Fall Décor and Wrought Iron Doors to Make Your Home in Tacoma Feel Cozier

Fall is arguably the best season of the year. It’s the perfect time to make some changes as the weather and world around you transition too, and spruce up your home to be cozier.

It’s even more exciting if you live in Tacoma because the town sees some of the most glorious fall weather in the entire state. The foliage is a sight to behold, while the air has a crispness to it, your favorite treats make a return, and of course, Halloween is right around the corner too.

So in the spirit of the feel-good vibes that fall brings, try the following tips and ideas to help make your home comfier, cozier, and relaxing:

  1. Switch over to neutral, earthy colors 

Spring and summer are all about the bright colors, and winter is all about cool tones and muted shades. But fall is the perfect time to try out all those gorgeous earthy tones and neutral colors in your palette. 

Cushions, upholstery, curtains, bedsheets, table covers, and décor items can be swapped out with neutral-colored items that will make your home look cozy, minimalist, and autumnal. Of course, you can still add colors too, but the best way is to add fall shades like auburn, fawn, deep green, maroon and deep reds, yellows, mustard, teal, and of course, all types of browns and beiges. 

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  1. Install new doors and windows for views

One of the best upgrades you can make to your home is installing glass and black steel doors and windows, as well as wrought iron doors in Tacoma. A beautiful glass and wrought iron patio door can give you direct views of your backyard and thus foliage, while windows and glass exterior doors show you glimpses of the outside world as it changes color too! Interior doors work a tad harder because the fall vibes they give will depend on the rest of your décor, so if you truly had to choose, wrought iron patio doors are perfect for Tacoma homeowners! 

  1. Set up your mantel and fireplace 

Another great tip is to set up your mantel and fireplace to get that fall mood going. While the weather may not be cold enough to light a fire each night, it helps clean things up and prepare them for the nights that you use them. Put up décor like garlands, flowers, dried leaves, pumpkins, and other classically fall pieces to add a touch of coziness. Find inspiration by looking at these gorgeous mantels. 

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  1. Get some pumpkin lovin’ in your doorway

What’s fall without pumpkins, right? These gorgeous berries (technically) are a fall essential, whether it’s pumpkin spice in your latte, Jack O Lanterns on Halloween, or just some beautiful fall décor. Place beautiful flowers, stems, and other décor pieces with pumpkins and set up your driveway and doorway. It’s easy and looks incredible when done right! 

  1. Work on your patio for outdoor seating

Don’t forget to zhuzh up your outdoor seating areas too! Since the weather is bound to be more pleasant, it’s the perfect time to spend outside. Set up your patio, deck, or backyard with cozy chairs, outdoor sofas, and a fire pit for the perfect fall and winter hangout spot. The setup will look even better when paired with iron entry doors and patio doors to make it look more picturesque. Have bonfires, storytime, Halloween parties, camp out, and do much more when you have the right setup.

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  1. Pull out blankets and throws for couches

Last but not least, a great tip is to dig up your favorite blankets and throws to make your couches and seating instantly cozier. While summer and spring may be too warm to fully enjoy the look and feel of a comfy blanket on your living room couch, fall is ideal for using your favorite knitted goods. If you’re worried about your spaces looking too cluttered or messy with throws and blankets, check out these ideas and tips.

Fall is such a delicious time of year! Everything smells great, the changing colors look stunning, and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy Tacoma, WA’s glorious views from your patio and through interior steel doors with glass. No matter where in Washington you are, whether it’s Tacoma, Duvall, or Seattle, there is so much to enjoy about the changing weather, and Pinky’s Iron Doors’ iron doors Washington and steel doors Washington make it all the better.

About the Author 

Macy L. is a lifestyle and home décor consultant working in Seattle, WA. She has a diploma in interior design and dabbles in blogging part-time. She has worked with clients across multiple cities, offering remote and in-person décor and design consultations since 2017, and continues to do so. Her style is eccentric, eclectic, and she loves using contemporary and vintage elements in her work. 

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