Feelings that you can express with flowers

Feelings that you can express with flowers

Flowers are the best way to express your true feelings. Sometimes words are not enough, so flowers do the thing for you. Flowers are the most beautiful thing available on earth. With flowers, you can express your feeling of love, care, respect, apology, etc. There are plenty of reasons why people gift flowers. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, success party or some other special occasion, flowers can be gifted without any doubt. They are the cheapest and the most beautiful gift available in the market. There are hundreds of feelings that you can express with flowers. Here we are going to share the list of flowers that you can gift to your loved ones to express your feelings.

1. Red Roses to Say “I Love You”

Red rose symbolizes love, affection and romance. If you want to express your feelings of love, then gift your loved one with red roses. A bouquet of red roses could certainly portray your emotions for your lover. Be it Valentine’s Day or a marriage anniversary, red roses are the best gift option and create a feeling of love and affection between you and your partner.

2. White Lilies to Strengthen Bond or Express Sadness

A white lily is the symbol of purity and trust. If you want to create a trustworthy bond with someone, then gift them with white lilies. White lilies aren’t always used for expressing happiness, it is also used at funerals and memorials. White colour symbolizes peace and serenity and plucked flowers which bloom and die, are symbolic of life’s passing. At funerals, you can express your sadness with white lilies.

3. Pink Carnations to Apologize

If you wish to say sorry to your partner, friends, family member or anyone close to your heart, then a bouquet of Pink Carnations are the best choice. When things go haywire, Pink Carnations are what you actually need to make amendments. Flowers can make any person go awwwww. You can easily convince anyone with a bouquet of pink carnations, no matter how upset they are.

4. Yellow Rose for Friendship

Yellow roses symbolise purity and friendship. If you wish to express your care and love for your friend, you should show your hearty feelings with a bouquet of a yellow rose. You can also go for a bouquet of orange and yellow roses. You may also select other yellow-coloured flowers like Peruvian lily or sunflower. Lighten your friend’s day and win his/her heart with a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers.

5. Purple Orchids for Congratulations

Orchids are the most sophisticated and royal flowers. So, if you want to congratulate someone for his/her success, marriage or a new house, then a bouquet of opulent orchids is the best gift option. These bright purple blooming flowers are perfect for appreciating people for their good deeds. If you are doubtful while buying a gift to congratulate someone, then without thinking even twice, go ahead and buy a big bouquet of splendid bouquets.

6. Asiatic pink lilies to say “I Miss You”

Asiatic pink lilies are the popular choice for bouquets and centrepieces all around the world. If you are missing someone and want to express your love and adoration, then a bouquet of Asiatic pink lilies is a perfect gift. Your special someone will feel happy and cheerful after receiving such a beautiful gift. Pink Lilies will also promote freshness in your relationship, build hope and strengthen the bond.

7. White Tulips for Forgiveness

White tulips are a symbol of forgiveness, purity and serenity. These cup-shape pointed flowers are great to gift someone who you are trying to say that you are regretful or guilty. There are a lot of online shops that provide affordable white tulip bouquet which you can buy and get delivered at someone’s doorstep.

8. Jasmine to boost mood

If you want to make someone feel happy, then gift them with a bouquet of Jasmine. By stimulating the feel-good hormones in the body, such as serotonin, Jasmine can uplift mood rapidly. If your friend or family member is feeling stressed and anxious, then the best gifting option for them is Jasmine bouquet.

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