Expert Tips on Renting a Boat

Looking for boat rental nyc? If it is your first time renting a boat, you may find some expert tips on renting a boat helpful. You may be thinking how hard renting a boat is, it is easier as you expect but one has to keep a close eye on certain aspects before going on a new adventure.

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Here are some of the expert tips to help you with the process. Without further ado, let’s enlighten you with these tips one by one.

Book in Advance

Boat rentals usually sell out quickly, especially during the summer, so, if you are planning to spend the holidays or the weekend on the boat, try renting in advance. Leaving it to the last minute would be a bad idea. We would advise you to book a week before the actual trip. Booking in advance would allow you to rent a certain type of boat quite easily.

Safety First

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and wanting the time out on the water to be memorable, for all the right reasons, check if the boat is probably equipped with safety equipment. Hire a boat from a respectable company, check the boat’s functionality, and confirm weather conditions. Also, the person operating the boat should be eligible enough to take you to your destination safely.

Type Of Boat

There are certain types of boats, each boat ideal for different occasions. If you are looking for a relaxing day out in the sea, a poonton boat would be perfect. If you are going fishing, hire a fishing boat. If the individual does not know a lot about the boats, do a little research before renting one. 

Sun Protection

During summer, heat can be a great deal-breaker for outdoor activities. The bright sun rays when reflected on the water can hurt the skin. Choose a boat with a sun canopy for maximum sun protection, also, do not forget to pack sunscreen.

Hire a Captain

If you can not operate the boat yourself, hiring help would be of utmost importance. It may add to the overall cost but it would be safe to hire a captain who could navigate you around.

It is advised to hire a captain from the same company where you rented the boat from. In case of an unfortunate event, you would not have not to pay the damage charges. 

Get To The Site Early

Hiring a boat is expensive, most boat rental services charge an hourly rate of $80 to $120 plus the fuel cost. If you have rented the boat in advance, get there early otherwise, the company would start counting the time and the money would go to waste. Be there an hour early to handle the paperwork and complete all formalities meantime.

In a nutshell, owning a boat requires huge investment, therefore, most people settle for boat rentals. Renting a boat seems fun but if you consider the aforementioned expert tips then we guarantee you would have a safe as well as fun-filled experience. 

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