Extended Lockdown – 7 Points to keep in mind urged by PM Modi

An extended lockdown till May 3rd 2020 is announced. As India copes with a Nationwide lockdown, PM Modi addressed the nation today. Prime Minister Modi announced that few relaxations may be allowed after April 20 in selected areas if there is an improvement. He also said that India is in a better state as compared with other Nations.

PM Modi wished Doctor Bhim Rao Ambedkar on his birth anniversary today. As it is time for various festivals in India such as Pohela Boisakh (Bengali New Year), Puthandu, Baisakhi and Vishu. Therefore PM Modi praised the way people of India are celebrating the festivals staying in-door and hoped that the same shall be followed amid extended lockdown.

The important points every Indian need to keep in mind during extended lockdown as per PM Modi are

  • Elderly must be given special care in the family specially if there is an underlying medical condition
  • Strictly following the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ that is social distancing
  • Increase immunity by following the instructions of Ministry of ‘AYUSH’
  • Download and Inspire others to download the ‘AROGYA SETU’ app to control the spread of Coronavirus
  • Try to feed the poor and take care of the poor amid this situation
  • Be compassionate towards the employees and do not fire them from their jobs
  • Be respectful to the doctors, nurses, sanitation workers and police personnel

PM Modi traced back the timeline in his speech highlighting the measures India took well in advance during the early outbreak of Covid-19. The praiseworthy steps India followed are as depicted below

The PM highlighted that this may seem economically costly right now, but is nothing in comparison to the Indian lives. As the harvesting of Rabi crop is in progress, Central and State Government shall work together to minimize the problems of farmers.

The address of PM Modi on extended lockdown to the Nation ended with a quote:

Vayam Rashtre Jagrutam aa

The sanskrit shlok translates to – We will keep our Nation eternal and awakened

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