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Evolution of the Online Video



Evolution of the Online Video

Online videos have taken the world by storm in the past few years. Whether it’s just a simple explainer video or a daily vlog, the extent of online video sharing platforms has seen rapid growth. This is scarily true when we look at some of the stats from just the past fifteen years.

While it’s safe to say that this is not actually an evolutionary timeline (since the term came into existence only a decade back), there’s still a lot at stake when we want to talk about the evolution of the online video.

Talking about Stats

Stats from numerous sources point out that close to one-third (almost 70%) of internet users prefer to watch videos online rather than just download them. More than half of this netizen population are avid streamers of just movies and TV shows.

So, you can see how astoundingly crazy the rise of online videos has been. Just back in 2007, the overall market share of online video streaming services in the whole industry was close to 7% (yes, that is a single digit!) as opposed to the 93% dominance of movie theaters and record labels.

We can trace back this mini evolutionary timeline all the way back from 2005. Let’s take a wild ride down memory lane, shall we?

The birth of YouTube

You know about the golden times when Mariah Carey used to rule the billboard top charts and Star Wars was just the shizz? Well, it was also around this time in February 2005 when the online video star was born. Yes, we’re talking about YouTube, the OG of online videos!

Other than this, BrotherSoft launched the video aggregator, the pioneer RSS-based online media player globally.

Rocketboom was launched (yeah, we don’t remember it as well). And yeah, iPods introduce portable video too.

The Major Time Skip

The tech giant Google makes a bold move acquiring YouTube for more than one and half a million dollars! While it was criticized by many as an immature move, the fruit of that decision has turned ripe today for sure.

Some minor indie shows like Podtec and Revision3 rolled out to make some money off the seemingly growing online video streamers around 2005.

The Silent Hibernation

This phase around 2007 to 2018 is termed as the calm before the storm in the hyper-active and ever-changing online video world.

On the flip side, the dull and boring world of politics even tried embracing online video. John Edwards announced his presidential campaign on YouTube before doing it on national television!

The Hit Sensations Rise

After a brooding stage, the world of online video was up and at it again. YouTube celebrities like Smosh, NigaHiga, and Sxephil got their prominence and fame around this time.

For the first time, Streamy Awards were introduced (just like the Emmy Awards) for online video content. The average video streaming population rose to about half a billion.

Only the Reel Life is Real!

From then onwards, online video streaming had not had to look back ever since. The advent of Facebook auto-play videos and Instagram Reels have only pushed it miles forward. Snapchat Stories, TikTok, and Vine are entirely new concepts that revolutionized the evolution of the online video. But that’s a story for another time!

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How to Duplicate Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019



microsoft powerpoint

You might be interested in learning how to duplicate slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. This is a great way to save time on your presentation. There are a lot of features in the program that make it very easy to create and share slides. You will find that you do not need to have any technical skills to be able to accomplish this task. It can all be accomplished with the click of the mouse.

The first thing that you will need to do in order to duplicate a presentation in PowerPoint is to find and save the template that you want but before that, you need to make sure Powerpoint is installed properly via /setup. There should be multiple copies of the template. Once you have saved your template, you are ready to get started. There are a few different ways to go about this. If you have not saved a copy of your PowerPoint presentation, then you will need to go to the File menu and select Export PowerPoint Presets. Here you will learn what each tab has for you.

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If you have created a new presentation and would like to know how to duplicate it, then you will start by clicking on the Create Slide. The Create Slide will prompt you with the choices that you will need to make in order to successfully create a duplicate of the slides. You will need to enter a title, select the background color, image theme, and text that you would like duplicated on the copied PowerPoint slides.

If you have PowerPoint 2007, then you will need to go to the Layout option on the main menu. The Layout button allows you to choose the layout of the slides that you are duplicating. There are four different layouts that you can choose from. You will be prompted with questions as you select the layouts that you want, such as, Show Title, Show Picture, and Show Text.

how to duplicate slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you have PowerPoint 2007 or later, then you need to go to the Panel option on the main menu. Under the Panel option, there is a button called Page Layout. On the Select Layout option, click the Layout button. This will display a dialog box with several choices. Choose the Layout option that corresponds to your presentation type.

Learn More About How to duplicate slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

To learn how to copy a PowerPoint slide, you will need to know how to zoom in and out. To zoom in, click on the Slide button on the toolbar. To zoom out, click on the x button on the toolbar. When you click either of these buttons, the picture that is drawn on the slide will be enlarged. The bottom part of the slide will become the new page.

In order to learn how to copy a PowerPoint slide, it is important that you have the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later. Before you begin copying a slide, you should ensure that your computer is saved to a safe location. You can do this by clicking on the save button on the main menu. After saving the file to a convenient location, you should close all other programs and cookies that are installed on your computer. Now, you should have learned how to copy a PowerPoint slide.

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In order to start the copying process, you should click on the file that you would like copied. The file will then be moved into the temporary folder that is on your computer. Once the file has been moved to the temporary folder, you should right-click on it and choose the restore option. A new page will appear. Now, you should be able to view the newly copied slide.

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SEO Lessons that will help you boost your rank



SEO and link building


Are you looking for the best place for SEO tips and link-building strategies? If you’ve come to the right place, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your SEO tips and link building. If you have a brand website then you must know how important is SEO. SEO and link building allows you to take your website to a set target. If you can bring your brand to the one page with Google search engine optimization, your website will get a lot of sales, and blog posts will get multiple traffic. Rank Move is ready to assist you in this regard. You can do SEO and link building of your website yourself by listening to Rank Move.

Rank by boosting your site via Free SEO Lessening

If you want to rank a website on Google fast page, you need to be an expert on search engine optimization or have a basic idea about SEO. If you don’t know anything about SEO, don’t worry, rank move will give you the best guidelines. You can become an experienced and skilled SEO expert through this guideline. And you can quickly rank any website by boosting. You can know all the on-page SEO and off-page, SEO trips through the rank move. You can also learn about the most important SEO tools from the rank move. Here are some guidelines on why you need SEO tools and where to get them. Also, for your convenience, free tools and paid tools are discussed at

From now on, you will be able to solve your problems without relying on others. If you can perfectly learn SEO, you can research and rank on any topic on Google. We’ve put together some guidelines on SEO that will help you in real life, with a view to how you can apply these topics properly, and gain a thorough knowledge of research. No need to go to any training center to learn how to do SEO and link building. Our guidelines are beautifully arranged like a training center. From here you can get all the SEO tips you need. Rank move Website is constantly updated with SEO information. You can easily get the complete guideline of SEO courses from here.

This website has SEO guidelines and they are all SEO experts. Our website SEO experts have long worked on SEO and link building. Following the guidelines of our website, all the customers who have done SEO for their site, have been able to rank their set Google. If you want to learn how to rank with SEO on Google, the Rank Move guideline is the best option for you.

Last words:

So don’t delay and learn all the SEO and link building rules by visiting the rank move website now. You can become a better SEO expert by following the guidelines of this website. And be able to present your website to an audience very quickly. So you should follow the guidelines of this website to solve any SEO problem.

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How To

How to Setup A Wireless Printer and Optimize it for the best use



setup wireless printer

How to Setup A Wireless Printer: There are many reasons why you would want to learn how to set up a wireless printer in your home office. Not only can this technology save you from long-distance charges, but it allows you to work from farther away too.

For those who travel often or are always on the road, a printer and its accompanying wireless connection are a lifesaver. Also, with the ever-increasing number of wireless printers being manufactured each day, the need to learn how to setup wireless printers in your home has become increasingly common.

A wireless printer connects to your network via a radio signal. Unlike a wired printer, the signals that the printer will use will not cause any interference with other devices within the same building. While some older wireless printers were set up to use the same signal between multiple computers, newer printers are designed to use their own personal radio signals to connect.

However, in the event of an undesirable interference, other computers will detect the wireless printer’s radio signal and prevent the printer from continuing to connect.

How to Setup A Wireless Printer

Because a wireless printer such as ij.start.cannon uses its radio signal to connect, there is no interference when the signal is transmitted between the printer and other devices in the network. However, if you do not wish for your network to contain other computers, you will need to configure your printer settings to detect it within the same building.

This process typically involves setting the security of your network to prohibit connection to the Internet. Setting up a wireless printer and then configuring the security of your network will take time. However, if you do not wish to risk losing your printer to a wireless network of unsecured computers, this step must be taken.

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Once you have successfully set up your printer using a scanner or a USB device, you will want to create a wireless network. To do this, first ensure that the wireless printer is connected to a wireless network of secure computers. If connected, insert the printer into the USB port of the computer on which you wish to configure the printer’s access point.

Plug the device into another computer that is not configured with a wireless network and enable the printer. The printer will now appear on the network’s map. Now, you will be able to view the printer’s wireless printer configuration.

The printer will appear in blue from all the computers in the network, and it will also show up as a separate icon or tab on the computer’s control panel. Click on the icon or tab to open the wireless printer configuration utility. Here you will see the basic settings, which control how your printer functions. There will also likely be a word or pair of words that you will need to enter into the appropriate places to complete the setup.

So How to Setup A Wireless Printer

There are usually three areas to enter your settings: the Network Interface, the Wireless Network, and the Port. The Network Interface is the name of the network that the printer will be connected to and the one that you will use to connect the printer to the rest of your network. The Wireless Network will be the name of the wireless network to which your printer will connect to. The last setting is the Port, which refers to the Port that the printer will use to connect to your computer.

Once you have entered all these settings, save your printer’s preferences. Then, restart the printer to ensure that it is working correctly. There will likely be a new icon on the system menu for this task; this means that your printer is ready to connect to the network. In the future, if you find that your printer is not responding, try restarting the printer to see if this improves things.

You can also change your password to the one you don’t use by entering it into the printer’s options; you can then store it for future use. It is possible that there were problems with the security settings on your printer; you can reset these by clicking the Start button and then clicking Control Panel.

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Setting up a wireless printer is relatively straightforward if you know what you are doing. If you’re unsure, you should take the time to read a few tutorials or look at the various websites online that offer advice on this topic. You can also purchase wireless printers; they are often relatively cheaper than those that connect through a USB port. However, using one of these devices with your computer can still be complicated, so you should practice now before buying printer cartridges. You’ll want to be able to get access to your printer’s driver quickly, as well as to print without having to wait for the cartridge to upload to your system.

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There is no need to search anymore developers, we have found App Italy Software House for you




You must be hearing a lot regarding the recent technological shift in the world that it has been shifting to the digital technology and is pacing the way in the development of websites and apps. Those who followed the conventional means are now facing the greatest difficulties the world has ever been into. But the recent times of the pandemic has shown the worth of developing to the entire world. In this regard the work and developments of Andrea Nepi are not only worth sharing but worth appreciating as well.

So, what more? If you need a flutter app developer or web app developer, you are going to be rewarded after reading this as you will then, have an amazing web developer App Italy Software House for you.

Andrea Nepi is the CEO of App Italy Software House, an IT firm specializing in custom software solutions. He manages and runs an extraordinary developer house which can crack every nut. It offers both the services of web app development and flutter app development.  

App Italy Software House meets the demand of its customers and care for their customers choices. Not only it meets the requirements of their customers but also taking their relationship to another heights with trust and creative work. 

Andrea Nepi, the CEO, started in the Construction Sector and gave his valuable eighteen years to that field. He reached the position of a Manager with his impeccable performances and skills. At this peak of his career he took a brave decision of changing the field which would not only require his skills but time too. He was never the same though, as he realized his passion in Graphic Designing and Digital Product Development.

 This is what he does now; helping people create brands and digital products and services. Polishing people to get innovative and find opportunities and sustain their ideas. He is pride to his company as an innovative, creative, and managing executive and Transformational technology leader. With expertise lying in managing product technologies, building, and delivering competitive consumer products digital platforms and enterprise-wide applications and systems, and digital customer experiences.

This is his take on his experiences,

It is my pleasure and honor to share my experience in this industry and how my passion has developed, and how to build a digital product. I believe some core values are vital when it comes to thinking as a team, and these values are essential when thinking about a digital product. In my years of experience, I have learned that digital products require a technology platform that must be built and accounted for the experience. This means that it should be business modeled to be considered a product platform for a technology platform to be considered a product platform rather than being system modeled. The fact is that the world is diving deep into technology, servers, and systems. As a technologist, I have come to understand it is my responsibility to get out of my comfort zone, whether it is a group, a room, or an organization. I made a choice to get out there and understand the digital world from the customers’ point of view. Some of the questions that one should ask themselves is, what is your model? And how can one model from a business perspective?

As a specialist, he understands that digital transformation has created significant changes for an organization’s information technology. However, it can create the need for significant changes in the processes and management of other business functions as well. An effective transformation can impact each organizational area. He believed in his skills and expertise in this area of work. Regret never comes into his mind for leaving his previous profession because He is highly passionate about his current profession, as stated earlier. 

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How can WordPress development help small businesses?





Small businesses provide the impetus to our economy. They give the entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow. You will see that every other small business runs with a small budget, but they possess many potentials to grow. If they possess an online website, they can grow very rapidly as it would make them more accessible to the audience across the world. 

People expect small businesses to possess their own websites so that they can approach them without any physical barriers. Your business’s online website could be your first point of introduction with your audience and from where you can interact with them. Most small businesses having a small budget may opt for WordPress Development Company in Sweden. The bone of contention is to build a good website with a constrained pocket. But with the help of WordPress, small businesses can make their website for free. If they have more budget, then they can expand it later as well. Now, let’s see how WordPress can help in developing small businesses.

With the help of WordPress, you can make a mobile-friendly and reliable website. 

If yours is a small business, then you require your own business website more than anything. And to make that happen, you can take help from WordPress. It would help you sell your goods and services and provide value to your customers. 

Here, WordPress is a cost-free website builder that allows you to make your own website without any coding knowledge. To put it simply, you can create your own website and begin showing your goods and services on it without the requirement of recruiting any web developmental experts. With the help of WordPress, small businesses can save a lot of money that can be utilized somewhere else. They can develop an effective website from which customers can approach them anytime. 

Building a blog with the help of WordPress.

Research intensive business and brands blogs are now passe. Currently, all businesses are trying to be at the top of the game with the help of blogging as it helps to attract the audience to their websites. It also enhances the SERP/SEO that can help you in developing trust with your customers. With the help of WordPress, you can create your own blog as well. It offers to you many themes and plugins by which you can make your blog more aesthetic. With the blogs’ help, your business would become the information hub and would provide information about your business and products to your customers.

Utilise cost-free themes and plugins to make UX centered web resources for your clients.

WordPress makes thirty percent of the websites over the internet. The reason behind such popularity is, it offers the best themes and plugins free of cost. Small businesses with a constrained budget can be beneficiaries of this, and they can make UX centred business websites. They can add other functional features as well to give their audience the best experience that ensures a successful WordPress development

Create an online network for customers.

Generally, small businesses initiate offline with an offline customer-base. Not many people are aware of it that businesses can exist over the internet as well. With the help of WordPress, small businesses can sell their goods and services through listing them on their E-commerce websites and attract new customers. Customers can pay and purchase their products from the website. Business websites help you to garner data of customers as well. 

Providing technical support.

When we purchase something, we always look into the customer service and support of that company. Small businesses can implant trust into their customers by providing customer and technical support windows on their WordPress website to reach out to them when any issue arises. 

Create a knowledge resource. 

If your small business has nothing to do with lifestyle, education, or philosophy, and so forth, then you can utilize WordPress to initiate your own knowledge resource series. Small businesses can make in-depth knowledge guides for their audiences and clients on their website from where they can avail it. To stay updated, they can regularly update the knowledge resources. 

Other than the abovementioned factors, WordPress offers a path by which small businesses can analyze the customer-base and other business management solutions such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), WP ERP, CRM, HRM and accounting solutions. WordPress provides additional solutions such as Payroll, payment gateways, gravity forms, and document manager. Starting a small business can be very challenging but with the help of WordPress, they should not worry about the issues related to websites.

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