Find Perfect Tank for Your 15+ Key Party

Many gamers agree it could be challenging to find the right tank to conquer Mythic dungeons. The reason is that tanks set the pace for the whole group, and if players are not experienced enough, all the participants will suffer from mobs and bosses. However, it is much easier if you know what to look for.

Tank List for Mythic+

If the search for a suitable character takes a long time, you can use the 15 Mythic boost and go to the dungeons with a pro team. If you decide to create your own party, here is a list of 5 currently popular tank specs:

  1. Vengeance Demon Hunter;
  2. Protection Warrior;
  3. Guardian Druid;
  4. Protection Paladin;
  5. Brewmaster Monk.

The sixth on the list is Blood Death Knight. However, this tank has some problems even in the last patch, so we will not examine it in detail. Please note the list changes from time to time based on new patches.

1. Vengeance Demon Hunter

It has the best survival rates and damage output. Thanks to talents and amulets, this character quickly moves to a target and can survive even after fatal damage using Last Resort. Besides, it makes exceptional AoE damage thanks to its many multi-target skills. VDH can heal itself and reduce incoming damage due to active absorption abilities with short cooldowns.

2. Protection Warrior

Excellent threat generation and survivability make Protection Warrior one of the best tanks out there. It will be primarily valuable for the group that focuses on dealing with the physical, not magical, damage. At the same time, it can greatly suffer due to the enemy’s magic. You can use Heroic Leap to get away from danger or boost allies’ attack with Battle Shout.

3. Guardian Druid

This spec has recently received an improvement, so it has moved up in the preference rating. It can take a lot of damage without significantly affecting its own condition (thanks to high health, self-healing, and Ironfur). Tank Druids are especially effective at boss fights that deal physical or melee damage.

4. Protection Paladin

It is a stable and reliable tank. The damage it takes is quite predictable; many attacks can be blocked by a shield and are mitigated by an active absorption mechanism. Compared to other tanks, such a Paladin has some significant advantages: blessing and aura for the entire group, excellent emergency cooldowns, and powerful healing spells.

5. Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monk can survive crushing blows, deferring some of the damage through its unique Stagger ability. It also has special skills that allow you to reduce delayed damage or completely avoid it. Thanks to this ability, it feels great in the dungeons. Moreover, the Monk with this specialization is very mobile and has access to practical auxiliary abilities.

Get the Best from Your Tank

Although the listed tanks are excellent, you should not solely rely on the skills of the chosen spec; the success largely depends on personal qualities and knowledge. The user playing as a tank should be well-versed in locations, know the route, affixes, pools, and adapt to a particular group’s needs.

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