed for centuries throughout much of the world, it wasn’t introduced to the United States until the late 19th century. And at that time, it was not exactly welcomed, taking generations before it became common.

So if you were to consider aquamation as a valid option, what are its benefits? The most significant is its lack of ecological impact.

Traditional burials involved entombing a body filled with formaldehyde and other toxic materials on a concrete slab. And cremations in the United States alone release an estimated 246,240 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. So if someone was green-conscious in life, neither makes for a fitting sendoff.

By contrast, aquamation uses a fraction of the energy needed to heat a crematorium and releases no toxic gasses as byproducts. And because it completely breaks the body down into ints natural elements, the water used is considered safe and can be returned to water treatment.

There are also material benefits. For one thing, even a basic cremation requires the purchase of a single-use casket. And certain implants like pacemakers must be removed beforehand, adding to the final expense.

And what’s more, some individuals find the imagery of a crematorium unpleasant. Rather than committing a loved one’s mortal remains to a kiln, there is something almost poetic about using water as the medium instead.

Burial or Cremation Aren’t Your Only Choices

The passing of a loved one is always difficult, especially so you should find yourself responsible for making final arrangements.

Ultimately you know your loved ones better than anyone. If burial or cremation don’t feel like the right choices for them, aquamation can provide an appropriate alternative. Particularly if your loved one was green-conscious in life.

But, it is not the only alternative. For more ideas on conducting an ecologically friendly funeral, be sure to look through our education and technology sections.

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Top 5 Things to Do Right Now if You Can’t Pay Your Bills



Everybody has trouble paying their bills at times, especially in the era of COVID-19. When the pandemic first hit, many people lost their jobs and their means to pay their expenses. While most pandemic regulations have lightened, people still struggle to recover financially.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, don’t panic. There are actions you can take to hold you over until you’ve saved more money. 

If you don’t know where to start, then keep reading! We’ll give you some tips on how to pay bills when money is tight. 

How To Pay Bills: Budgeting and Prioritization

Before starting with short-term solutions to financial problems, it’s wise to build strategic financial disciplines. To prevent this situation from happening again, master the skills of prioritization and budgeting. 

Let’s start with what to prioritize. When determining what bills are essential, start with your basic needs. Focus on food, shelter, and hygiene.

As such, your priority should be your mortgage or rent payment. From there, focus your attention on your water and electric bills. These utilities allow you to keep clean and operate your home appliances.

As you do this, focus less on your entertainment needs. If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, you can forego your Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu payments. 

The next step in this process is building a realistic budget. Determine how much you can afford to spend each month on these necessities. Then, assess how much financial wiggle room you can afford.

When You Can’t Pay Your Bills, Talk to Your Lenders

If you can’t pay your bills currently, you may have several options available. First, contact your lenders and explain your situation. Tell them an honest, reasonable estimate of when you may be able to pay them.

Also, tell them what steps you’re taking to meet this estimated timeframe. This action is part of why building a budget is so necessary. 

In many cases, your lenders may be more reasonable than you expect. They may be willing to forestall your payments. 

If You Need Help Paying Bills, Investigate These Options

If your creditors refuse to hear you out, you may have some other options available. For instance, you can consult a credit counseling program. These systems help assess your financial position and point out programs to help you improve. 

If you can’t solve a problem with your credit card provider, they help you create a budget and repayment plan. You may also benefit from debt consolidation loans.

These loans allow you to combine several debts into a single loan with one monthly payment. Moreover, you can set these payments on an affordable budget with lower interest rates than other loans offer. 

Other companies, such as, offer various payment solutions for your financial troubles. Search through these programs to see if one would particularly benefit you. 

Take Action Today!

To maintain financial security, you must pay your bills as soon as possible. The longer you put them off, the worse your financial situation becomes. So, don’t hesitate; take steps to pay your bills today!

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.

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