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Features to Look Out for when Purchasing Field Service Software



Field Service

If you’ve been looking for Field Service Management Software you will already know that there is a bewildering selection of tools available today. Just like any other form of business technology, in order to determine whether a product is right for you and your business you need to understand exactly what’s important. 

Here are just some of the key features that you should ideally be looking for when considering the purchase of Field Service Management Software.

Centralised Customer Records

Centralising all customer records and making these readily accessible to everyone engaged in field service and customer support is enormously valuable. Ensuring all customer contacts, along with their addresses and contact details, are securely stored on the system means that everyone knows where they can find this vital information. Accompanying these details with customer’s service level agreements, contracts and purchase orders add further value to the customer records which can be viewed by field service personnel and those engaged in field service management. And logging details of all customer calls, field service assignments and the customer’s full service history provides a valuable resource that can help to quickly resolve issues when they arise.

Scheduling and Dispatch Management

Managing field service personnel resources can be very challenging so a key feature of any Field Service Management Software must be the ability to schedule and dispatch appropriate people and teams. Scheduling the right people from the most optimum location at the right time with the right skills is exactly what’s needed to deal with customer calls efficiently and effectively. 

Route planning for field service teams is an aspect of dispatching which can be supported by the right software. This can save significant time and costs by carefully considering the locations and sequence of service call visits assigned to field service personnel.

Stock Control and Management

Field service organisations will often hold stocks of spare parts, replacement equipment and tools and these can be distributed across multiple sites and retained in a number of field service vehicles. Keeping track of this valuable inventory is another important aspect of effective field service management. Inventory optimisation provides cost savings and helps ensure that field technicians have exactly what they need in their vans when they visit client sites.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Field service activity generates a lot of valuable customer insight. A centralised system for recording details of all customer calls, the actions carried out by field service teams and importantly, the feedback derived from customers is invaluable. 

A centralised field service management system should support the derivation of valuable reports, customised to meet specific needs. These reports would allow managers to assess productivity and identify areas in which improvements can be made. They might also highlight quotes issued by field service personnel in response to client requests and upsell opportunities identified while they were onsite. 


The usability of any Field Service Management Software tool needs to be carefully considered. Software user experience is very subjective but well designed, intuitive user interfaces make some software packages a pleasure to use. Whereas poorly designed software with clunky user interfaces can actually be more of a hindrance than an aid. Always take time to assess and evaluate the usability of any prospective software product.


When considering which Field Service Management Software package to purchase there are many capabilities and attributes to consider. The bottom line is – take your time and assess them all thoroughly. And if possible, derive a short list of just a few and trial them side by side.

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The top UK’s cyber security startups to look forward



cyber security

When you listen to the enormous growth in cybercrime presently expected to be $3.5billion, you understand someone is getting a bunch of flats somewhere. Also, when there is money associated, the UK asset is never far behind. However, it’s not deception this time. Its cybersecurity has very much involved. Therefore, we will tell you about the best cybersecurity companies startups in the UK.

These days in our lives, cybersecurity is present by hook or by crook. Moreover, the more frequently used tools from the cybersecurity industry that we daily use are antivirus software and ID verification processes. Even when we are unable to watch them functioning.

The world has been running fastly towards achievements in cyber defense over the past few years. Apart from the corporations, e-commerce sectors and governments have also been making investments in securing their functions and protecting their networks from hacker attacks, cyber invasions, identity thefts, and online frauds. 

Best Cyber Security Startups in the UK


It is one of the best cybersecurity startups that provide assistance to the companies in discovering the advanced security invasions taking place inside the corporate infrastructures. From this startup, you will get self-supporting infrastructure-wide cyber kill chain tracking and answer by leveraging the ‘Continuous Attack Graph’ to prevent and amend cyber intimidations in real-time in a deterministic manner. 

Moreover, they developed to identify and stop hackers from steering infrastructure in a deterministic way. 


Cyble Inc. is developed with the intention to offer companies an actual outlook of their supply chain cyber risks and threats. Also, you will be able to get companies’ perspicacity into cyber threats presented by suppliers with their SaaS-based solution backed by machine learning and human analysis. Consequently, they will be able to answer them more quickly as well as more effectively. 

Cyble makes every effort to become not only a trustworthy partner but also a facilitator to its clients and let them with exceptional security scoring of suppliers by cyber intelligence sourced from open and closed channels including the dark web, OSINT, and deep web checking, and inactive scanning of internet presence. 


If you are looking to get services from a company for your transport systems, RazorSecure is best for you as it pays special attention to providing cybersecurity for the transport systems. RazorSecure Delta software vigorously identifies and shields the system in real-time whenever a threat violates the standard security walls. 

To offer a completely authorized software solution that has the ability to be effortlessly used with existing hardware, RazorSecure has a collaboration with system suppliers and producers. 


It is a risk management organization developed with the intention to control dangers implicit in supply chains and third-party ecosystems. CyDesk is one of its platforms. CyDesk includes automatic processes concerned with handling risk and offers companies actual visibility of the threat vulnerability from their supply chain and third-parties. Moreover, it provides a single dashboard with integrated compliance, cybersecurity, and other business risks. The platform’s amenable design provides guidance and outside business uncertainties to be customized to the client’s demands. 

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Laptops Worth Buying



Laptops Worth Buying

Portable laptops, of course, are more convenient in daily work. Thin and light laptops have become mainstream. What kind of thin and light laptop can meet people’s needs? Let’s take a look at this HONOR MagicBook Pro review. Can this laptop satisfy the picky ones?

A good laptop cannot without a good grip. The HONOR MagicBook Pro has an all-metal design with a fine matte finish. It has a nice texture to the touch. It has a unique design on the corners and a passivated finish. Only the right side of the body marks the “HONOR” logo.

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine it’s a slim laptop with a large screen of 16.1-inch. The super narrow bezel design results in 90% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio. The thickest part is 16.9 mm.

It crams a 16.1-inch screen into a 15.6-inch body. The design, officially known as Boundless Full Screen, is innovative in the hiding of the camera in the keyboard keys.

It weighs only 1.7 kg. It’s easy for even petite girls to carry it around.

It has 100% sRGB high-color-gamut display of 16.1 inches. The color reproduction is accurate for general designers and amateur photographers. You don’t need to worry about color cast, which might make image processing difficult.

With strobe-free certification from TUV, it offers double protection against frequent coding. This provides better eye protection for people sitting before a laptop all day.

For users using a laptop for work, the comfort of the keyboard must be one of the top priorities. The HONOR MagicBook Pro has a well-spaced keyboard layout with crisp rebound. It has a wide reserved touch panel.

The integrated design allows you to place your wrist on it while typing. The upper part is the touch to move area. The lower part is the left and right keys. It slides and feels good in the hand. It is sensitive even with multi-finger gestures.

For those who don’t want to disturb the family at night, the HONOR MagicBook Pro supports three-level backlighting. This makes you see the clear keys even in dormitories or dim weather.

HONOR MagicBook Pro is a thin and light laptop with five useful ports. Type C/Transport and HDMI ports are on the left, also the standard USB 3.0 port. 2 standard USB 3.0 ports and 1 3.5 mm headphone jack are on the right. The power supply is of a 65W fast charging.

Many users have experienced feedback. They think the most convenient thing is having PD charging. You can connect it to an external charger for emergencies. You can also use it with a docking station for port expansion.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has its fingerprint sensor touch in the power button.

Its unlocking recognition sensitivity and speed is comparable to the physical fingerprint unlocking of an HONOR phone. The speed and experience are both excellent.

In addition to the exclusive automatic login, you can set up locked files to protect your privacy.

The HONOR MagicBook Pro also has one-touch pass function. This avoids the hassles and slowness of wired or third-party software. You can also drag and drop pictures from your phone to a WODR document for direct use. This is useful, and excellent in using.

This is a great laptop to buy. Buy it right away!

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6 Crucial Things that a Good PCB Design Engineer Must Know



Circuit boards are the source of most electronics and technologies adopted throughout the world. The first printed circuit boards (PCBs) were incurred in the preceding 1900s that explained and decreased circuit board manufacture. PCB is a thin board conceived of the insulating element. They have a metal casing on one or both sides that inscribe the electrical routes, providing electricity to cross through the different ingredients supplied to the board.

Many engineers want to be reliable PCB design engineers, but they lack the conversance of doing it. It is not accessible to comprehend what all the tracks require and what skills require to be determined.

A Good PCB Design Engineer Must Know the Following Obligations

1. Primary Electronics

PCB is very pivotal to any microelectronics design, so a stable conception of ​​electric ingredients about it, its interfaces are fundamental. Knowledge of electronic elements is inherent if you desire to be a comprehensive PCB design engineer. It is comparable to how an implanted firmware developer necessitates an implanted device to be an implanted designer.

2. PCB Design Software

Then a strong philosophy of using at least one PCB design software. One should apprehend how to draw chromatic, corporeality arrangement, fascinate PCB design, build a corporeal library, make jar bar, review through Jabbar observer accessories. There are many PCB design software on the market, but it is desirable to prefer one industry.

3. PCB Layer Stack-up

When designing multi-layer provisions, a clear perception of PCB layer stack-up is necessary for the conventional scheme for the first time. Here is a report that defines it entirely.

4. PCB Design Rules

Various prevailing design dictates should be observed when designing a PCB. They fall into the following Sections:

  • The prevailing rule
  • Turbulence reduction, EMI / EMC reflection, signal integrity rules
  • Reviews for thermic uprightness (heat dissipation due to power circuit)
  • Reviews for power integrity (loss of strength in traces)
  • Design for trial, like all reflections, so that boards can be inquired. They add inspection points, the convenience of signals at the top or foundation of the board (which requires testing), etc.
  • Fecundity captivity in terms of design for creating rules such as track width, allowance, / pad size, drill size, etc., must be conceded w.r.t, and it will also influence the cost.

5. 3D Model / Manufacturing Design

Nowadays, most of the PCB layout software implements a tendency to attach 3D models of the segments and see what it will seem like after the PCB is performed and the components are assembled. Any dilemmas compared to inter-component segment spacing can be exposed early during the design phase, and PCB improvement aids in saving resolution, price, and time.

Seldom serves to do a few mock-ups of the PCB promptly with connectors’ help and discern what the PCB will look like, an outline for the manufacturing building and how it will look if everything fits properly, etc.

6. Complete design review method

Design reviews are profoundly decisive for building the right design for the first time. I prescribe three levels of thought. First, the author does it himself. The hardware engineer should then do the next review. Then the final evaluation by another independently equipped engineer or an external counselor would be excellent.

The two gift points for a PCB design engineer are fundamental ideas about aesthetics and documentation. How the corporeality is located and how silk decorations are indispensable.

Once the PCB design work is done, the file production and the records must be sent to the PCB fabricator with guidelines, notes, stack-up details, assembly sketches, drill details, etc. Board sketches are required so that the user can easily recognize and interface with mainboards or electronics.

Concluding Remarks

A printed circuit board (PCB) is nothing more than a fiberboard that collectively holds the electronics elements in the most optimal place and renders electrical connections. It is ample to discern how it works as an electric design component works, paths, pads, voices, power planes, etc. Also, know how these PCBs are constructed. It helps to assume the rules of several designs directly associated with the PCB’s production or mechanical constitution.

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ConnectSocial: One of the Best Social Networking Apps of 2020



The Theme of the ConnectSocial App 

2020 has been a tough year for most people, with lockdowns, spirals of economies, among other things affecting people in one way or the other. But alas, there’s some good news to be squeezed out of the year after all, which comes in the form of ConnectSocial. When the social networking apps you know continue to let you down with sketchy security measures that do little to safeguard your privacy, ConnectSocial offers the safest interwebs haven for your peace of mind. Mingle with friends and family on a digital space you can trust as you explore a social platform with fun interaction opportunities like sharing places, events, rides, statuses, video calls, and much more! 

Features of the app 

Do you love the anonymity and convenience of text messages? Or do you prefer to have face-to-face conversations with your friends? ConnectSocial offers that and a lot else, namely: 

  • The ability to communicate via voice notes. Record a message and keep the conversation going when you become weary of chatting via text. Additionally, hit your friends up on video 
  • Group link-ups. Put together your friends in a group to explore your shared interests or join another with like-minded people unraveling the kind of topics you like. 
  • State-of-the-art privacy and security measures to eliminate all digital loopholes that may be exploited for data siphoning, among others. 
  • A highly moderated community. Cyberbullying has been on the rise in social networking platforms, and ConnectSocial tackles this head-on with a raft of safety functionalities. Users can also take charge of their comfort on the platform by blocking and reporting bullies, who will be dealt with promptly. 
  • Share rides, good places to stay or eat, and even events that you’d like to stir attention for and get people talking about it
  • Update your status and let your friends know what you’ve been up to or what’s on your mind. 

How to use ConnectSocial 

Sign up for a new profile or bypass registration with a one-step Google sign-in process. ConnectSocial offers two plan options, a monthly $4.99 subscription and the more appealing alternative of $49.99 a year. The social networking functionalities entail video and voice chatting, in addition to status updates, ride, and location sharing, among other fun features.

Where ConnectSocial beats its alternatives

No ads! Everywhere you go from YouTube to the corners of Q&A platforms, you have to endure the nuisance of endless ads. And that’s not all; you also have to live with the constant worry of leaked data, identity theft, and the general concern that the safety of your information is out of your hands. That’s the opposite of the case with ConnectSocial, which provides ad-free and super-safe networking made possible by a dedicated team imploring the latest in futuristic technology!

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iCloud Unlock Bypass for all iOS Users



If you are an iOS user, you could have trouble belonging to iCloud. The users who are in trouble with the iCloud can get unblocked by the system we are introducing. The iCloud will get easily locked due to specific reasons. The locked iCloud will not give access to the users anyhow. If you want to have access to the iCloud as before, you could use the procedure here we are explaining. The system is called the iCloud Unlock Bypass. If you want to have a smooth Bypass without a single data loss, you can continue with the iCloud Unlock Bypass

The locked iCloud account causes troubles differently. Due to the locked iCloud account, the Apple device also can get locked. Apple sets the iCloud account’s privacy binds with the iDevice security, and when the iCloud account gets locked, the iDevice also can get locked. 

What is iCloud? 

The iCloud built up to give a cloud computing experience to the users of Apple devices. The cloud computer introduced as an iCloud server, and the users can log into the iCloud after creating an iCloud account. 

All users can create their account on the iCloud server and log into the iCloud by any Apple device using the activation lock of the iCloud. The iCloud account can keep data types like photographs, videos, audios, archives, notes, emails, and documents safely, and you can store any valuable data on the iCloud. 

As mentioned above, the iCloud will get accessed only by using the activation lock related to the particular iCloud account. What is the activation lock of the iCloud? 

The activation lock of the iCloud is the Apple ID and the passcode. The Apple ID and the passcode will give to all customers when a user creates the iCloud. 

The iCloud server is connected to all Apple devices. If a user wants to have an account, users can create an iCloud account. When creating an iCloud account, an Apple ID will give as the user ID to every user, and it differs from user to user. Strong password creation is a responsibility of yourself. 

When you create the Apple ID and the password as the activation lock, you could use the activation lock to access the iCloud account there onwards. 

When you are accessing an iCloud account after a factory reset, restore or update the Apple device, you could have the Apple ID and the password as the login credentials of the iCloud account. 

As the Find My iDevice option is safer to turn ON as it helps find the iDevice when it gets lost if your option is ON, you should access the iCloud by using the Apple ID and the password. 

Due to the security details, the iCloud account gets locked if you haven’t the activation lock. 

What will get the iCloud account locked? 

The iCloud account gets locked due for several reasons. The effect of the reasons depends on the user’s situation. 

If the user forgets the Apple ID and the password, the iCloud account gets locked. 

If a person purchased a second-hand iDevice, and if the iDevice was not reset before selling to you, you will have to use an iCloud locked iDevice. As you cannot access the iCloud after a factory reset, and if the pre-owner cannot get contact, the iCloud account gets locked. 

If your Apple device gets misplaced without knowing the Apple ID and the password, the iCloud might get locked due to that reason also. 

In any situation, the locked iCloud account can get unlocked by using the iCloud Unlock Bypass. 

What is the iCloud Unlock Bypass? 

The iCloud Unlock Bypass is the procedure which unlocks the iCloud locked Apple device. 

As a double chance, if your Apple device also gets locked, you could get both the Apple device and the iCloud unlocked by using the iCloud Unlock Bypass. 

The iCloud Unlock Bypass depends on the IMEI number of the Apple device as the IMEI number can find the locked iCloud account. If you have the IMEI number and the iDevice model, you can succeed in the procedure quickly. 

If you have needs, you could get started with the iCloud Unlock Bypass system, select the iDevice model, and insert the IMEI number. After all, insertions get finished, click on the “Unlock Now” button. You will get a confirmation email at the end. 

What devices are compatible with the iCloud Unlock Bypass? 

The iCloud Unlock Bypass is compatible with all Apple devices, which have the latest versions also. The iOS 14 and iOS 13 also compatible with the iCloud Bypass, and you could use the procedure which bears the newest iOS versions without a drawback. 

The Conclusion

Using the iCloud Unlock Bypass is easy and smooth. To have a secured Bypass without using the related password, you could get the iCloud account bypassed with iCloud Unlock Bypass. 

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