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Fakaza: A Trusted Website For African Music

Fakaza is a website which has a large collection of African music found by people all over the world. Music genres vary from afrobeats to Zairean soukous, and many other African tunes. Searching is easy and it offers high quality downloads to ensure you never worry about your punctual song downloading.


Fakaza is a trusted website for African music enthusiasts, offering access to exclusive tracks, artist bios, and news. It was started in 2007 by Michael Cretu and seeks to create an online space for Africans to share their music with the rest of the world.

Since its inception, Fakaza has been dedicated to promoting African music worldwide. The website hosts exclusive tracks from some of Africa’s most popular artists, allowing listeners access to unheard material. Additionally, Fakaza features artist bios detailing their musical backgrounds and career paths, as well as news updates covering events in the African music industry.

The website also offers extensive forums where fans can communicate with one another and discuss topics related to African music. Overall, Fakaza provides an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Africanmusic.

What is Fakaza?

Fakaza is a website that offers African music fans a trusted online destination to explore, buy, and listen to music from around the continent. The site offers live performance recordings as well as mp3s and videos for offline listening. In addition to music, Fakaza also features news, interviews, photos, and essays about African music culture.

Fakaza was founded in 2007 by Zeinab Badawi and Mahmoud Ali Issa with the aim of promoting cross-cultural understanding through the appreciation of African music. Since its inception, Fakaza has grown steadily into one of the most respected sources for information on African musical traditions. The site has amassed a large social media following, helping it to reach a global audience.

The mission of Fakaza is to promote understanding between people of different cultures through the appreciation ofAfrican Music.

How To Use Fakaza

To get started using Fakaza, simply visit the website homepage. Here, you’ll find a variety of content options arranged into categories such as Featured Artists, Top Tracks, Latest News and Articles, and much more.
Featured Artists is a great place to start if you’re new to Fakaza. This section features a mixture of well-known artists as well as lesser-known performers from across Africa. You’ll find bios and review scores for each artist, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to check them out.

Top Tracks offers up some excellent recommendations for what to listen to based on your interests. The editors at Fakaza have chosen tracks that they believe will appeal to users of the website in general—not just those who are interested in African music specifically. So if you’re looking for something slower or more upbeat than what’s featured on the Featured Artists page, this is the section for you!
Latest News and Articles covers breaking news stories and important developments within the world of African music as they happen

Features of Fakaza

Over the past few years, Fakaza has become one of the most trusted websites for African music. This website offers an extensive catalog of both popular and obscure African music recordings. The site also includes a user-friendly search engine that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Fakaza also offers an excellent listening experience. The website features high-quality mp3 downloads as well as streaming audio from select albums. In addition, the site regularly updates its featured albums list, ensuring that users always have the latest selection of African music to listen to.

Overall, Fakaza is a comprehensive and reliable resource for anyone interested in exploring the world of African music.

Integrations and Did You Know Facts About Fakaza

Fakaza is a website that helps music lovers find and share African music. Fakaza has an impressive library of music, as well as the ability to integrate with social media platforms so that users can find and share music quickly and easily.

Fakaza boasts over 2 million tracks, which means that there’s something for everyone. The site also offers detailed artist information, lyrics, videos, and more.

Additionally, Fakaza offers an integrated listening experience across devices so that you can listen to your favorite tracks no matter where you are. With Fakaza, you’re always in control – no need to fumble through multiple apps to find what you’re looking for!


Fakaza is a website that offers free, high-quality music from across the African continent. With more than 7,000 songs available on the site and new tracks being added all the time, Fakaza has something for everyone who loves African music. The site also allows users to rate and review tracks, making it easy to find the best tunes or find new artists you haven’t heard of before. If you’re looking for quality African music at no cost whatsoever, then Fakaza is definitely worth checking out!

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