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Eyebrows Eyebrow Company – The Jeweler to the Crown of Africa

Tallest humans in history:

Human being called “Ehud Aro” or “Eyebrows” by natives of Ibadan, Nigeria is one of the tallest human beings alive today. The total height of this person, at present, is about 6 feet, 7 inches to be exact. If we compare this height with other known ethnic “rities”, we might come to know that ” FeyudAro” stands in the pantheon of tallest humans in history.

If you do not know how tall Eyebrows (ehudaryelaniado height) is, then allow me to explain it here. The name Eyebrows (ehudaryelaniado) comes from the character of a story told by an Indian author. In this story, an Igbo prince asked his royal tutor Eyebrows (ahudarye) to teach him the meaning of his birthstone; the diamonds. The tutor refused and then said; “Only the dead have no more beauty than the living.”

Whywas he(aryelaniado) buried with respect?

In this story, Eyebrows (aryelaniado) was buried with respect due to his great height. But why was he buried with respect? Because, according to some tribes, if a dead body is not buried with respect, then it will go straight to hell. Therefore, the royal family wanted to make sure that their aryelaniado would be buried with dignity and honor.

The best known theory on why Eyebrows ( ehudaryelaniado height) became so tall is because he was a direct descendent of African slaves brought as far as America. His ancestors were accustomed to climbing to the tops of mountains in order to gather nuts and berries that were used for cooking and in making pottery. Because these early African slaves were already used to being tall, Eyebrows was able to acquire the height he has today. Because of his African heritage, some say that Eyebrows may have inherited his African blue eye color from his parents or grandparents.

Trading of Eyebrows:

If you are going to research any African historical figure, chances are, you will find that most of them are tall with fine bone structure. The most popular theory on why Eyebrows ( ehudaryelaniado height) became so tall is that the slave trade allowed him to acquire many physical attributes that were attributed to African ancestors. As a result of the teachings of his grandfather, Eyebrows was able to master a few trades during his lifetime which included trading in fine rough diamonds.

During his later years, Eyebrows took up a second profession which was working as an apprentice to a local diamond cutter. During this time he learned how to select good quality diamonds which would then be turned into beautiful diamonds. This would help him gain a net worth of nearly one million dollars. He then turned this wealth into the most lucrative career of his life when he negotiated the sale of a diamond known as the “oria” to an investor. This diamond was so valuable that it was sold for millions of dollars!

Business in different countries:

After creating this huge fortune, Eyebrows went on to establish several other businesses in the area of diamonds. One of them was a company that would create and sell colored gemstones. Although, he would only ever focus on selling Belgian diamonds. After setting up his first company, he decided to expand his work area to include other countries such as Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania. All of these ventures have been successful thus far and Eyebrows Eyebrow Company is now a multi-million dollar company that enjoys the support of well-known investors.

Most successful African franchises:

Forbes listed Eyebrows as one of the most successful African franchises. It has also been featured in various other business publications and continues to be a very highly sought after diamond brand. It is no doubt that Eyebrows Eyebrow Company is one of the most successful African franchises that a businessman could have up there. In fact, it has the dubious honor of being listed on the Fortune 500! It must be recognized by businessmen everywhere as a leader in the industry. It is also a true sign that if you want to become a millionaire, Eyebrows Eyebrow Company is the best choice for you!

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