Fake news on economic impact of Covid-19 : Ratan Tata

Fake news have been circulating on internet as the country struggles with Coronavirus. As a result, Government is putting intensive efforts to stop the problem of Unsubstantial claims and fake quotes. However, the problem still persists.

Billionaire Indian Philanthropist Ratan Tata recently clarified about a fake quote doing the rounds on social media. He tweeted that he never said or wrote on the impact of Coronavirus on Indian economy. In other words, it is a fake quote.

Ratan Tata recently took to twitter to clarify the fake news being attributed to him regarding the impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy

The quote which is apparently claimed to be said by Ratan Tata criticizes the experts predicting the downfall of Indian economy due to Covid-19. The heading on the quote says ‘Very Motivational at this hour’.

The former Chairaman of Tata Sons has committed 500 Crore Rupees in his previous tweet towards the aid of Covid-19. “At this moment, the need of hour is greater than any other time” the tweet read.

The Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons committed an aid of Rupees 500 Crores towards Covid-19

The 82-Year old Industrialist committed towards PPE for medical personnel on the frontlines, testing kits, Training of health workers and general public. In addition, he also committed towards Ventilators and modular treatment facilities.

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