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There’s hardly a person out there who doesn’t appreciate a good massage. These soothing treatments are even more desirable when the muscles get sore, knots get tight, and it becomes hard to bend over. Percussive massage guns are the perfect solution for instant muscle pain and stiffness relief. But what exactly is a massage gun, and what does it do?

Here we’ll discuss the overall benefits of percussive therapy and introduce a gadget that delivers the ultimate at-home percussive massage experience. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Percussive Therapy Explained

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of percussive massage therapy. This is a treatment for soft body tissue that massages the affected areas with concentrated, fast movements over the body. Percussive therapy is typically done with gadgets called massage guns. They are different from traditional massages since they offer far more pulses per minute than a person’s hand could possibly perform.

There are multiple benefits of such treatments:● They help ease muscle soreness. Many people experience pain throughout the day. Physically active individuals often overdo their sessions and end up with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) syndrome. Others with a more sedentary lifestyle may have a back filled with knots and tension. Percussive therapy boosts the recovery process in stiff and sore muscles regardless of origin.● They improve circulation. Knots usually stop the blood from circulating normally. Bad circulation can cause many health issues as the oxygen and other important nutrients can’t reach all body areas equally. The fast movements delivered by percussive massage guns such as ExoGun DreamPro open blood vessels and improve blood flow.● They boost flexibility. Flexible muscles are less prone to injury and pain. The percussive force of ExoGun restores the range of movement, so there’s no more stiffness.● Stress relievers. Our muscles, spine, neck, and shoulders often suffer a lot of stress. This can cause moodiness and anxiety. By applying percussive therapy a few days per week, the body can relax, and so can the mind.● Broad medical use. Percussive guns are used for medicinal purposes to treat conditions such as relaxing thickened connective tissue, adhesion break down, muscle fiber elongation during spasms, rehabilitation, and so on.

Who Needs a Percussive Gun?

In short, anyone who experiences any of the health issues listed above could benefit from a percussive massage from the ExoGun Dream Pro. However, here’s a more detailed list of the ideal massage gun customer:● A person with a muscle injury record. Whether we’re talking surgery, soreness, spasms, cramps, massage guns can help treat the condition.● People with TMJ syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, and shin splints.● Those rehabilitating. Whether a person has suffered a trauma or a disease, massage guns speed up the rehabilitation process of the soft body tissue. People who don’t have access to or time for physical therapy can use these guns to strengthen their muscles.● Physically active people. Athletes of all levels and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from massager gun contractions that are more effective than voluntary ones. Regular ExoGun massage treatments improve their muscle balance, relieve tightness, and reduce the stress placed on joints and bones.

ExoGun Characteristics

● Fully Adjustable. ExoGun comes with six speeds that go from 1200 to 3200 percussions per minute. Chances are, you won’t need to use the machine at more than 2000 percussions per minute unless you’re a professional athlete. There are also four heads specifically designed to fit most body parts. Users can apply the attachment for large muscles, deep-tissue massage, or spinal and non-fleshy areas. There are just enough attachments to suit the whole body, from head to toe.● Travel-friendly. ExoGun is designed to be taken to a gym, match, or any other sporting or family event where one may need a massage. It comes in a small carrying box, and it’s also super quiet. It runs on a 24V brushless motor, which offers a pleasant massage experience around the neck and shoulders. The portable massager has a 2,400mAh battery that can last for up to a month.● Ultra-strong. ExoGun is equipped with a 60lbs stall force. This is far more than a regular person will ever need to soothe their muscle pain.

Are There Any Downsides?

ExoGun is packed with benefits, but it also comes with a couple of downsides. It doesn’t have a power switch in the box nor detailed documentation. First-time users can struggle to figure out how the gadget is used. Luckily, there are tons of YouTube videos and instructions online.

ExoGun – A Shortcut to Muscle Pain Relief

Percussive massage guns such as ExoGun are excellent workout tools for physically active individuals. Instant muscle relief, healthy joints, less stress, and improved circulation are only some of the benefits this portable massager offers. Even though it’s pretty safe to use, it’s best to be handled with care.

You can find out more about ExoGun Dream Pro by visiting the www.exogun.com .

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