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Many recruitment agencies incorporate skills testing when they set out to recruit candidates. A good skills testing software is an important recruitment tool now. Also known as pre-employment skills testing, the assessment is part of the recruiting process.

Candidate skills testing allows recruiters to assess their applicants for various things, namely technical skills, aptitude and personality.

Why use pre-employment testing software?

Pre-employment skills tests help define the abilities of an individual seeking a position in a new company. The assessments are also a great way of narrowing down candidates. Whenever there is a growing influx of job applicants, recruiters have to manage many more candidates which can be challenging.

Skills testing lets recruiters measure their candidates’ talents beforehand and estimate the best ones among the group. This helps filter the number of candidates sizeably. The hiring organisation also benefits as they have definite evidence which individuals are good at certain things and which ones are better at something else. This helps them weigh in more effectively during the final decision making.

What is involved in skills testing candidates?

Recruiters will find employment skills testing very easy to administer through a good skills testing software system. The software makes a library of tests available for recruiters. The most popular ones are as follows-

•          Literacy

•          Numeracy

•          Accounting

•          Psychometric

•          Data entry

•          Typing

These tests are designed to measure an individual’s knowledge and ability to execute important tasks that are required in the everyday work environment. The tests are usually divided into distinctive difficulty levels making it convenient for recruiters to handpick and send correct test levels to applicants.

Literacy and numeracy tests are some of the most common tests used by recruiters. Psychometric tests are generally used to do evaluate personality and cultural fit. And recruiters employ data entry and typing tests to gauge the accuracy and speed level of candidates.

Online skills testing makes it all very convenient for recruiters and candidates.

How valuable are online skills tests?

Online skills testing has lots to offer its users. The ability to tests candidates online encourages more and more recruitment agencies to utilise skills testing.

Firstly, it removes the need to invest time in arranging a test location and coordinating the date and time with every candidate. That can be a time-consuming task if recruiters have to organise and manage many applicants for one test.

With online skills testing, recruiters can pick any test that is relevant for their candidate group and email the test link to them from within the software. It is possible to send a single test or even more if that is what the recruiter wants.

This has immediate positive reactions. Recruiters are more efficient and productive. Candidates also save time as they can do the test from anywhere.

Results are quick to be available. The quality of the skills testing software defines the kind of results users receive. A good software will produce a result that shows detailed individual performance as well as their performance against a group. This gives a clear idea of how a certain candidate ranks against someone else. Hiring companies can refer to the results if they are confused between the final lot of outstanding candidates.

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