Fau-G Game Real Release Date

India’s very on Fau-G game is set to be released very soon as the pre-registration on Google Play Store has been in made live by the nCore games. The company announced the release of Pre-registration link on their official Twitter account. The Made-in-India game was announced in the month of September and now the live pre-registration has been started on Google Play Store. As of now, only Android users can pre-register themselves on the Google Play Store. The game was supposed to release in the month of October when the announcement was made by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. This announcement came a few days later when the government banned the most popular First-person Shooter (FPS) game, pubg mobile in India. After this nCore games also released the teaser of the game in the month of November.

About Faug

FauG game is a mobile game in which the bravery of the Indian Army on the northern border fighting against the enemy is depicted. Many people think that it will be a Battle Royale game however the game will be having episodes showing the Indian Army functions. Gondal cleared that the game is not a competition for pubg mobile in India because the game is not a Battle Royale game. It’s not that the game is being developed after the ban of Pubg Mobile, it was being developed since the month of May.

Vishal Gondal the co-founder of nCore games has stated the game’s first episode will be based on the Galwan valley incident. The game will be released for both Android and IOS users have the registration link is for Android users only as of now. 

Fau-G game release date

FAU G is now available on the Google Play Store as the pre-registration has been opened for the Android users. The amazing thing about pre registration is that the users who have pre-registered themselves will receive a push notification that will tell them the game is available for download. Only those who have registered for the game will be e playing the game before the official full launch of the game. The mobile devices which are eligible to download and install the game can pre register. However the official date for the release of the game has not been stated by the company till now. But the release of Pre-registration shows that the game is very near to get released on android. IOS users might have to wait for some time. The size and other details of the game have not been published on the Play Store page yet.

The first teaser of the game was published on October 25 nCore games on their Twitter account. The company has then announced the pre-registration link as Pubg Mobile Corporation also released the statement that the game will be releasing in India as ‘Pubg mobile India’. This Version will be tailor-made for the audience of India. However, the release for both games has been facing delays due to some reasons. Let’s hope FauG gets released in the month of December.

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