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Finding the Best VPS Hosting for WordPress 2020



To find the best VPS hosting for WordPress, it is very important to consider what type of website you have. While it may be possible to find a VPS Hosting plan that works for a small business or even an individual, the larger the site becomes, the more likely that there will be other requirements that you will need to meet. A site with many pages or many users will require a different level of hosting, so many people choose a VPS Hosting plan that suits their needs.

Once you have all these things set up and running, you will find that you will save a lot of money in terms of server maintenance and not have to continually deal with a large number of files, which will cause more problems when you have to maintain the site as the site grows. Another major benefit of using a VPS Hosting is that your website will not crash because it will not load as quickly as one which is used by a normal website.

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the best VPS hosting for WordPress 2020

You may have been wondering about the best VPS Hosting for WordPress 2020 when you see all the new developments that are being made in this area of technology. First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of using this type of hosting. The biggest advantage of using a VPS Hosting is that it allows you to have more disk space available, which means you can save money if you need to add more machines to your website.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase new hardware, then VPS Hosting makes sense. One thing you also need to know about VPS Hosting is that it is not supported by all web servers today. If your server has PHP or ASP support, you won’t be able to use this type of hosting.

Another benefit of using a VPS is the fact that you can maintain your virtual server. There is no need to share resources with other websites. You can install and use any software you want on your virtual server. While this may seem a bit daunting at first, it will be a real convenience once you start building your websites.

If you want a package that will let you add more features and resources to your website, some providers offer this as a feature. Before you sign up for a particular provider, you should read reviews of the provider to ensure that you know what you are getting.

the best VPS hosting for WordPress compared

The best VPS Hosting for WordPress may not be the one that you are used to if you haven’t used one before. People find many advantages with VPS that will help you get the most from your hosting. Here are some of those benefits and why you should try them.

A great advantage found with VPS for WordPress hosting is that it allows the person to use the website to have complete control over the website. By using the control panel, you can easily create the websites that you want. You also can add all the files that you want to the website. This is a huge advantage over other types of hosting because it gives you complete control of the website and adds everything.

Another benefit found with VPS for WordPress hosting is that there are no restrictions on the number of users who can use it. One of the biggest limitations is the amount of bandwidth that can be used. This can really be a problem if you have a lot of people on your website. It will take a lot longer for the website to load when there are too many people on it.

When it comes to security, many people are concerned with how to secure the server is on their website. There are actually some people who don’t have any security at all on their website. VPS hosting will give you the best security that you need because it will make your website difficult to hack into and make changes to it.

If you are looking for the best hosting option, then you should look into VPS hosting for WordPress because it can give you all of these benefits and more. You can get a great website with everything you need and add a variety of different features as well. If you have ever been confused about which hosting is the best, then you will find that this is the right one for you.

choosing best VPS hosting for WordPress

A good understanding of what you want when choosing the best VPS hosting for WordPress sites is essential. You need to know that the host will provide you with what you want and understand that it will not be free. The good thing about this type of hosting is that it comes with a price tag, but with all of the offered things, it is well worth the expense.

When using a VPS, all of the data is kept separate from the host itself. This is done to ensure that there is only one place where all servers that make up the server will connect. You do not need to worry about your data going to another host since the VPS will maintain the necessary security to keep everything working properly. The benefits of using a dedicated server are that you will never have to worry about downtime and always get fast speeds.

In addition to being independent, you will also have the flexibility to customize your website to fit your needs as long as you like. If you are running a blog, then you can use WordPress to host your content and make changes to it whenever you want to. If you are running a business site, you can use a platform such as Joomla or Drupal to run your shopping cart.

Finally, it is also important to understand that VPS hosting provides you with many security features. For example, the server is separated from your operating system, which means that any viruses or malware can be kept to a minimum. It is also important to understand that all your data and files will be encrypted and stored separately, so your computer will not be accessed without a password. There are also plenty of firewalls that come with the package that can keep hackers out.

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Downloading Instagram posts to your PC or mobile phone




With the covid restrictions in place this past year, a flurry of new people have flocked to popular social networking sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to fill their entertainment needs.

Instagram is my go-to place when I’m looking to explore new content or when I just have some time to kill. It’s jammed packed with loads of content from educational tutorials to funny video clips.

What also draws me to Instagram is its usability. Finding videos or pictures is quick and easy, and editing and uploading content is a breeze. You can use various filters and stickers to customize your posts to fit your general style.

One of the main caveats with Instagram is that they don’t make it very easy for you to download content from their platform. Since it’s about being social, they want you to share links to the videos or photos to garner more traffic to their app, which equates to more revenue. But what are you supposed to do if you want to download media off Instagram? Today I’m going to walk you through a few different ways to download photos and videos off Instagram. Read on!

Downloading Instagram content on Android

Downloading Instagram videos and photos on your android phone is pretty straight forward thanks to the use of third-party apps from the app store. There are many apps that you can install on your phone, but not all apps are great. One of the most popular apps, and frankly our favorite, is the photo and video downloader from Instagram by Devbay. Let us walk you through using the app on your Android phone.

Step 1: Download the app

The first thing you’ll need to do is open the android app store and type the search term “Instagram Devbay”. Install the very first result that comes up.

Step 2: Find the video or photo

Open up the Instagram either by launching the app on your smartphone or visiting the official Instagram website. Find the video or photo that you want to download and copy the link. You can copy the link by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the post and selecting “copy link”.

Step 3: Download the content

Open up the Devbay app that you download in the first step. Paste the link that you copied in step two into the field at the top of the app and hit the download button. The video or photo will download onto your device and can be found by hitting the downloads tab from within the app.

The one drawback of the app is the constant annoyance of advertisements. Ads are pretty typical with free android apps. Devbays downloader does offer a premium option with no ads, but you’re required to pay a monthly subscription. There are better options than wasting your hard-earned money.

Downloading Instagram content online

Since the dawn of the internet, online tools have provided people a straightforward, no-frills way to get things done. From website uptime monitors like is it down to online mortgage calculators, online tools make it easy and accessible for anyone. When it comes to online downloaders for Instagram the options are seemingly endless. We’ve compiled a list of our top two Instagram downloaders, highlighting a few of their key features and how to use them.

Option 1: Instagram Offline Downloader (

The first option we will cover is the Instagram downloader by Instaoffline. It is among the top online apps for downloading almost anything off Instagam. As the name suggests, the website is designed for saving content off Instagram for offline viewing. Using the app is very similar to that of the android app described above. Let’s walk you through the process of using the website.

Step 1: Find the video

Open up Instagram and find the post with the picture or video that you want to download.

Step 2: Open the website

Open up your favorite web-browser and head over to On the app’s homepage, paste the URL you copied in step one into the box and hit download.

Step 3: Download the content

Hit the green download button to start downloading the picture or video to your device.

Instaoffline is excellent, there are no annoying ads, and it works plain and simple. There are no download limits, and you have options to download Instagram videos, photos, IGTV, and Reels, all from an easy-to-use online interface.

Option 2: Instagram Downloader (

Another great online tool with a few unique features is IGDownloader rocks a self-explanatory name that is easy to remember. Using this website to download Instagram videos and photos is just as straightforward as the process listed above. We won’t walk you through it step by step this time, but all you need is the link to the post containing the content you want to download.

One great feature about IGDownloader that many other websites don’t have is the option to download multiple Instagram photos and videos at once. From the account downloader page, you can type in a users’ Instagram username, and IGDownloader will display all of their latest Instagram posts. From there, you can select the ones that you want to download using the toggle buttons located on the page. It’s surprisingly handy when you want to download multiple posts at once.

What’s particularly great about online tools like those mentioned above is that they don’t require any software to work. Since they are browser-based, you can access them on any device with a working internet connection and browser. Why clutter up your device with more apps when you have easy-to-use tools like this at your fingertips.

Final thoughts

Downloading content off Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated. Instagram may make it challenging to save videos and images, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be the next time you want to download a funny cat video or a beautiful landscape photo, try using one of the tools listed in this article. We hope you found our article helpful. Happy downloading!

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5 Common Reasons for SQL Server Database Corruption




Dealing with a corrupted SQL database can be tough. Hence it makes sense to know about possible causes which can lead to database corruption. In this article, we look at 5 common reasons for SQL Server database corruption. 

Most mid to large-sized firms work with several databases for every instance of SQL Server they implement and sometimes the number of databases can run into hundreds. The sheer number of databases in use leaves open the possibility of errors cropping up in some database or the other. Dealing with a corrupted SQL Server database can be a challenging task even for the most seasoned database administrator.  Given the fact that incidents of data corruption in SQL databases are a fairly common occurrence in firms where hundreds of databases are in use, it makes sense to do all that can be done to prevent such mishaps. Let’s look at the 5 most common causes that contribute to SQL Server database corruption.

Improper Shutdown or Power Outage

One of the most common causes behind corruption of SQL Server database files can be attributed to improper shutdown due to any cause including a power outage. This is more common in small firms running the SQL Server express edition without failsafe options. 

Issues in the SQL Application including Update issues

In some cases, the SQL Server application may include bugs that can lead to database corruption under certain circumstances. At times while you are upgrading a database from an older iteration of the SQL Server application to a new edition, incidents of data corruption can be noticed. Such incidents can also occur when you are migrating a database from the SQL Server Express edition to the Standard edition. 

Virus Attacks

The SQL Server database files are often the target of malicious programs looking to compromise the database. Typically such viruses try to compromise the header data in the underlying MDF file. In the recent past, incidents of ransomware attacks compromising SQL Server databases too have come to light. 

Poor Database Design and Resource Conflicts

While designing a database one needs to lay emphasis on follow ideal design practices related to normalization, correct use of constraints, etc. A poorly designed database containing redundant data is relatively more vulnerable to database corruption. Resource conflicts too can lead to incidents of data corruption in SQL Server files.

Plethora of Hardware Issues

A plethora of hardware-related issues can lead to the compromise of MDF data files. These include hard disk crashes, faulty network equipment, bad memory card, etc. In small firms that use low-end machines to run SQL Server editions, instances of hardware failure are more common.

Dealing with SQL Server Corruption in an Effective Manner

When you notice a corrupted SQL Server database file, it is strongly advised to avoid experimenting with the application to recover the data. The best way forward for you would involve running the powerful DataNumen SQL Recovery application to extract the contents from the compromised file. From triggers and indexes present in the SQL database files to inline functions and even views; there is hardly anything that this tool cannot completely recover. It is miles ahead in recovery rates as compared to its peers and can handle nearly every media type. The application also comes in handy in recovering any deleted data elements like tables etc. from a compromised database file. 

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How To Renew McAfee Antivirus In 2021 – Easy And Simple



mcafee antivirus

How to renew McAfee antivirus is easily done if you know what you are doing. First, be sure that you have a McAfee antivirus product. The problem with many companies selling antivirus software today is that they fail to provide a full version of their product with an option for updates.

When this happens, people begin to notice that the software is not working like it should and then become very frustrated.

It is so easy for people to just purchase the next best thing and when they realize that it does not work as they want it to they will just download the next product on the internet. The last thing you want to do when trying to maintain your McAfee antivirus is to continuously purchase new products.

The first step in renewing your McAfee antivirus license is to update the existing virus database at Simply run the program and follow the prompts. It is always best to do a complete scanning before downloading the update and installing it. This ensures the newest and most up-to-date virus definitions and definitions from all the various McAfee antivirus products on the market.

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How to renew McAfee antivirus

Be sure that when you are updating that you do not delete any of the program files or folder within your computer’s hard drive. Removing the update will actually cause more harm than good. In some cases the operating system will not be able to restart properly and could even stop running completely. Another problem you may encounter when attempting to update is if the program itself cannot load the file or cannot load at all. There are a couple of reasons why this might occur. Sometimes the update will simply require a program update and the update will not succeed because your computer was already infected by another virus that interrupted the installation.

To avoid getting caught with an un-updating McAfee antivirus, you should perform a manual infection removal. This involves looking in your computer for any malicious or unwanted software and then removing it. Be sure you know what to delete and which files to keep. For Windows users, this can usually be done by going to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. For Macs, it is normally located at /MacOSX Installer.

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So How To Renew McAfee Antivirus In Simple Steps

Once you’ve determined what files or programs need to be deleted, you can go ahead and run a search for their corresponding registry keys or entry. Once you have located them, you can delete them. However, sometimes the antivirus update will not be entirely successful. The problem may lie in your McAfee antivirus product key or has been stolen by another infection. In this case, you will need to reinstall the McAfee antivirus and then complete the rest of the steps.

If reinstalling the McAfee antivirus doesn’t work, you may need to use a McAfee update tool. These are available both on the Internet and in stores. Simply download the McAfee update tool and then follow the on screen instructions. Restart your computer and then run the program. It will scan your PC for all known infections and then offer to reinstall the McAfee antivirus. You’ll be given the option to either select to proceed with the update or ignore it.

Reinstalling the McAfee antivirus is actually very simple. You simply follow the on screen prompts to get your McAfee up and running. However, there’s one quick trick that I always remember to get my McAfee running smoothly again. This method has always worked for me and it doesn’t cost anything. Try this if you’re unable to get your McAfee antivirus up and running again.

How to renew McAfee antivirus is really quite simple. If you’re still unable to install the McAfee update, don’t worry. You can always perform a manual reinstall of the antivirus. But if you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is have to waste your time and money on a program that won’t run. I’ve learned how to renew McAfee antivirus and it’s now running like new again.

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Best Place to Read Latest Whatsapp Status Collection to Update your Status





If you always love to change status on your whatsapp profile then you surely need to try site. This is a very famous site and update post on regular basis. Even the best part you can find detail information on every festival around the globe.

What does status real mean on Whatsapp app?

The word status real means weather you are available or busy or offline. Now days people love to share their felling by updating whatsapp status.

Since we don’t have green light as like Facebook to find weather the user is online or not in whatsapp,whatsapp came with an idea if statuses like if person is online he can update as Available, if he is busy he might update busy or if he changes the number how might update as ‘call me ***’.

But as days passed people changes the meaning of status entirely like putting some proverbs, attitude quotes,wishing someone for anni ersary or birthday and still the list goes on.

Status is nothing but it helps you showing others in what situation you are in like online or available or busy or driving etc but these days we see status which is of no use.

What is the actual reason behind people updating Whatsapp status every day?

Fear of losing out of keeping up with everyone, or showing how they’re progressing, or showing the world that they too are a class apart and belong “up there”, or simply telling the world that they’re available for communication or restricted……

Actually you lose nothing if you don’t update your status at all. I haven’t done mine in years, there’s just no need. Why should someone update his/her status, I mean for what?

People who understand you and need you, don’t need your current status. People who don’t understand you, won’t need you or your current status. So what’s the point in spending effort on status updation???

Why force a space where we don’t need to? Keep things simple in life…..there’s a lot of important things to do and deell upon in life.

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5 Industries That Used Tech Advancements Effectively



Technological advancements are changing our lives. The way we get a ride, order a pizza or play our favourite games has changed very much in the last decade. We can do all these things faster, safer and often cheaper than before. But what are the industries that are using these tech advancements the most effectively?

In this article, Daniel Bennet, a Canadian iGaming expert is giving us his insights in this matter. Read more about the author here.

Online gambling industry

The gambling industry experienced a huge boom when online casinos appeared in the 90s. People who live in large countries, like Canada, might never make it to a land-based casino due to huge distances. Gambling online is available to anyone (over 18 years of age) who owns a computer or even a smartphone and has an internet connection.

There is a huge number of Canadian casinos, like Bob Casino, where you can play online, and they offer hundreds if not thousands of slot and table games.

Online casino tech trends are changing all the time. The newest advancements are 3D slot games, games that can be played with virtual reality goggles and cool live dealer games. Word is out that casino gaming is soon going to be available through console gaming which can provide even better graphics and sounds than PCs.

Online Entertainment

The entertainment business has also changed entirely with technology. High-speed Wi-Fi connections enable streaming services to be used and companies like Netflix, HBO and Prime Video have quickly changed the ways we watch movies. We don’t have to wait for a certain time of the day for our favourite series to start, and we are not forced to watch through the commercials. Also, we don’t have to download movies and pay for each title or get them through torrents and risk getting a virus on our computer. No need to worry about storage space on the hard disk either. For 10-20 dollars a month we can watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV series.

Online business: banking and insurance

Banking is a very traditional business. However, it is changing very rapidly as well. Apart from opening a bank account, you might never have to step a foot in an actual bank nowadays. Most banks and credit unions have their own apps where you can transfer money, set card limits, order a new card or pay your bills.

E-money institutions like Revolut have really revolutionized banking in the past few years. The UK registered company has become popular in Europe and is coming to Canada soon. Revolut offers multi-currency no-fee accounts where transfers, currency conversions and trading are all free.

Insurance companies have teamed up with banks. Purchasing travel insurance is a one-click matter. The GPS in your phone will let your bank know when you are abroad and they will offer you a pay-per-day or annual travel insurance to buy with one click. The fee is then deducted from your bank account and you are instantly covered.


Tech Advancements have reached education as well. Online education tools like or Coursera offer apps for studying that make education accessible and efficient. There are a bunch of websites where you can learn about hobbies like photography or interest such as nutrition and some of them offer courses for free. Language learning via apps is also very popular. Duolingo now offers 30+ languages with an easy-to-understand interface and a fun owl virtual teacher.


Healthcare has seen a dramatic increase in apps used in recent years. Soon after the coronavirus outbreak, several governments launched their apps to help people see if they have been exposed to risks. People are meant to register if they are sick and have the Bluetooth on so another person who has the app would be warned if the sick person is or was near to where they are. In the near future, if you plan on travelling you will most likely need to use a vaccination passport application.


Technology has had a huge effect on several businesses. Gaming and entertainment are leading the list but traditional sectors like banking, education and healthcare are all going through a transformation for the better.

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