Fiberglass Fabric Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share

The market for fiberglass fabric is expected to register a CAGR of approximately 6% globally during the forecast period.

– Increasing applications for high-temperature-resistant textiles and growing demand from the electronics and construction sectors for various applications are driving the market growth.
– The high cost of production is expected to hinder the market growth.

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Key Market Trends

Growing Demand for High-Temperature Resistance Applications

– Fiberglass Fabric has been increasingly used as high thermal insulation material in various applications, such as tonneau covers, body panels, architectural decorative parts, door skins, wind blades, protection, boat hulls, electrical housings among others.
– Fiberglass Fabrics are also used as insulation blankets and pads in the insulation industry because of their excellent thermal properties. These fabrics are also chemical resistant and have high dielectric strength.

– As fiberglass fabric is high-temperature and water-resistant, marine and defense use fiberglass fabrics for flange shield material production purposes. Fiberglass fabrics are also used in electronics in PCBs manufacturing due to their properties, such as electrical resistance and electric insulation.
– The construction industry has been primarily witnessing the application of these fabrics for insulation purposes. These fabrics are being used in composite walls, insulation screens, baths and shower stalls, roofing panels, architectural decorative parts, cooling tower components, and door skins.
– Increasing temperatures, growing corrosion resistance applications, innovative applications in the aerospace and marine sectors are driving the demand for fiberglass fabric in recent times.

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