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Eye makeup for dummies

Eye makeup is one of those things that only a very few people know how to do. It may look deceptively easy; in reality, the only easy look to pull is the racoon eyes.

The video tutorials are no help. According to them, one needs only a trillion brushes and thereabouts of eye shades as well, and one then fails to understand how to fund their project to learn eye makeup.

Moreover, the level of dexterity shown in the apparently beginner friendly makeup videos is also often not possible for lay-people. But you need not worry; we have got you covered.

We have rounded the best tips for absolute beginners, the complete novices, regarding how to do basic eye makeup. However, if you have some skin problem, you must clear it with the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi if you can wear makeup.

Eye makeup 101

The products

Unlike what the vloggers will have you believe, you don’t need to many eye shades. Just a basic palette would do. However, having good brushes is important. For pigmented lids, primer is also important.

First, start with the base

Don’t use the primer if it’s a quick everyday look, but for formal ones, first apply the primer. Then, spread the base color all over your lid to give it an even appearance.

Your base color needs to be light. For every day, you may go with a cream or light beige shade.

Then, color the crease

The next step is adding color to the crease, which is the junction between the socket and the lid. For to define your eye, you need to use a darker shade in your crease. Generally, a darker shade of brown or orange can work, but it depends on the final look you are aiming for.

People who have hooded eyes might need to apply the product slightly on the upper end of the crease, so their eyes look lifted.

Now, add more dimension to the outer corner

To give a more dramatic and well-defined look, add such a tad bit darker shade to the outer v of the eyes. For an informal look, try not to be too dramatic.

Blend it well so that the colors transition seamlessly into one another rather than standing jarring alone.

Off to the lash line

For to define your eye now, you can either take a pencil and trace your lash line, use a thin brush and dark eye shadow, eyeliner –gel, liquid, pencil –to do this bit as well. 

End with mascara

Finish off the look up with mascara. You may use a lash curler first. For more lash drama, you may layer the mascara as well.

Putting together the final look

Now that you have gotten the hang of how to do eye makeup, you can complete the look by putting on the rest of the products. Remove first the residue of the powders from your face.

If it is an everyday look, you can make do with just a tinted moisturizer, otherwise, you can apply the base that best suits your skin tone. Use a concealer if need be.

Then, apply blush to your cheeks. Make sure that you blend it well; we don’t want two pink splotches on your face. Now, observe your face; on the highpoints, apply highlighter. In the shadows, apply bronzer. Go easy on both and build as desired.

Then, focus on the lips. A good lip liner can help your lipstick stay for longer, so apply that first, followed by the lipstick that you want. If you wish for a glossy look, you may add a layer of gloss over it.

Also, make makeup removal part of the process of getting ready. Invest in a good remover, and make sure that you cleanse your face afterwards. Otherwise, you can run into skin problems that require treatment from the Best Dermatologist in Lahore.  

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