Everything You Should Know About Conversation Intelligence Software


B2B sales have changed dramatically in recent years. As a result, more and more sales technology solutions have swarmed the market, all with the same goal: to automate operations and improve the number of calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, and other activities. Sales conversation is an area where human performance is essential. When dealing with a prospect, the salesperson’s performance determines whether or not a prospective customer will make a transaction.

Conversation intelligence comes in handy in this situation. New technology helps sales teams analyze audio or text to gain data-driven insights from sales talk and you can click here for more info on this technology: www.allego.com/platform/conversation-intelligence/. This article will take a closer look at conversation intelligence software.

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation Intelligence is software that analyzes audio or text using artificial intelligence (AI) to extract data-driven insights from conversations between salespeople and clients. The conversation data from these platforms is broadcasted on various technical platforms such as CRMs, ad platforms, data analytics, attribution systems, and digital experience platforms for its processing. Revenue teams in marketing, sales, customer experience, and e-commerce use it to improve their shopping experiences, promote conversions, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Why is Conversation Intelligence a Valuable Platform For Any B2B Company?

Conversation intelligence allows sales professionals to access vital information from their conversations quickly and speed up data input into their CRM. In addition, it enables the transfer of information to other stakeholders in your team by recording and analyzing conversations.

Conversational intelligence software differs from standard call recording software or cloud meeting solutions (such as Zoom). It analyzes conversations for you, taking notes for important topics (conversation AI and machine), and facilitates access to crucial moments from conversions.

The Benefits of Conversation Intelligence

The benefits of deploying conversation intelligence technology may vary depending on your work in the sales organization.

  • Peer-To-Peer Learning

CI always allows you to listen to your peers’ customer conversations and gain insights into their strategies. Then, you can use these insights to improve yourself and others. 

  • Provide More Specialized Sales Training

Conversation intelligence allows you to teach your salespeople using real-life customer competition. It enables you to provide constructive criticism and guide your sellers in the right direction.

  • Recognize Appropriate Coaching Areas

With the help of CI, you can quickly determine where coaching activities are needed based on data collected from sales conversations and insights. 

  • Detailed Deal Insights

You can listen to past conversations with customers to understand which techniques to abandon and which ones to adopt in the longer run. So, if you need to catch up before a follow-up conversation, you’ll always know what the conversation was like before.

Any company that wants to increase conversions and overall success should use conversational intelligence. Collecting and analyzing caller data can help you improve your sales strategy, customer service operations, marketing efforts, and other aspects of your organization to increase revenue.

Conversation intelligence software can help you have a more productive sales force by providing the necessary insights into your clients’ environment. It is essential to know what the user wants to be successful. Customers often convey their wishes to sales or support representatives and you can improve the business strategy by banking on these conversations.