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Fashion SEO: 6 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) for fashion eCommerce is the way to go to make it easier for more leads to connect to your brand. SEO can help your gorgeously-designed clothing stand out to fashionable shoppers who would like to buy your merchandise.

In this article we’ll give you six ways to get started with SEO for clothing stores that are online. Continue reading to find out more. 

1. Develop a user-friendly website that will increase engagement

If you’re implementing SEO on a fashion-oriented e-commerce, you’ll notice an important and most crucial element is your website. If you do not have an user-friendly site visitors won’t be able to stay on your site to look through your clothing items.

A well-designed website keeps visitors interested since it is easy for visitors to explore your site and locate what they are looking for. If people spend more time on your website it is an affirmative signal for Google that your website is useful and relevant to people. In turn, your site will rank higher in search results, and will continue to bring more people to your website.

How do you build a website that is user-friendly?

Make sure your site loads quickly

People don’t want pages that load slowly. They need to be able to browse your clothing quickly. To ensure that your website is loading quickly, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights to determine the speed at which your website currently loads, and then use their suggestions to make changes. It is also possible to use an SEO page speed checker.

You may also consider investing into page speed optimization services when you don’t have any experience in optimizing your backend for your website.

Create pages of products that make it simple to shop

If you create pages that are easy to browse and purchase, your visitors will be more engaged on your website and have a greater likelihood to purchase. Old Navy is a well-known brand. Old Navy is a perfect illustration of how to offer a more pleasant buying experience for your customers on the product page.

Old Navy makes it easy for shoppers to browse color and pattern options available for a specific type of product, as well as the availability of sizes for each. Additionally, since these products range in price, they separate them so users can quickly see how much each shirt costs.

This page of a product illustrates the ways you could make it simple for customers to browse through your offerings and discover what they are looking for.

Incorporate CTAs (CTAs) that make an impact

The CTA icons are a crucial element of your user experience. If someone is looking to find out more about your brand’s style or add your item to their shopping cart it is essential that they are able to find CTA buttons that help them move on towards the right direction.

In this case it is evident that the red CTA button pops up off the page and makes a statement for shoppers. If someone wants to add this product to their cart, they would be able to add it to their cart effortlessly. CTAs that are prominent on your page will provide the best user experience to your customers.

Pick the right font

When you design your pages for products You want to make sure that your customers are able to browse the information on your site. If your visitors aren’t able to comprehend the information about your item, then they’re less likely to buy your product.

A clear font is essential to user experience as it allows the audience to better understand your product and move them towards conversion.

Here are just a few ways to improve the experience of users on your website, ensuring that your website is more effective in results of a search.

Extra tip for SEO for fashion-related e-commerce Don’t forget to improve the efficiency of the shopping cart! If your customers have difficulty finishing their shopping or you request excessive amounts of information, you run the risk of having them leaving your site and leaving their shopping cart. Be sure to monitor your checkout experience to ensure that you’re offering the best experience for your customers that can encourage prospects to purchase!

2. Make sure you are using relevant keywords to increase traffic

The next step on our list suggestions for SEO for clothing online stores includes choosing the right keywords. Keywords play a crucial factor in determining where your items appear within search result pages. If you’re not incorporating appropriate keywords on your site in order to maximize your chances of getting significant traffic for your company.

To identify relevant keywords to your product pages it is necessary to perform keyword searches. Keyword research lets you discover relevant terms that you can use on your pages for products. Keyword research tools can assist you discover these phrases.

When conducting keyword research, you should focus upon longer-tail terms. Long-tail keywords are those which contain at least three words. They are more specific, which means they draw leads who are looking for your services.

Thus, for instance for example, a search term such as “women’s black ankle boots,” will bring higher quality traffic than a search for “boots.” With a search term like “boots,” it’s difficult to determine what the user is looking for. A specific phrase, like “women’s black ankle boots,” provides precise details on what someone is looking for.

To ensure you’re doing SEO for fashion companies correctly make sure you focus on the right, long-tail terms for your product pages , to ensure you’re driving relevant traffic to your website.

A bonus advice for SEO for fashion-related eCommerce: If you come across relevant keywords, you should incorporate keywords into your description tags along with your Meta description. The description can be what your visitors are presented with when they arrive at your website, therefore it’s crucial to integrate your keywords in these elements to demonstrate that your site is useful.

3. Make navigation easy to use to assist customers in finding the right products they need.

One of the most crucial aspects of your site’s navigation. When people visit your site they would like to navigate your offerings effortlessly. If your navigation system is hard to navigate or is not organized it could mean you lose site customers to your competitors.

To maximize the benefits of SEO for clothing online stores concentrate on creating easy-to-use and simple navigation. 

In this instance of Aeropostale. The navigation of Aeropostale is clearly laid out in categories. You can browse by girl or males’ clothing, and also by clearance or new arrivals.

You’ll also need to arrange your content according to each category. Here’s a great example from Charlotte Russe.

As you hover over each category, you can see the products are laid out into categories to help the shopper find products faster. For their dresses, you can shop by fit or by occasion and their jeans are sorted by fit and style. This setup makes it easy for shoppers to find products.

Extra advice for SEO for fashion-related e-commerce Put your navigation in a place in a place where the customers will be able to see it! Some businesses try to differentiate their website through placing navigations in a unique location, but this could lead customers to leave your website if they cannot locate the navigation. In general, you should keep your navigation to the top to ensure that visitors are able to locate it quickly.

4. Start a blog on fashion and style to increase organic traffic

One of the biggest benefits of SEO for fashion-related e-commerce is blogging. Blogging assists you in driving valuable traffic to your website and increases your SEO’s ranking in search results.

People constantly search for the latest fashions and trends as well as strategies. By providing this information to your readers to keep them on your site longer and encourage them to stay through your website.

So, how do you start a blog about fashion?

When you first begin blogging, you’ll have to think of ideas or topics you’d like to discuss. You’ll need to think about the questions that customers ask you and the most current fashion-related topics. After you’ve identified some topics in mind that you like, you can put these topics into Google for a look at what other people have written about that subject.

You can also use Google’s “People Also Ask” section to look up similar questions people are asking.

With all of this knowledge you are able to create blog posts that present your audience with details on topics that are of interest to them. Writing blog posts on subjects that are relevant to your industry will help generate leads that are qualified to your business.

Extra advice for SEO for fashion-related e-commerce It is important to update your blog regularlyIf you want to enjoy the best experience of your website, you have to create regular posts. If you regularly blog it helps keep your blog current, gives more content for visitors to explore, and allows you to connect with leads who search for different subjects.

5. Make use of high-quality images to keep leads entertained.

If you are a fashion-focused online retailer You rely on images to showcase your items to customers. Visuals are essential to SEO for clothing stores online since they keep visitors entertained on your website.

It is possible to use images and video to present your products to your customers. Your customers will gain an understanding of your product, and also increase the time spent on your site.

These visuals are critical to increasing the time spent in the room on your website. If you provide visually appealing and high-quality Similar to the example of Old Navy above, you’ll keep people interested in your offerings.

Extra advice for SEO for fashion-related ecommerce Be sure that your images don’t slow your site! Videos and images could slow down your website due to their large files. If you want to upload photos, employ an image compression software such as Kraken to ensure you don’t slow down your website. Videos need hosting through an outside website such as YouTube and Wistia in order to prevent slowing down your website.

6. Check that your website works on mobile devices.

The final tip for SEO for fashion-related e-commerce is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. With that 76% of shoppers use smartphones to shop so you need mobile-friendly websites.

Furthermore, since Google changed to indexing on mobiles first making sure your site that performs well on mobile is essential to SEO and ensuring that you rank highly in search results.

You can take advantage of the Mobile-Friendly test from Google to test how your site appears for these mobiles.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly It is possible to improve it by incorporating an adaptive design. The responsive design of your website allows it to adjust to any device the user is using. The site will be adjusted to properly fit the screen to ensure users get a smooth experience.

A tip to help with SEO for fashion e-commerce The addition of mobile-friendly elements could aid in enhancing the user experience. These include hamburger menus, scrolling that is thumb-friendly and CTAs that are sized so that users can quickly click them.

Begin by implementing SEO for fashion e-commerce today!

SEO for online stores selling clothing will increase traffic to your website and generate more leads to your company. If you’re not sure how to begin,the Snap SEO team can help.

Are you ready to get started with SEO for fashion companies?

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